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City Press 9/13/2020

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jp markets liquidated

Foreign exchange platform JP Markets has been put into final liquidation after an extensive investigation by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), which had received numerous complaints from investors who had lost money. The FSCA stated that it would work with the liquidators and do everything in its power to ensure that clients of JP Markets recovered as much of their funds as possible. Because of the intervention of the FSCA, more than R2.58 billion was preserved in the many bank accounts belonging to JP Markets. The FSCA is also preparing to hand over the matter to the National Prosecuting Authority for further investigation and possible criminal prosecution. The FSCA has several other ongoing investigations into foreign exchange platform operators and warns that “foreign exchange-derivative platforms are a very popular space for scammers…

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dg clears department of corruption claims

A review by the director-general of the department of transport into allegations of Covid-19 procurement irregularities found no evidence to support claims that companies owned by people linked to senior managers had benefited. Director-general Alec Moemi told City Press that, as the accounting officer, he personally verified that all procurement processes were in compliance with the required legal prescripts. Because public transport posed a major risk in terms of the spread of the Covid-19 virus during the national state of disaster and the lockdown period, the department even had a responsibility to supply material to minibus taxi operators. An unsigned memorandum circulated by disgruntled employees in the department – addressed to the office of the Public Protector – had contained claims that the department had spent up to R80 million on procuring personal…

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multichoice diski builds national soccer talent pipeline

When the 2019/20 Absa Premiership campaign resumed last month following the prolonged national lockdown, more than 20 young MultiChoice Diski Challenge (MDC) players reported for duty in the senior teams of the top 16 PSL clubs, making their dreams a reality. It has been six years since the MDC was launched, and the PSL clubs continue to reap the rewards of this innovative programme. The Diski Challenge has been instrumental in helping some of the country’s finest young footballers achieve their career aspirations. Also, the programme ensures that there is a growing pool of talented players to strengthen the Premiership teams. Despite the season’s early end – only 204 of the 240 scheduled matches were played – the MDC numbers show a solid contribution to the country’s professional teams. Joe Heshu, MultiChoice group executive…

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why is our skin colour a sin?

The lyrics of Brook Benton’s song Oh Lord Why Lord ring true, particularly among black women, after Clicks’ offensive advert and the unbelievable responses of some black people to the furore. The colour of our skin appears to remain an awful sin. For those who have no idea about what black people’s hair means and go as far as asking if people have to die because of hair, must be forgiven for their ignorance of apartheid and its humiliation of black people regarding their hair. It is easy to issue a pretentious apology and claim to apologise unreservedly. Of course, black people are still waiting for the apology from the perpetrators and beneficiaries of apartheid. Not that the apology will ever come. In fact, it is black people who are expected to apologise…

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sports minister ‘invited’ sascoc to intervene in cricket

Acting SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) president Aleck Skhosana has revealed that the seeds of its decision to take over running Cricket SA (CSA) this week were sown by Sports and Recreation Minister Nathi Mthethwa. While Sascoc’s Friday night press release on the matter – which has plunged cricket into a fresh crisis in a year defined by one leadership blunder after another – unequivocally denied Mthethwa’s hand in the intervention by claiming “the minister has not instructed or directed the Sascoc board at any stage”, Skhosana appeared to suggest otherwise to City Press yesterday. “We were invited by the minister as Sascoc some time ago, who then gave us feedback on meetings he’d had with cricket people,” said Skhosana. “But the minister then said that, if he were to…

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eff is the most lethal threat to our democracy

The psychology of racism in South Africa and the quest to undo the vestiges of our apartheid past are heavily contested and mystifying terrain. Painful race-based events of the past week helped confirm an almost universal quest by politicians for easy victories and half-baked solutions. And, while nothing seems to pain EFF leaders more than having to think, and stop romanticising anarchy and idiocy, the hypocrisy of some proponents of black consciousness on the one hand and “rainbowism” on the other invite scrutiny. Let me explain. The EFF is the most persistent and lethal threat to our democracy. The juvenile party is living a reckless opposition political party’s dream: an opportunistic, anarchistic, hypocritical and populist existence free of consequence and accountability. We defeated a racist apartheid regime, but undeniably inherited some profoundly racist…