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Architectural Digest is the world's foremost design authority, showcasing the work of top architects and interior decorators. It continues to set new benchmarks for how to live well—what to buy, what to see and do, where to travel, and who to watch on the fast-paced, multifaceted global design scene.

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editor’s letter

“We proceeded from the simple idea that a good, welcoming space would inspire good work.”—Pamela Shamshiri It’s exciting to see fourteen newcomers debut on this year’s AD100 list. In truth, it is challenging to make space for fresh names: 100 is a very restrictive number when you consider that the list is international in scope and comprises interior decorators, architects, and a few landscape designers. (We firmly believe that the outside is just as important as the inside!) The spots are coveted by those in the industry, and the AD staff really agonizes over how to include all of the talents we believe in. Close readers of the magazine will recognize many of the newbies—they are hardly green, and most have already had their work featured in our pages. In fact,…

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wiggle room

When a group of artists and scientists from NASA called a meeting at artist Robert Irwin’s studio in 1969, they asked architect Frank Gehry to give the place a quick makeover. Given the shoestring budget, Gehry came up with something simple yet subtly futuristic: seating made from stacks of cardboard, a humble material he kept around for making models. “I discovered that by alternating the direction of layers of corrugations, the finished board had enough strength to support a small car, and a uniform, velvety texture on all four sides,” he told The Christian Science Monitor in 1972. “I found I could cut these edgeboard sections into geometrical forms, or bend them into sculptural, ribbon-candy folds.” It was also durable, needed no finishing, and had a noise-canceling quality that reportedly cut sound…

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samuel & sons creativity & sophistication

Samuel & Sons has become synonymous with creativity and sophistication in the world of passementerie and is renowned for its visionary, fresh approach to interior décor. Its refined, fully articulated color palettes and cutting-edge constructions, such as laser-cut borders, applique, velvet epingle, and unique printing techniques represent an elegant yet novel approach. Recently launched, Cirque is a collection of passementerie composed of whimsical pom pom fringes, complemented by a series of applique, embroidered, linen lace, and hand-printed silk borders. Among the collection’s notable patterns are the Jumbo Pom Pom fringe, featuring cascades of wool poms. The Elise Embroidered border uses hand-tied French knots to depict botanical garlands across a heavy linen ground. The Brielle Embroidered border takes a pointillist approach in its patterning. The Talia border’s sculptural nature is created through layers…

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world of: gachot studios

Shelter Island, a sylvan community on the eastern end of New York’s Long Island, possesses a quality that has all but disappeared from the moneyed enclaves of the nearby Hamptons: simple, old-fashioned charm. “It feels like Mayberry, slow and peaceful,” says designer John Gachot, referencing the fictitious locale of The Andy Griffith Show. “We’re perpetually in a time warp here.” Gachot knows of what he speaks. As a child, he spent his summers on the island, whiling away lazy days of fishing and grilling, far removed from the urban grit of Manhattan. “That’s the experience we wanted for our kids—the kind of freedom and spontaneity that they don’t get in the city,” explains Gachot’s wife, Christine, who is also his business partner in the AD100 design firm Gachot Studios. “Everyone house-hops,…

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scott group studio handmade luxury

At Scott Group Studio, it starts with an idea. It’s knowing how to combine luxury fibers, such as silk, cashmere, and merino wool to achieve a vision of beauty. Scott Group Studio is a family of local and global custom, luxury rug and carpet brands with a single purpose: to provide unsurpassed quality and service. Its handcrafting heritage traces back to 1969, and serves the residential, corporate, aviation, and marine interiors markets. All Scott Group Studio brands—Scott Group Custom Carpets, Hokanson, and PWV—share a devotion to worthy materials, humble artistry, and a caring touch. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Scott Group Studio has more than 20 in-house designers and nine showroom locations across the U.S. and in Europe. It is recognized for its holistic commitment to the design and manufacturing of luxury…

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local color

“Rattan hasn’t always been considered a noble material,” says Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi. “But if there’s one place in the world it could be really appreciated, it’s Miami.” With that sentiment in mind, Mahdavi developed a suite of furnishings for Ralph Pucci’s Miami design gallery to show off the flexible reed’s myriad uses. The material bends to form the frames of elegant dining chairs and a curved settee and is pieced into intricate marquetry for tabletops resembling rays of sunshine. Typical of Mahdavi, the warm, natural material is punched up with her favorite eclipse motif, rendered atop a lacquered cocktail table, seating cushions, and a massive mural that wraps the building’s sweeping façade. ralphpucci.net…