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power of seven

PREVAGE® City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask For fl awless results, add a detoxifying step to your skincare regimen. The mask removes impurities and promotes skin’s natural detoxification system for skin that’s brighter, smoother and ready for its close-up. PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser Environmental threats can make your skin dull and lackluster. This anti-aging treatment resets your skin by providing a deep cleansing experience. It’s formulated to optimize the benefits of PREVAGE® antiaging serums. PREVAGE® Anti-aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence This refreshing essence infuses skin with advanced hydration and antioxidants. A unique blend of 7 powerful antioxidants fights environmental assaults leaving skin looking youthful and radiant. PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Lotion This first-of-its-kind skin shield protects the skin by forming an invisible barrier to help prevent harmful toxins…

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let’s celebrate

One of my favourite things about Canadian Living is the abundance of no-fuss, quick-to-put-together dessert recipes that can just as easily grace the table at the end of a fabulous meal as they can be devoured while on the sofa, in my pj’s, with Netflix cued to a classic holiday movie. But every once in a while, I’m after something sweet that’ll stop my guests in their tracks—especially at Christmastime, when I’m already pulling out all the stops. Enter our standout Christmas cakes (page 122). The recipes are straightforward and not super time-consuming; and the resulting cakes— well, let’s just say they’re not your standard fruitcake. We think they’re magnificent (but we’ll let you judge for yourself). Better yet, each cake is adorned with the prettiest holidayinspired decorations (page 128), which…

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you love our look!

I love your “new beginnings” format in the October issue. I enjoyed reading [about] the We Families [“The Incredibles”], fashion and beauty and, of course, your recipe section. Can hardly wait to try your Thanksgiving recipes. —Rita I particularly enjoyed “Great Reads” [October 2017], but I also liked your features on Canadians doing a range of interesting and unusual things, the article about Alias Grace [“Canadian Grace”] and just about everything I read. Keep up the good work! —Margaret I was in the process of deciding not to renew, but having received the October issue, I was impressed! I also like your tagline, Real Life Made Simple. I immediately went online and renewed subscriptions for myself and my daughter. —Virginia It’s great to see that much of the CL content I’ve loved since…

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16 tricks, tips and ideas we love this month

1 Hip Hangout The luxe location for our fashion shoot this month is Toronto’s Drake Commissary (, an accessible bakery, bar and larder. Grab a bite, meet friends for drinks or pop in for a quick to-go coffee and breakfast— all in the eclectically decorated space that’s as stunning as our festive outfits in “Get the Party Started” (page 34). While there, our food editor Paul Lillakas got behind the counter to whip up some exclusive CL holiday cocktails with the Drake Hotel’s bartender Sandy De Almeida. This Christmas Nog creation is a decadent (but essential) seasonal party provision. CHRISTMAS NOG MAKES 3 SERVINGS HANDS-ON TIME 5 MINUTES STANDING TIME 4 HOURS TOTAL TIME 4¼ HOURS 2 oz bourbon 2 large eggs 3 tbsp superfine sugar 6 tbsp 2% milk ¼ cup whipping cream (35%) 2 oz brandy ½ tsp grated nutmeg ¼ tsp…

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eye of the tiger

the STEPS Draw a thin line with eyeliner at the lash line, following your eye shape from the inner to the outer corner of your lid. With a bit of eyeshadow powder on a straight-edged brush, mark where you want the cat eye to be. “Use your natural eye curve to determine where the flick should be,” says Jukka. With the eyeshadow mark as a guide, create the flick with eyeliner. Start thin, adds Jukka. “You can always add more.” To finish, thicken the flick with eyeliner. “If you’re a beginner, practise a few times on the back of your hand first,” says Jukka. “And don’t do the cat eye flick in one straight line.” Draw smaller strokes, then connect the dots. pick YOUR FORMULA The look you’re after, plus your skill level, will dictate…

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metallic tunic 3 ways

THE SILVER TUNIC We love this Joseph Ribkoff tunic (sizes 14 to 22) from Toni Plus for its ombré metallic detailing and versatile length. wow Turn this brilliant tunic up a few watts with the addition of a tulle skirt. If tulle is too girlie for your esthetic, try a circle skirt in a structured material. Put the exclamation point on this look by stepping out in a Cinderellastyle shoe, like these glittery flats. Find fashion to flatter every shape at Think of an extraordinary moment in your life. Do you know what could have made it a bit more magnificent? Donning something dazzling. Clothing that’s sequined or tinged with metallic doesn’t mean you’re craving attention; it means you like dressing up—and that’s OK! In fact, it’s fabulous. weekend There’s no shorter path to great style…