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ABC Soaps In Depth May 20, 2019

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are krissy and willow still in danger?

The In Depth Story: With Dawn Of Day infesting Port Charles, it turns out no one is immune. “It’s a false belief that only stupid and weak people would get into a cult,” warns Steven Hassan, M.Ed. LMHC, NCC — Freedom Of Mind Resource Center founding director and author of the bestseller Combating Cult Mind Control. “People lured to a cult are interested in improving themselves, making the world a better place, making money.” That said, Hassan concedes that someone who’s going through major life transitions like loss, moving or a breakup — like Kristina! — are indeed more susceptible than others. The key to staying safe is learning to recognize destructive influences. “If you’re passionate about something and you spend a lot of your time, energy and money on it,…

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hot nurses ball preview!

The In Depth Story: The highly-anticipated event kicks off on Friday, May 17, with the red-carpet arrivals. The musical performances follow in the episodes airing from Monday, May 20, through Wednesday, May 22. While the onscreen extravaganza is a benefit to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness and research, it also always serves as the backdrop for some major storyline developments. So set your DVR to record the Nurses Ball, because you won’t want to miss this year’s musical performances, red-carpet fashions or the surprise proposal! “This will be GH’s 15th Nurses Ball,” marvels executive producer Frank Valentini. “In the 25 years that we have been doing this, it’s been a thrill to treat our wonderful viewers with something a little out of the ordinary. This year will be particularly special and personal.…

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departing phyllis is “filled with love”

The In Depth Story: Sharing to Instagram a photo from inside her Y&R dressing room, Tognoni posted a heartfelt message to her fans. “Here we go,” she wrote. “Starting our journey, walking in peace with my Phyllis. Each day is precious to me here in L.A. “I am still giving life to this character for a few more episodes/weeks,” she added. “Filled with love as we count down and continue our story in new ways. I always sit in [my dressing room] and feel peaceful and centered. It’s special.” As of press time, Y&R had yet to officially comment on the casting switch that has Tognoni exiting the soap and Michelle Stafford — who originated the role and has been playing GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Nina since 2014 — returning. However, a show source…

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a baby is on the way!

Call it a crossover! Darin Brooks (Wyatt, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) and Kelly Kruger (Mac, Y&R) are expecting their first child! “So excited to finally share this!” the mom-to-be Instagrammed. “Our most important roles to date… Baby Brooks is on the way!” In an interview with — which first broke the news — Kruger confessed that they’d been trying to conceive for “about a year” and that she’s due in September. Brooks and Kruger married in March 2016 in his native Hawaii, where the couple were spending a romantic babymoon at the time of their joyous announcement.…

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tragedy strikes!

The In Depth Story: While Victor’s busy blasting Nicole for her daughter’s disappearance, Brady uses the opportunity to get closer to Chloe, who’d been distraught after being on the receiving end of Nicole’s wrath. However, all the finger-pointing will be for naught when the parties involved get some terrible news: Having disobeyed Hope’s order, Rafe had been in a car accident with Holly! In the aftermath, not only will the cop be in hot water at work, but his and the commissioner’s marriage will reach the breaking point! Meanwhile, Holly’s grandmother, Maggie, is under enough stress lately thanks to her ever-increasing battles with husband Victor. But will the tot’s perilous situation drive the recovering alcoholic to hit the bottle as a means to cope with this unexpected blow? When the upsetting news about…

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abc soaps in depth

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