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Canadian Living May 2021 - Vol.46 No.04

The Canadian Living Magazine for helpful articles on food, cooking, health, relationships, family and lifestyles in Canada.

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living legacy

‘‘We come from oral traditions, so the song my great-grandmother sang is the same lullaby that I sing to my daughter. I’m really grateful because we didn’t always have the opportunity to pass those things on. I get to live in this moment where that lineage is unbroken, and that is reclamation. ’’ Canadian Living (CL): In making your documentary, what motivated you to say, I’m going to do this now? What made your directorial debut possible in that moment? Sarain Fox (SF): Telling my auntie’s story was something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’ve had the privilege of being able to document so many incredible and important stories, but I’d never had the time to tell my auntie’s. I think urgency, like now or never, was the…

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now trending

DO BETTER Did you know that the majority of shampoos and conditioners contain more than 70 percent water? By removing all this liquid, packaging is smaller (less single-use plastic), there’s a reduced environmental footprint associated with transport, and the bonus of getting more for your money. This is the feat achieved by the new Everist hair line. Vegan and cruelty-free, these waterless formulas are three times more concentrated than the others, and contain coconut, aloe and peppermint. The products arrive in pretty aluminum tubes that are recyclable and Climate Neutral Certified. MY GOODNESS The famous foundation from prestige brand YSL Beauty, Touche Éclat Le Teint, just got a makeover of its own. The much-loved original formula is now enriched with active ingredients harvested from the YSL Beauty Ourika Community Gardens, perched high in…

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stressed tresses

Damage Done Hair dyes, particularly those that lighten your natural colour, are often singled out as a major cause of damaged hair. While the colouring itself can spoil tresses, ongoing neglect afterward can also end up causing irreparable harm to the structure of the strands, which are made up of proteins. Treatments such as chemical relaxations or perms have similar effects. At issue is the alkaline pH of some of these treatments and ingredients (like ammonia) that break down up to 20 percent of the proteins in the hair shaft. Each time the process is repeated, it further damages the hair cuticle. In addition, if you’re also using heat-styling tools daily, you’re at risk of a dry, brittle and dull coif over time. Styling Safeguards A thermal protector product is a must for…

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how to feel financially empowered

1 Day-to-day finances Whether you’re single or partnered up, it’s crucial to understand and interact with your money. You may be thinking that you interact with your money every day when you spend it, but do you actually know where each and every cent is going? Are your finances organized? Does your budget balance? Are you putting money aside for rainy days, your goals and your future? It can be easy to let your spouse or partner take care of these things—maybe they like being in charge of the cash, or boast great financial skills, or you’re not keen on taking the lead. However, the consequences of not being involved in at least a part of financial planning and decision-making can be devastating if your relationship ends. It’s still your money…

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health & fitness

health hack of the month SEE THE GLASS HALF FULL When living through chaotic times (like a global pandemic!), it can be hard to remain optimistic, especially when the future seems uncertain. But there is hope! A recent study from the journal eLife found that focusing on past successes can actually help us make better decisions during turbulent times. Plus, imagining positive events in the future can also help foster a more optimistic outlook, which is associated with a whole host of mental and physical health benefits.…

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easydoes it

INSTALL A FLOATING SHELF Placing a shelf above a sofa or desk creates an easy spot to display decorative objects and paintings without hanging them on the wall. This makes it super easy to switch out your decor whenever you want! Try painting your shelf the same colour as the wall, or go bold for a contrast. MATERIALS Sander or sandpaper • Wooden board to the desired measurements • Brush or roller • Paint primer and wall colour or wood stain • Level • Pencil • Screwdriver • Screws • 2 shelf brackets HOW TO 1 Sand the wooden board, then brush or roll on a coat of primer. Let dry. 2 With brush or roller, apply one or two coats of paint (let dry between coats). 3 Using a level and pencil, mark where you want…