Classic Car Mart March 2021

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lateral thinking

Every industry has been impacted by the pandemic in different ways and although we wouldn’t claim to regard outselves as working anywhere near any kind of front line, we have had to adapt to a new way of working in the way we gather material for our magazines. This month’s conundrum has been the challenge of performing tracking photography, the art of getting a sharp image of a car at speed from another vehicle either in front or behind. The traditional means of achieving this naturally involves the photographer shooting from a second car while someone else handles the tricky bsuiness of driving… but to the relief of everybody involved, none of us on the CCM team share the same household, the obligation to maintain a suitable social distance meaning two…

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New rules in the Brexit agreement will see classic cars imported from the European Union to the UK remaining duty-free but they will now face an additional five per cent charge. Previously, cars that crossed the Channel did so with no duty or VAT added while the UK was still part of the EU. Boris Johnson announced the long-awaited Brexit deal on December 24, saying that he had given colleagues something for Christmas that they would be able to read in that post lunch lull. With the UK preparing to leave at 11PM only seven days later, there was lots of pressure from car manufacturers and importers to avoid a 10 per cent duty charge on brand new cars. Depending on complex rules of origin regarding the parts used in construction,…

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bulldog set for 200mph run

Aston Martin factory driver, Darren Turner, is set to attempt a 200mph run in the Aston Martin Bulldog concept car 40 years after it was first tried. The Bulldog, styled by William Towns, is a oneoff concept created in 1980 to showcase Aston’s engineering prowess. The firm hoped it would achieve 200mph, making it the fastest production car of its time. The car was just 9mph short when tested at MIRA, but Victor Gauntlett shelved the project due to financial reasons when he became chairman of AML in 1981. Last year the famous car was given to Classic Motor Cars in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, to carry out an 18-month nut and bolt restoration. Overseeing the restoration on behalf of the of the owner is Richard Gauntlett, Victor’s son. “The car is well on the…

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classic crossword 182

Clues Across 7 His design firm styled the Alfa Romeo Montreal (6,7) 8 A Blue Oval model from the 1960s (4,7) 9 Lancia range discontinued in 1984 (5) 11 Italian makers of the Amica (5) 14 The marque behind the TD21 (5) 15 A serving of ice cream on the bonnet of the Jensen FF? (5) 18 Long-running Volkswagen van series (11) 20 South Korean saloon released in 1991 (7,6) Clues Down 1 Tyre type fitted to the Porsche 959 (3-4) 2 The Chevette was among those to use this GM platform (1-3) 3 See 17 down 4 America’s Motor City (7) 5 A name used by both Bugatti and Austin (8) 6 First name of Citroen’s founder (5) 10 Bentley model released in 1980 (8) 12 Modern-day Ford hatchbacks dating back to 1976 (7) 13 Car types - often grand (7) 16 _ Daimler Puch, they built the…

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bristol to return?

After its liquidation last year, Bristol Cars will reportedly be revived by British entrepreneur and Bristol enthusiast, Jason Wharton. According to Autocar, the Essex-based property developer wants to quickly reinstate traditional manufacture, plus build an ‘atelier-style’ division around the new business to sell, restore and support Bristol models of all ages. Wharton recently completed the purchase of the intellectual property rights needed to begin making improved versions of existing designs, along with equipment such as chassis jigs and body parts. His idea is to launch ‘remastered’ versions of the 411 four-seater and Fighter two-seater during 2022, powered by a version of Chrysler’s 6.4-litre petrol Hemi V8 engine as opposed to the previous Fighter’s V10. Around the middle of the decade, Wharton hopes to unveil an all-new Buccaneer model reinstating a name previously used…

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brits could escape eu fines

British drivers caught in their classic by speed cameras in European Union countries are unlikely to face penalties following the UK’s departure from the EU, with information sharing agreements ending due to Brexit. Introduced in 2015, the Cross Border Enforcement directive meant authorities in EU countries could pursue drivers for motoring offences, as long as their car was registered in a European Union country. More than 444,000 British motorists were fined for offences detected by cameras in France last year, more than Belgians with 295,899, Spanish drivers with 262,012 and Germans with 249,291. In 2019, we covered how classic car drivers returning from touring holidays had been hit with unexpected fines following a speed limit drop from 90kph to 80kph on countryside roads in France. Penalties in France range can reach as…