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Australian Wood Review December 2018

Australian Wood Review is Australia’s premier woodworking and woodcraft magazine. Step-by-step projects and articles on technique for all skill levels offer up to date knowledge on designing, joining, carving, turning, decorating and finishing wood. Our stories are authored by Australian master craftspeople and wood artists. Each issue includes reviews of all the essential hand and power tools and machinery, specialist fittings and products that woodworkers need to successfully complete projects. Australian Wood Review also profiles local and international makers, giving an insight into their working methods. Australian Wood Review is a magazine for all woodworkers and people who love wood.

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hnt gordon front and patternmakers vices

HNT Gordon, wooden planemakers, now produce vices. A bench vice was released some time ago and more recently a patternmakers vice. The patternmakers vice is attached to the top front edge of the bench by a sturdy hinge allowing it to pivot through 90° with the jaws moving from vertical to horizontal. A pivoting arm, sliding through a locking mechanism attached to the underside of the bench, fixes it in any position along the way. Another locking system allows the operating heart of the patternmakers vice – the front and rear jaws, and the screw thread – to rotate through a complete 360° turn. Again, it can be locked at any point along the way. Both functions can be used at the same time, giving enormous flexibility in holding odd shapes of…

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wood diary

Diary listings are free. Email to: Note: Listings are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. It is advisable to check details with the organiser before visiting. UNTIL DECEMBER 2 ADELAIDE MODERN Gallery One | JamFactory Adelaide UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2019 AWR Studio Furniture 2018 Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, NSW Presented by Felder Group Australia 17–26 NOVEMBER Arbor: Annual Exhibition Coffs Harbour TAFE School of Woodwork Bellingen Gallery and Framing Studio, NSW Tom Hook 0404 866 724 24 NOVEMBER–2 DECEMBER 2018 Graduating Exhibition ANU School of Art & Design Gallery Australian National University UNTIL 25 NOVEMBER DESIGN Canberra Over 100 events linking makers and designers including exhibitions, talks, tours, open studios 24–25 NOVEMBER Woodturning exhibition Woodturners Society Qld Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardnens 24–25 NOVEMBER Annual Woodcraft Exhibition & Sales Barwon Valley Woodwrights Inc Masonic Centre, 25 Regent St, Belmont, Vic 24 NOVEMBER–9…

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a simple edge tool

Decorative edge-treatments can add greatly to the appearance of a piece of furniture, and there are plenty of bearing-guided router bits available in numerous profiles. These can do a good-enough job for you in many situations, but what if the edge you wish to profile is curved? A bearing-guided bit can follow a simple convex curve if it is gradual enough, but it is tricky to pull off without using a jig of some sort to steady the router or hold the piece as you feed it past the bit. Sometimes hand tools trump the electron-burners, and one such situation is when you wish to add small decorative flourishes to parts with complex curves. However the task is well within the capability of the scratch-stock shown in photo 1. This very simple,…

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pull-out drawer stops

It seems the debate amongst fine furniture makers about the best methods to stop drawers is as old as the one about drawer making itself. Often there is a tendency to invest more time in the quality of the drawer, and cut corners in the design and making of the stops. This story deals with a flip-stop mechanism that stops a drawer from being pulled all the way out. A drawer stop prevents a drawer from being pushed in beyond a certain point, while a pull-out stop prevents the drawer from being pulled right out. In my furniture practice I make two kinds of drawer stops and one pull-out stop. The latter is a relatively complex little device to make, which also allows the drawer to be removed easily when required. Every…

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making more of design

In the great pantheon of woodworkers, from Nakashima and Krenov to contemporaries such as Brian Boggs and David Upfill-Brown, you consistently find most belong to a particular type of woodworker, which we’ve come to refer to as a ‘designer maker’. This captures the essence of what has drawn me into the field. You’re both – you design, and you make. And yet when woodworkers come to both the study and practice of their craft, their efforts lie almost exclusively on the maker side of the split. When you think of a Maloof chair or a Krenov cabinet – it isn’t purely the workmanship you are thinking of. It is the lines of the piece, the relationship between the parts, a unifying language in the way parts meet or the way a particular…

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bridge city tools hp-8 block plane

Bridge City Tools have a name for high quality, cool looking tools. This mini block plane is made of mostly aluminium with steel screws and knobs. It’s very small at a tad over 4" long, and beautifully made with crisp CNC machining of components. The cap screw pivots on a small aluminium button that sticks to the iron with an embedded magnet, a very nice touch. This is a low angle plane with a 12° bed so it’s always going to work best on endgrain; long grain planing quality will depend on how the straight the wood is. The blade is 26mm wide and 2.5mm thick and was flat on the back out of the box. The factory grind is at 25° with a micro bevel at 30°. The blade was not…