ClayCraft magazine is a must-have for ceramic enthusiasts, packed with fun and inspirational pottery projects for all levels. A monthly subscription of ClayCraft magazine offers an exciting mix of information and inspiration on the world of ceramics, with practical step-by-step projects, essential clay choice and design tips, as well as interviews with individual pottery makers. Whether you are a beginner to the world of pottery, a student or a professional, ClayCraft magazine is an essential read for makers at any level. Inside every issue, you’ll find advice for pottery novices who are brand new to the world of ceramics, tips for intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and challenging projects for the professional clay makers out there. If you’re looking for a ceramics magazine that combines inspiration and information on the popular world of clay making, then ClayCraft magazine is the perfect read for you.

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The run-up to Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but probably more so for makers, when they start to see the results of months of work pay off as sales begin to peak. Whether you have an online or bricks and mortar store, sell via markets and fairs, or you only make presents for your friends and family, planning is a vital part of the process. Making, firing and glazing your work to stockpile enough pieces to meet customer demand or for the people you want to give things to, all take time. It only needs one thing to go wrong for everything to be put in jeopardy. A firing can fail, or your power can go off(yes, we’re looking at you, Arwen), you could have supply issues with your…

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new rohde wheel

Since Rohde was founded in 1982, it has been committed to customer and product benefits. The desire to make 'good' even better has led to the development of the new HMT 600 pottery wheel. It combines all the advantages of its tried and tested predecessor, the HMT 500, with improvements made following feedback from potters who use the previous model every day. A proven pottery wheel with the latest features People who throw regularly, and particularly ceramics course providers, will appreciate the powerful but particularly quiet Siemens motor, which doesn’t interfere with conversations or listening to music while working creatively. Current users are already familiar with the infinitely variable, very precise control of the speed and the option to choose between clockwise and anticlockwise rotation from the previous model. The setting options for the…

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clay crescendo

On Friday 12th November, St Ives' iconic institution, Leach Pottery held its official preview of Leach 100 works. The team launched its Clay and Community Exhibition, showcasing a range of ceramic pieces created by the wider community during the Leach 100 period and the works crafted by its Leach 100 commissioned artists and Hyosun Kim, Leach 100 Artist in Residence. These form the largest on-site celebration of Leach 100 since the centenary campaign began in 2020. Leach 100 has been an extended programme (two years' worth) of events celebrating 100 years since the foundation of the Leach Pottery by friends and colleagues Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Throughout this period, the Leach Pottery has worked to honour this significant milestone in the Pottery's history through a comprehensive programme of exhibitions, events…

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new ceramics centre and winter market

On 18-19th December, 12-6pm, Turning Earth will hold an inaugural Christmas Ceramics Market at its new ceramics centre in Haringey. The new studio will bring the Turning Earth model established in Hoxton and Leyton to North London for the very first time, offering a gym-like monthly membership arrangement for people who want to take up ceramics as a serious hobby, as well as introductory classes for beginners. During the celebratory Christmas market weekend, 70 ceramicists from Turning Earth's studios will sell their work, and there will be wheel-throwing and hand-building demos throughout – with the option for visitors to have a go too. A stall selling donated work will raise money for local charities. There'll also be delicious Vietnamese Street food from Hanoi Ca Phe, mulled wine and mince pies, as well…

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thrown gravy/sauce boat

DIFFICULTY RATING You will need: Clay of choice – earthenware or stoneware. Approximately 511g (1lb 2oz) for a mediumsized boat, plus extra for the spout and handle Tools for throwing, water bowl, sponge, cutting wire, ribs Turning tools of choice Rolling pin (plus roller guides if preferred) Template for spout Texture of choice – lace/vinyl wallpaper, etc Glaze to suit clay type Before you begin: This can be thrown directly on the wheel head because it’s relatively easy to lift off. However, if you prefer to throw on a batt, instructions on how to fix one to the wheel head (if you don’t have a quick fix mechanism), can be found at: A reminder when throwing – to save wordy repetition! Always compress the clay at the rim after each lift. Pinch the rim…

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linda bloomfield glaze basics: materials and preparation

Linda Bloomfield is a scientist turned potter. More glaze recipes can be found in her books, Advanced Pottery (2011), Colour in Glazes (A&C Black 2012), The Handbook of Glaze Recipes (Bloomsbury 2014) and Science for Potters (The American Ceramic Society 2017). Her new book Special Effect Glazes, and the second edition of Colour in Glazes are both out now. Linda has recently launched her online glazing course, How Glazes Work, on her website: This month I will be going back to the basics of how to make a glaze from scratch. The first part will take you through the materials and preparation, then next month, I will cover how to make the glaze. There are many advantages of making glazes yourself rather than buying ready-made ones. Most base glaze materials…