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Canadian Living September 2020 - Vol.45 No.07

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bitter sweet

September gets us every year. We may think we want summer to go on forever, but as the page on the calendar changes over, we’re wooed with this month’s promise of cozy fall fashions, warm days and crisp nights, and the burgeoning red, orange, gold and yellow leaves that mingle with the green on the trees. More than at any other time of year we look at the world through a dichotomous lens, wavering between loving what’s here and now and anticipating the good things to come. September makes us happy to live in a place with four distinct seasons. Our main coverline, Good Food Now!, speaks exactly to that theme. In-season ingredients have never been more valued in the kitchen, and September’s bounty is rivalled only by that of June—and,…

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12 this month

1 WILD BUNCH THIS FALL, FREE YOUR INNER ANIMAL WITH A BOLD CHEETAH- OR LEOPARDPRINT OUTFIT. 2 A WALK IN THE WOODS This month, celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s National Forest Week from September 20 to 26 by immersing yourself in a slow, meditative walk through some nearby trees. The restorative practice of forest bathing, translated from the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku, encourages mindfulness and noticing all five senses while wandering through the woods. Forest bathing is associated with many calming benefits and preventive medical effects, including decreased anxiety and depression, strengthened immune system and reduced blood pressure and heart rate. 3 SUNNY DAYS Perfect for hiking, water-skiing or just enjoying the outdoors, Maho sunglasses are simple yet elegantly designed, plus their Zuma fit technology ensures they’ll stay on. This proprietary grip material repels liquid, and…

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peachy tarts

PEACH TARTS WITH FRANGIPANE FILLING MAKES 6 SERVINGS HANDS-ON TIME 25 MINUTES TOTAL TIME 50 MINUTES Frangipane ½ cup almond flour2 tbsp granulated sugar1½ tbsp softened unsalted butter, cubed2 tbsp all-purpose flour1 egg1 tbsp maple syrup¼ tsp almond extract Tarts ½ 400 g pkg frozen puff pastry, thawed (1 sheet)1 egg yolk3 peaches, thinly sliced1½ tsp fresh thymechopped toasted almonds (optional)maple syrup or honey (optional) Frangipane In food processor, pulse together almond flour, sugar and butter until well combined. Add flour, egg, maple syrup and almond extract; pulse until smooth. Set aside. Tarts On work surface, roll out pastry into 10-inch square; cut into 6 rectangles. Place rectangles on parchment paper-lined baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Using fork, prick rectangles, leaving ½-inch border. In small bowl, whisk egg yolk with 1 tsp water; brush over borders at edges. Preheat…

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now trending

We’re loving… LONG LIVE LASHES Whether you’re diving into a pool or crying with laughter, this blue lotus wax-based mascara promises to stay put, while its complex lash boosting formulation works just as hard to strengthen your lashes, day after day. EVER ADVANCING Estée Lauder has done it again! The beauty giant has redeveloped its long-standing top selling Advanced Night Repair Serum (which has been around since 1982!) with Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex. The new formulation supports the skin’s natural repair efforts more effectively than ever and helps to increase the renewal of fresh cells and collagen production for firmer, smoother skin—results that appear after using only one bottle! LAVENDER LOVE Favourite mask of the month alert! With its ice wine, peony root extracts and lavender essential oil, the Peeling Anti-Age face mask from La Maison Lavande…

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kiss & tell

WHAT CAUSES CHAPPED LIPS? The lips are among the most sensitive areas of the body, as well as being one of the most exposed to the environment. Anyone can get dry, cracked lips, a condition caused by the inflammation of the skin due to dehydration or exposure to an irritant. If the skin’s moisture barrier is compromised because of continued sun exposure, working outdoors or constantly licking your lips, it becomes even more likely to occur (and recur!). Pucker Protection Unlike other areas of the body, the lips don’t have oil glands, meaning they are more prone to drying out. As you likely know from experience, licking your lips is not a suitable solution. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that encourage cracking and make your lips more susceptible to irritation, as well as drying…

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discover the benefits of cica

Cica is highly effective for people who struggle with skin redness, dryness and discomfort. What is it? Cica is short for Centella asiatica, a medicinal plant from Southeast Asia that has long been used for its healing properties in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. Names commonly used for cica include gotu kola or Asiatic pennywort, but it’s also called tiger grass—due to the animal’s habit of rolling in it to relieve and heal scratches. “Madecassoside, the active ingredient that’s derived from cica, is recognized as a powerful natural healer,” says Samantha Henderson, a trainer at skin-care company Nature Collection. In Korea, madecassoside ointments are sold in pharmacies to treat cuts and injuries. What does it do? Cica-infused products can help prevent, treat and soothe skin ailments. While its anti-inflammatory properties calm irritations, cica also…