Bloomberg Businessweek-Europe Edition July 5, 2021

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great artists steal

IN THE FIRST EPISODE OF LUPIN, THE breakout Netflix heist series, Assane Diop, a talented and charming Parisian thief, orchestrates a plot to steal a diamond necklace being sold in a charity auction at the Louvre. Once worn by Marie Antoinette, it’s known as the Queen’s Necklace. In preparation for the job, Diop finagles a position as a maintenance worker, enabling him to familiarize himself with the museum’s security system. He persuades three obstreperous members of a local loan-sharking crew to do the actual thievery—while at the same time crafting a second false identity for himself. He plans to attend the auction as a wealthy tech mogul and outbid all comers for the necklace. The heist inevitably goes awry. The thugs try to double-cross Diop, but then he’d always planned to…

1 min
nicking the classics

THE KILLING (1956) Director: Stanley Kubrick Lupin showrunner George Kay cites this tale of a team of hoodlums who rob a racetrack as one of his influences. The legendary auteur’s noirer-than-noir take helped solidify the genre’s tropes: the mastermind with one last job to pull, the seemingly impossible plan, and the accomplices whose conflicting motives threaten to unravel the scheme. THE LADYKILLERS (1955) Director: Alexander Mackendrick Kay says the post-World War II comedies of England’s Ealing Studios helped him establish the jocular tone of the Netflix show. This one, with a cast led by Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers, concerns a band of bank robbers whose plans are confounded by their elderly landlady. “It’s all about finding the right kind of wit,” he says. SNATCH (2000) Director: Guy Ritchie This manically paced movie about the aftermath of a…

19 min
the church of bleach

MARK GRENON JOLTED AWAKE IN A SWEAT, HIS heart pounding. He’d been shaken by a nightmare that his family was about to be captured by armed forces who wanted to put him behind bars for life. In a rare feat for a false prophet, Grenon’s vision essentially came true. At the break of dawn the next morning, July 8, 2020, as police helicopters circled overhead, a SWAT team appeared in armored vehicles and raided the headquarters of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in Bradenton, Fla., which doubled as the family home. Two of Grenon’s sons, Jordan and Jonathan, were arrested. Grenon, the church’s self-styled archbishop, was also wanted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations, along with another of his eight sons, Joseph, but they’d…

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how to knock off a billion-dollar brand and get away with it (for a while)

At the January 2016 Pitti Uomo, the twice-yearly trade fair in Florence, Italy, where trendspotters soak up the latest in men’s fashion from around the globe, a crew of young people paraded through the 16th century Fortezza da Basso to promote sweatshirts and caps with the word “Supreme” in bold white Futura font on a bright red background. They looked just like the ones that run $150 or more for fans lucky enough to find them in stores—and many multiples of that from resellers online. But the hats and sweatshirts weren’t made by the New York streetwear brand. They were the work of an Italian company that had hijacked Supreme’s look and logo—in other words, a shameless knockoff. And thanks to a combination of entrepreneurial creativity (some might call it cynicism)…

21 min
where did marcos hide his money?

SENATOR PAUL LAXALT WAS IN A CLASSIFIED BRIEFING ABOUT political chaos in the Philippines when an assistant interrupted: He had an urgent phone call from Manila. On the other end of the line was Ferdinand Marcos, the country’s president. Marcos wanted to know if it was true that Ronald Reagan wished to see him step down. It was Feb. 24, 1986, and for the past several days millions of people had swarmed Manila’s streets in protest. The immediate trigger was Marcos’s victory in a seemingly fixed election, but the ire went much deeper. In the 1970s, Marcos had led a military government of uncommon brutality, disbanding Congress, silencing the media, and using the army to torture and kill thousands of citizens. Marcos partially restored democratic government in 1981, and, in hopes of…

3 min
how covid changed heists, hoaxes, scams, cons, and other mischief

2020 DATA Up from 2019 Down from 2019 ● U.S. THEFTS ● BLACK MARKET $500/dose Average dark web price for a Covid vaccine in March 2021 ● WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING Number of seizures in Southeast Asia and China, change from 2019 to 2020 ● MULTILEVEL MARKETING Covid-19’s impact on revenue among direct selling companies surveyed ● SHITCOIN SALES Reported losses to cryptocurrency scams in the U.S. ● BEWARE FRAUD IN MINNESOTA… Fraud reports in 2020 per 100k people ● …AND IDENTITY THEFT IN KANSAS Identity theft reports in 2020 per 100k people ● DRUG SELLING… U.S. Customs and Border Protection drug seizures, change from 2019 to 2020 ● … DRUG BUYING How Covid-19 altered the illegal drug market, according to a global survey of purchasers 1 I washed my hands immediately after purchasing 19% ② I bought in greater quantities 16% ③ The price was higher 14% ● PHISHING Phishing complaints filed, U.S. ● MORE PORCH…