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City Press 9/6/2020

City Press is a Sunday newspaper founded in 1982 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is an agenda setting publication, which specialises in politics, investigations, football, and leading opinion and business pages.

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ticket sales: locals love lions

THE BALLOT PROCESS The ticket ballot opened on September 2 and closes at 11.59pm on September 16. The ballot process, used internationally for the most elite global sporting events, is the fairest method of determining ticket allocation, but please understand that requesting a ticket(s) through the ballot does not guarantee you a ticket. Please visit the information drop-down menu on the home page of or enter the ticket ballot section for all details pertaining to the ticket ballot. If you want a tutorial on how to process the ticket ballot, please click on the ticket ballot guide. The ballot on this site is exclusively for South African residents. BEWARE BLACK MARKET TICKETS British & Irish Lions Tour director Lourens Oberholzer has cautioned South African residents against attempting to buy tickets through secondary platforms for…

3 min
learn to speak to machines

English is no longer the lingua franca, Python is. According to, there are 1.3 billion people who speak English – that is a yawn compared with the 3.8 billion smartphones in the world. Am I comparing apples to oranges? Actually, no, but I am comparing apple juice to orange juice, and that is perfectly acceptable. After all, many idioms are idiotic anyway. Who said people don’t compare apples to oranges? They do it all the time when buying fruit. Business is changing and so are customers, and this is mostly driven by artificial intelligence. Driverless cars are a reality, and manager-less businesses are also becoming a reality. There was a time when every division had its own manager, but now every manager has to justify his or her existence. Paper pushers have…

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take care as you step into the metaverse

In the past few weeks, you may have seen some of your friends creating an avatar of themselves on Facebook, or you might even have created one of your own. An avatar is a virtual representation of yourself that stems from the gaming community, where players use a digital representation of themselves in a virtual world. If you’re an iPhone user, this service has been around for a while and, like the Facebook offering, the avatar that Apple offers is a cartoon-like representation of yourself. The process of creating an avatar allows you to select all the visual elements that make you immediately recognisable, including skin tone; face shape (nose, lips, eyes); hair colour, length and style; and right down to different styles of spectacles and details such as freckles. The novelty is…

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the british and irish lions’ six matches in sa next year have fans

Ian McGeechan has likened the Springboks versus the British and Irish Lions three-test series in South Africa to three successive World Cup finals. McGeechan’s playing and coaching career includes four Lions tours. He coached the men in red to a series win against the Springboks in 1997, was in South Africa as a player with the glorious, undefeated 1974 Lions and then returned to South Africa in 2009 as the head coach. McGeechan has known victory and defeat in South Africa against the Springboks, but mostly he knows what it means to tour South Africa and be a Lions player and coach in our country. “It’s unique,” he often tells the media. “South Africans get the Lions.” The South African public, judging by their reaction to this week’s ticket sales ballot opening, would agree.…

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reaping a thieves’ harvest

The last snag, some will speculate, that was ultimately the undoing of state capture was the inability of its engineers to successfully field a permanent, servile yes-man to Treasury. Though they came achingly close to that objective, a few good men in government balked, the markets tanked and civil society said enough was enough. Although the conservative estimates of the pillage hovers at about R500 billion, it’s safe to say that it’s a pittance compared with what it could have been. That matter now lies before a commission, but South Africa is far from being out of the woods. Not with the lurking scallywags who didn’t think twice about plundering while people were dying on faeces-stained hospital floors due to Covid-19. And certainly not with millions of hectares of arable land waiting for…

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gaddafi may’ve had a point

At the best of times, sittings of the South African Parliament are rather dull and meaningless affairs. Unless EFF members start their antics, the sessions are as exciting as an atheist Christmas. The debates are tedious and full of sloganeering. There is a lot of weak insult-trading among different parties (if only they could make that wittier and spicier); obsequiousness towards ministers by suck-up governing party backbenchers; and silly points of order that serve to secure an unremarkable MP some TV time. This week’s question and answer session with Deputy President David Mabuza in the National Council of Provinces was no different. It was just made worse by the fact that it was held virtually, with some seemingly still battling with the technology and the protocols of holding meetings in this fashion. So…