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the mother load

Homan (left) with Monica Canellis at Gia’s baptism (PHOTOGRAPHY: (HOMAN) FRANCIS SON)IN THE GREEK LANGUAGE, THERE’S NO MORE BEAUTIFUL word than nouna, which means “godmother.” Seventeen years ago, I became one for the first time, to my niece. My sister’s family lives a plane ride away, so back then I wasn’t able to take on the full weight of my responsibility.Then, when my friend Michelle Alegria began having children, she picked three of her girlfriends — all of us childless — to be their godmothers. At first we jokingly called ourselves “the fairy godmothers,” but as the years went on, the three of us bonded on a deeper level; when the kids’ father unexpectedly passed away last year, we leaned on one another for emotional support as we all stepped…

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no clucking around

((CHICKEN) NICK MURWAY)CHIEF CONTRIBUTING DINING CRITIC Jeff Ruby’s mission to determine the best Harold’s Chicken Shack (page 90) took him far and wide. His experience by the numbers:436 Miles traveled13,520 Calories consumed7 Pounds gained4 Shortest wait, in minutes, to receive an order (Harold’s No. 62)42 Longest wait, in minutes (No. 71)11 Framed Harold Pierce portraits spied6 Number of times Ruby’s kids said, “Ew, this car smells like Harold’s!”((LECKART) MICHAEL LOCCISANO/STAFF)Writer and documentary filmmaker Steven Leckart spent nearly five years reporting “The Bicycle Thief” (page 80), during which the subject, Tom Justice, agreed to participate, got cold feet, then signed on again. “I think what ultimately triggered his interest was that I was going to figure out pieces of the puzzle that even he didn’t know,” Leckart says.((PYTHON) RYAN SEGEDI)At reptile…

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stirring the pot

(PHOTOGRAPH: MARTHA WILLIAMS)A lot of searing truth meatballs. This will stick with folks.@peterfrost via TwitterThe biggest flaw in this piece is how much it relies on a white-centered narrative about not just food but the neighborhoods where you go out to eat.@Karnythia via TwitterCome for an airtight thrashing of Chicago’s stagnant restaurant scene. Stay for the image of a hot dog piñata midevisceration.@tdmrussell via TwitterFOXX HUNTI forgot what it was like to vote for someone and have them turn out to be exactly the person I voted for [“Kim Foxx Wants to Tell You a Story,” January].@hollyonlakemich via TwitterJust once, I’d like to click on a profile of a woman and not have to wade through three paragraphs on manicured nails, clothing, and heels. It’s lazy.@meredithshiner via TwitterBLAGO, 10 YEARS…

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conned heir

Albert Goodman, a descendant of the original Goodman Theatre benefactors, thought he had landed the “tall, thin beauty” his dating profile said he was seeking when he married April Summers in 1995. However, he soon discovered that she had invented much of her past, including her multiple degrees and professional licenses. Summers and her adoptive father had been hoping to soak Goodman for funds and even persuaded him to invest more than $100,000 in a property in Bartlett that they wanted to purchase. But when Goodman ended the marriage in 1997, Summers was unhappy with the divorce settlement. So the jilted ex sought revenge, as Nancy Millman chronicled in the 1999 Chicago story “The Heir, His Wife, and the Hit Man”:According to court transcripts, Summers told her friend that her…

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best cozy spot photos

Winner!@moonya1Mary Ellen Gumerson’s pediatrician in the ’60s was next door to the Chicago Athletic Association, but she had never been inside until she shot this image of the renovated lobby in November. “It was spectacular. I was telling people on the street, ‘You need to go there.’WE ALSO LOVED …@optimasignature@the.locallist@pamela618@ffrj_NEXT CONTESTPost your best shot of tacos on Instagram by February 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the April issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine. ■…

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talking points

1 Flying out of O’Hare and Midway comes with a perk during Airport Restaurant Week, which runs through Feb. 7: free eats from Summer House Santa Monica, Torta Frontera, and more.2 Civil rights lawyer Flint Taylor, who represented numerous victims of disgraced Chicago police commander Jon Burge, chronicles decades of abuse and wrongful convictions in The Torture Machine, out Feb. 12. Take your blood pressure meds before you read.3 Oral arguments begin Feb. 14 in the lawsuit filed by Protect Our Parks over the Obama Presidential Center’s chosen site in Jackson Park. TBD whether the ex-prez will fold like George Lucas.4 Chicago’s installation from last year’s Venice Architecture Biennale will be on view at Wrightwood 659, starting Feb. 14. In an age of ultra-politicized walls, Studio Gang and others examine…