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lessons from suburbia

Homan working the gamesAS WE WERE PREPARING THIS MONTH’S COVER STORY ON THE delights of the suburbs (page 96), I thought back to my first real job. It was the summer of 1989 at Kiddieland. The beloved Melrose Park amusement park hired scores of teenagers, and though, at $3.85 an hour, it paid less than I made babysitting, it offered an alternate ecosystem of kids from the surrounding towns, one in which I could escape my persona as a nerdy student. At Kiddieland, there were new cliques to navigate and summer romances to savor.Each day I’d show up and get my assignment. Mostly it was in the long row of games deep in the park, where people competed for stuffed animals. What insiders like me learned was that each game…

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sincerest form of flattery

WHILE RESEARCHING ART FOR THIS issue’s suburbs guide, design director Katherine Shady came across a photo of Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood Park that immediately called to mind Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks (above), which sits at the Art Institute of Chicago. That gave Shady an idea. She got illustrator Jeremy Booth to pay a “gentle homage” to Hopper’s iconic work for this month’s cover. “The way Johnnie’s was photographed, it looked like a lighted beacon in the dark. It was incredibly similar to the Hopper.”Corey Adams’s psychedelic work made him a natural to illustrate the experimental drug story “A Very Serious Party” (page 80). “When you ask people what their trip is like, they’re very descriptive of what they’re feeling, what they’re seeing. So there’s a lot of really great stuff…

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city on the move

@bri_hack via Twitter(PHOTOGRAPH: JESSICA SEDGWICK)Wow. They are my new heroes.Alexa Lauren via FacebookI ride the CTA almost every day and I love this. If you have never even been to Chicago, you will still love it.@petersagal via TwitterWhat insight into a city from the people who help run it. Love this feature and format.@kjlagrave via TwitterThis is why I’m always nice to bus drivers and CTA staff! They put up with tons of crap (often literally).@jencaddick via TwitterA WING AND A MISSLiterally the most pressing and important debate of our time, finally resolved [“The Definitive Harold’s Ranking,” February].@CapesNGrowlers via TwitterThis is carpetbagging garbage. First off the order is ignorant: Half dark is OK, but just hot sauce? A real order would be six wings hot, mild, salt and pepper. More…

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ghosts of burke’s past

■ The feds may have finally nabbed the seemingly invincible alderman Ed Burke — said the news 22 years ago. Early in 1997, Joseph Martinez, an attorney at Burke’s private law firm, was charged with receiving paychecks from the city for work he never did. Martinez claimed that the scheme had been arranged by Burke in order for Martinez to get health insurance, which the alderman’s firm did not provide. Today, in the wake of Burke’s recent extortion charges, Jonathan Eig’s 1997 story on the earlier plot, “The Ghosts and Mr. Burke,” feels like foreshadowing:The mystery is how a man so smart, a man regarded as one of Chicago’s top political historians and one of city government’s sharpest financial minds, might have left himself this badly exposed. Some say he…

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your best winter photos

Winner!@nic_p_21Real estate broker Nicole Plecas snapped her snow-loving son on the roof of their Wicker Park apartment building. This was 8-year-old Nicholas’s first winter without a yard. His review? “He’s been pretty head over heels,” Plecas says.WE ALSO LOVED …@pedrarose@fredfaulkneriv@rnpchicago@dbenji82NEXT CONTESTPost your best shot of a Chicago museum on Instagram by March 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the May issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine. ■…

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talking points

Clueless1 The City Council is expected to vote on the controversial Lincoln Yards development. Survey says: It’s pretty much a done deal. But at least 10 aldermen have expressed reservations.2 Michael Restaurant in Winnetka closes for good on Mar. 2, while restaurant-within-a-restaurant George Trois will go on temporary hiatus. No need to pour one out with your Chardonnay: Owner Michael Lachowicz said he’ll be reopening something soon.3 Twenty-eight years after There Are No Children Here, journalist Alex Kotlowitz goes deep into the human side of the city’s violence again in his new book, An American Summer, out Mar. 5. Brace yourself for another gut punch. (See page 26.)4 The cast of Clueless reunites Mar. 23 at C2E2. Odds they’ll remind us that it does not say RSVP on the Statue…