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Chat 22-Aug-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

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welcome to this week’s chat...

Katea reckons she’s found the secret to a happy marriage but could you and your other half do the same? (p24). Caroline was tragically murdered while on a trip of a lifetime – but why did three different men confess to the crime (p14)? What started with a mouth ulcer sent Debbie’s life down a terrifying path. She shares her story and what keeps her fighting (p10). There’s loads more real-life stories as well as fiendish puzzles, recipes (p27), home buys (p49), fashion (p12) and more. Put the kettle on and get stuck in!…

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chat to us!

My son Brodie knows who the soft touch is when he wants a carry... straight to his auntie Emma! Danielle Hopkins, Stockport I reckon me and my boyfriend Justin cleaned up well for our friend's wedding in New Zealand! Kelsie Mackintosh, Rhewl When they're not out hunting birds, my beautiful boys Charlie and Angus just love a cuddle! Alex Button, Sidcup After completing his very first triathlon in one hour and 22 minutes, my husband Trev, 50, certainly deserved this rest! He finished 61st out of 150 competitors, and had already signed up to his next event! Janice Wood, Aylsham During a trip to the park, my gorgeous mum Linda couldn't resist joining in the fun! She even made friends with this donkey! Marisa Ellis-Jones, Bromley When nap time rolls around my adorable pooches Poppy and Jessy love to sleep…

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innocence for sale

Bridget, 62, Waterford Skipping down the garden path, I had a big, beaming smile on my face. It was summer 1964 and, aged 7, I’d just had my confirmation at church, meaning I could receive Holy Communion for the first time. My parents were devoutly Catholic and usually I found church boring – but this was my special day. Mum had bought me a beautiful new dress and I loved swishing around in it. It was a world away from my usual, tatty jumpers and skirts. After the service, Mum took me home, while Dad headed to the pub as usual. He spent most of his time there, but that’s the way we liked it. You see, Dad had a temper. He’d often take it out on Mum, or me, if his dinner wasn’t ready on time or…

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Waste not If you're having trouble getting the last of the sauce out of the bottle, just leave it upside down in a jug of hot water for a few minutes. It'll go all runny so there'll be no waste! Christine Alexander, Haywards Heath On ice If you have time, you can pre-prepare vegetables, then place the chopped pieces in a bag and keep them frozen until you need them. Agnes Carmichael, Bellshill In the tub A small Pringles tin, with the lid underneath to keep it dry, makes a great toothbrush and paste holder! Jennifer Shelden, Orpington Super support I needed some extra support for my shoes, so I sewed strips of strong elastic across the front. Works like a dream. Lillian Smith, Preston Spag bowl When you've eaten the chocolates, don't throw the tin away. Use it to store spaghetti! Lucy Robinson,…

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my reasons for living

Debbie Caquias, 51 Brushing my teeth before bed, I winced at the large red sore on my tongue. It was August 2007, and it had been there a week. It was already the size of a 20p coin. ‘And it’s just getting bigger,’ I moaned to my husband Sam, 43, as I went down to breakfast. White patches had formed around it. Eating and speaking were becoming uncomfortable. ‘You need to get it looked at,’ Sam, a trauma nurse, said. I made an appointment, and my doctor said it looked like a canker sore – an ulcer caused by an accidental bite. ‘Or stress,’ he said. Sounded right. I was a frazzled mum to our 11-month-old girl Gabby. Still, I was referred to hospital for a biopsy. ‘It’s just a precaution,’ Sam reassured. Two weeks later, he took me to hospital…

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liar or killer?

Aged just 19, Caroline Stuttle was on the verge of a huge adventure. She had her heart set on a career in forensic psychology – but before heading to uni, she wanted to see the world. She worked hard as a waitress, saving every penny to make her dream come true. In early 2002, she left her home in Yorkshire, with her best friend Sarah. A recording device was placed in his cell The pair jetted off to Australia, arriving in Sydney before travelling to Queensland. The friends also planned to travel to New Zealand, Fiji and Los Angeles in the US. Caroline made the most of her time as a backpacker. She went camel trekking and windsurfing, met new friends who shared her love of travelling. She was living her dream. On 10 April 2002, Caroline was staying…