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AdNews July 2019

AdNews is Australia’s oldest and most reputable advertising, marketing and media industry publication. Published monthly except for January, AdNews covers each of the industry’s many diverse sectors including marketing and advertising, media, research, sales promotion, digital, direct marketing, design and creative through breaking industry news, case studies and in-depth special reports.

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the tale of the wagging agency

Defining company culture with any precision is one of those tasks always open to criticism. You never quite get to an objective measure because everyone has their own idea on what culture means. What makes up the collective behaviour which defines a corporate organism? Raise the issue and many start talking about the free lunches, ping pong tables, a day off on your birthday, a slick drinks trolley, top of the line parental leave, and regular bonuses. But those are benefits to employees. While they might indicate an employer’s attitude to their employees, such baubles don’t get to culture. Put simply, corporate culture is a way of life, with many elements creating a personality, including the rules, ethics, and combined traits of all its people. Each company has a different way of operating but…

3 min.
overstocked, but change ahead

To reflect this issue’s feature that looks at diversity we reached out to Australian hot shop Thinkerbell. AdNews editorial consultant Pippa Chambers spoke with the thinkers and tinkers to find out more about the process of creating the cover. What were your initial thoughts on the diversity brief at hand? Our first thoughts were what an honour to do a cover on the most fundamental issue facing the marketing industry. Our second thought was everyone knows diversity is a good thing, and we are all on the journey towards it. However, part of the journey is uncomfortable for some and we thought this was an interesting point of tension to explore. Post first brief chat, what went through your minds and what were the next steps you took as a team? We wanted something that…

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agency dog of the month

Time at the company? Seven months. How would you describe what the company does? They feed me, play with me and up my Instagram following@kanookkleekai. What do you do day to day? Hang with my work friends, sleep, cuddle, run around, try to chew Ayesha’s stuff when she isn’t paying attention to me, and eat. Define your job in one word? Fun. I got into advertising because? Mum pushed me into it. Who is your right hand person/ who guides you day to day? My mum, Ayesha. Whose job have you set your sights on in the future? Definitely CEO – I want my own office. Where do you turn for inspiration? The kitchen. My favourite advert is? Pedigree, Dog Training ad – those dogs are living the life I deserve My best trick is? I play hide and…

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have you been framed?

Do you have a pic for our August edition? Email adnews@yaffa.com.au We Are Social We Are Social hosted a Vivid Ideas panel, with its Managing Director Suzie Shaw and Kepios founder Simon Kemp discussing the impending internet revolution. Boomtown pops up The Boomtown initiative rolled on with pop up sessions held in Sydney agencies, including PHD, Mediabrands, Publicis and Carat. The sessions aim to educate the market on the potential of advertising in regional Australia. Quantcast Pub Quiz Tech company Quantcast gathered in the media crowd for its annual Pub Quiz in Sydney. More than 100 clients, including the likes of NRMA and Westpac joined in, with the telco team, made up of Amaysim and Vodafone, taking home the trophy. Publicis Publicis discussed consumer intent at its event, with speakers including its Australia and New Zealand CEO Michael…

15 min.
mastering magic

British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s third law states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. More than 50 years after he pronounced this, technology has been transforming industries beyond imagination – attributing to both the demise and the rise of sectors globally. Advertising is no exception. While traditional advertising may have taken a hit, the growth in adtech is promising to revitalise the industry in new ways. The Australian online advertising market reached $8.8 billion in 2018, up 11.6% from 2017, according to the IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report published by PwC. Australian consumers now spend close to 100 hours a month on a desktop, smartphone or tablet device and nearly five million people are accessing internet content on their TV screens daily. A lot of people…

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the asx players

Pureprofile CEO Nic Jones Being ASX listed is both a blessing and a curse. Everything we do, everything that happens (good and bad) is recorded and magnified to the world. This can create opportunity but also means you need to be prepared to fail in public too. It requires a thick skin. Adveritas CEO Mathew Ratty In terms of growth in the adtech space, being public allows us to raise money quicker and more effectively rather than spending months trying to gather money privately. As an ASX-listed company, Adveritas has to be transparent in order to keep our shareholders updated on company matters. As a result, our clients, stakeholders and partners have a great deal of visibility and trust as to what TrafficGuard is doing and where our strategy is focused.…