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CBS Soaps In Depth

CBS Soaps In Depth

February 3, 2020

Get CBS Soaps In Depth digital magazine subscription today. Included in every biweekly issue are: In depth previews of the CBS shows; hottest plots; up-to-the-minute rundowns of the Ins & Outs that will shake up your shows; exclusive interviews and gorgeous photos you won't see anywhere else!

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2 min.
thomas hits pay dirt!

The In Depth Story: Hope’s onetime devotion to Liam was a major impediment to Thomas’ romantic aims, but now that she’s suddenly single, the designer is offering her his shoulder to cry on. And Hope — despite her doubts about the dude — seems grateful to him for being there. The gesture may be more platonic than Thomas would like, but for now, it’s a start. And as we all know, he is nothing if not persistent! “There’s that old joke: The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” suggests the scoundrel’s portrayer, Matthew Atkinson. “That’s exactly what Thomas is going through right now. There’s a little bit of insanity there. But don’t you go insane when you’re in love? Just a little…

1 min.
save the date!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS fans who have been anxiously anticipating reading the memoir of daytime legend Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) —Always Young And Restless: My Life On And Off America’s #1 Daytime Drama — can now pre-order the tome from Amazon. The book is not only filled with stories about Scott’s time on Y&R but also the personal struggles that marked her childhood. “I had no mother. I had no father. I had no siblings. And the woman that was deemed to be the only choice of raising an only child was my maternal grandmother” the former child star previously shared. “[She] suffered with mental illness and was a compulsive hoarder ruling our house with a very firm fist.” The actress’ autobiography, which contains a foreword by celebrated social critic Camille…

3 min.
are adam and chelsea doing right by their son?

The In Depth Story: Over the past year, young Connor has suffered a series of shocks and upheavals. Stepdad Calvin, whom he regarded as his father, unexpectedly passed away, and biological dad Adam turned out to not be as dead as everyone believed him to be. Add to that being taken hostage by Simon, and it’s no wonder that the poor boy has been plagued by night terrors! “I can quite believe that a young child held at gunpoint would develop PTSD,” says Louise Godbold, executive director of Echo, an organization that helps traumatized children and their parents. “Intrusive thoughts and nightmares are symptoms of PTSD.” That said, Godbold notes that PTSD is something of an artificial concept. “The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders [DSM], which psychiatrists and psychologists use,…

2 min.
peter’s stalked by the truth!

The In Depth Story: Some viewers believe that a character as complicated as Peter can change, especially with the help of the women in his life; others think the erstwhile Henrik should be dumped by Maxie and arrested by Anna! Equally torn when it comes to Peter is Anna, who may or may not turn out to be his mother. Although she spent several months trying to figure out whether she or twin sister Alex actually gave birth to Faison’s son, “Alex’s trail ran cold,” says Van Etten, “leaving Anna between a rock and a hard place, [unsure] whether to forsake Peter or accept the memory she’s living with, that he’s her son.” Meanwhile, Peter may be struggling to figure out exactly what kind of man he is. “He’s done ugly things…

1 min.
how did adrienne die?

The In Depth Story: In flashbacks, Sonny and Justin recall that night, which, as it turns out, was also the night both Sarah and Kristen were in labor! First, a tragedy occurred involving Adrienne and Sarah. Arriving on the scene, Will found the pair in quite a predicament and, afterwards, poured out his guilt to JJ. Kayla then shared the bad news about Adrienne with future beau Justin. Meanwhile, the birth of Kristen’s baby went horribly wrong, leaving her shattered and Brady stunned. However, JJ received the biggest surprise of all when he learned how the situation impacted girlfriend Haley! Needless to say, this is one week you don’t want to miss!…

1 min.
cbs soaps in depth

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