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Combining the best celebrity news and gossip with compelling real-life stories, Closer gets close to the heart of the story and brings you the truth behind the headlines. Also includes: TV listings, puzzles, beauty and body advice, destiny and more! Perfect for a coffee-break read, or to download and enjoy on the move...

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war of the wags!

Like Agatha (WAGatha) Christie’s brilliant Belgian detective, Inspector Poirot (PoiRoo), Coleen Rooney summoned the world to the library (Twitter), pointed at Rebekah Vardy and shouted ‘J’accuse!!’. The WAGS became locked into a feud over whether Rebekah had betrayed Coleen, while other celebs including Danielle Lloyd and Helen Wood (who infamously slept with Wayne) waded into the verbal punch-up. You may admire Coleen for her investigative skills and patience as she waited months to “out” her frenemy. But did she mean to create QUITE such a bombshell? We’re sure she’d hate that trolls have attacked Rebekah – with one even wishing her unborn child dead. The WAGS seem to have everything, so why has it turned this toxic? Don’t miss our report on p6, which lifts the lid on the ugly…

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she sparksconcern over ‘collapsed’ pout

She’s remained tight-lipped about cosmetic surgery speculation in the past, claiming her facial features had changed following her pregnancy with son Bear, two. But Cheryl raised eyebrows with her appearance at the Attitude Awards last week, with many fans commenting on her uneven pout. Fans questioned her shock new look online, with one saying, “Her top lip has collapsed,” while another added, “She has ruined her face getting her lips done.” Surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe tells Closer that Cheryl’s wonky pout could be down to Botox, saying, “I believe Cheryl has had fillers in her lips, but in my opinion she may possibly have had Botox injected to soften the perioral wrinkles – the lines that occur around the mouth and lips. Unfortunately, it can affect the facial muscle located close to the mouth…

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cheryl fears nadine will expose split secrets

They’ve made no attempt to hide the fact they’ve been feuding for years, with Nadine Coyle confirming once again last month that she hasn’t kept in touch with any of her former bandmates – despite spending a decade together as one of the UK’s most successful pop groups. And after it was announced last week that the ex-Girls Aloud singer, 34, is heading into the jungle for the latest series of I’m A Celeb! , insiders say Cheryl, 36, is nervous over what her former bandmate might divulge. A source says, “Cheryl’s a bit shaken by the news because Nadine has always been brutally honest about her experiences with the band. With Nadine, what you see is what you get, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for Cheryl. She can’t help…

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the simmering feuds and rivalry behind coleen & rebekah’s shock row

• Former WAG Lizzie Cundy reveals ‘paranoia and jealousy’ led suspicious Coleen Rooney to become ‘Wagatha Christie’ • Footballers’ power struggles cause toxic atmosphere among the WAGs • ‘Obsession’ with fame, money and power leads to tension and trust issues A sensational “war of the WAGs” erupted last week when Coleen Rooney dramatically pointed the finger at Rebekah Vardy amid allegations of someone betraying her by selling stories to the press. Her Twitter post – which detailed how she had investigated her suspicions by muting all of her private Instagram followers except Rebekah’s account – went viral, creating headlines around the world and leading her to be dubbed “Wagatha Christie” in reference to the crime writer famed for her detective plot lines. Heavily-pregnant Rebekah, who was on holiday in Dubai with footballer hubby Jamie at…

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rebekah: ‘the wag world is so fake’

‘I thought everyone was out to get me’ In the wake of the story-leaking scandal, as Rebekah Vardy faced a backlash over her spat with Coleen Rooney, the mum of four slammed sick trolls who wished her unborn baby would die. Taking to Instagram last week, as the feud gathered pace, Rebekah – who is seven months pregnant – shared vile messages sent to her by cruel followers, targeting her appearance and her unborn baby. ONLINE TROLLS The first horrific message shared by the star, saw a troll write, “F** k u dirty sly c** t I hope that baby dies within you B*** H.” Another, from a fellow mum, read, ‘Transvestite looking thing that you are. As if anybody believe your bulls** t story. I’m glad you got exposed and tatted out by Coleen…

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pals warn jordan: ‘stop turning your exes into enemies’

She’s been brutally honest in the past about her deep-rooted fears of ending up alone, admitting she always keeps a man on “the back-burner” in case her current relationship breaks down. But it’s been reported that Jordan’s latest bitter ex – toyboy Charles Drury – has been approached to appear in the next series of Love Island, with speculation he could go public with secrets of her chaotic life. And insiders say pals have urged her to stop treating men badly and creating enemies. Jordan – real name Katie Price – had only begun her relationship with Charles, 22, last month, after shockingly dumping fiancé Kris Boyson. ‘GLORIFIED HOUSEKEEPER’ Builder Charles, who supposedly ended their short-lived fling after Jordan was spotted at Kris’s house recently, hinted at their split last week in an Instagram…