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October 28, 2019

Closer Weekly reports the latest news about a generation of celebrities who deserve to be called "stars"- from Dolly Parton and Doris Day to Michael Douglas and Paul McCartney. Along with health tips, decorating advice and delicious recipies, each issue is packed with features that you won't get in any other magazine.

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news now

ERIN ANDREWS Shares Tips for a Happier Marriage “It’s really about enjoying your time together.”— Erin She’s incredibly busy, but when Dancing With the Stars’ Erin Andrews heads home to hubby Jarret Stoll, she tries to give him her full attention. “We don’t get a lot of time together, so you have to be present,” Erin, who is also a sideline reporter for Fox NFL, tells Closer. “That was in our vows. I promised that when we’re having dinner I won’t be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, any of that. When I had time off last weekend, it was like, ‘Let’s enjoy this. Let’s take the dog for a walk!’ ” When she’s not home or trading quips with her DWTS co-host Tom Bergeron (“He has such a witty sense of humor, but he’s also…

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hellos & goodbyes

● BABY BOOM Dawson’s pack! On Oct. 7, actor James Van Deer Beek, 42, revealed on Dancing With the Stars that he and his wife, Kimberly, await their sixth child, as they shared the results of her first ultrasound. “Hearing the heartbeat was something we never take for granted,” shared James. Meanwhile, The Office’s Ellie Kemper, 39, announced via Instagram the arrival a month ago of her second child, Matthew, and joked he had inherited his “mom’s desire to be carried around all day in a baby sling. He’s a good boy.” ● GENTLEMAN CALLERS Have a ball. As part of the auction A Southern Gentleman’s Collection: The Personal Property of Goodman Basil Espy III, M.D., Julien’s Auctions will be putting up for bid on Nov. 14 a cache of memorabilia from an…

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picture perfect

LAURA DERN Makes Waves At 52, the Big Little Lies star is busier — and happier — than ever. “I’m having the time of my life,” Laura gushed at the New York Film Festival premiere of her latest movie Marriage Story on Oct. 4. “I’m having fun!” BINDI & ROBERT IRWIN Birds of a Feather On the Oct. 7 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, siblings Bindi and Robert introduced Kelly to their fine-feathered (but noisy!) friend. “This is our alarm clock every morning, kind of like a rooster,” Robert revealed. KERRY WASHINGTON, TYLER PERRY & IDRIS ELBA Star Time “Nobody is more deserving of this star than you, Tyler Perry,” Kerry shared at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony on Oct. 1 in LA. “Thank you for shining so brightly, for guiding our paths and for creating…

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johnny cash his amazing untold story

After young Johnny Cash’s voice broke into a booming basso profundo, “My mother said, ‘God has his hand on you — don’t ever forget the gift,’” he recalled. “That was the first time she ever called it that. Singing and writing for my voice — that was the gift.” A new documentary, The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash, allows the country-music pioneer to tell his story in his own voice for the first time. “We uncovered 60 hours of audio recordings of Johnny sharing the intimate details of his journey,” director Thom Zimny tells Closer. The tapes were made in the ’90s when Johnny was writing his autobiography. In the film, Johnny recounts his rough childhood in Arkansas as one of seven kids of a cotton farmer. “I remember he was…

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he walked the line

“My dad caused so much chaos in my family,” says Rosanne, with her father, mother Vivian, and sister Kathy (above) in 1957. “He was absolutely tortured, and he wanted to redeem himself.” “Johnny needed June in every way,” says friend Loretta Lynn of the couple (in 1971). “She brought happiness to him because she was a jolly person. He loved June for who she was.” “When I was born, Dad was at a prime, physically and emotionally, and connected with his family,” says son John Carter Cash, at 6 years old with his father in 1976. “Something sadly my sisters didn’t experience in their early life.”…

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the bette davis only i knew

Kathryn Sermak was only 22 when she was hired to be Bette Davis’ personal assistant in 1979. She spent the next decade working for the screen icon and became as close to her as any family member. Now, 30 years after the star’s death at 81 in 1989, Sermak is opening up about the unforgettable life lessons she learned from Bette. “She was so honest and extremely fair,” Sermak, author of Miss D & Me: Life With the Invincible Bette Davis, tells Closer of the famously outspoken actress. “She used to say it might have been easier for her if she had sugarcoated things, because back then a lot of people did that, but she didn’t.” Despite her infamous clashes with Joan Crawford on the set of 1962’s Whatever Happened to Baby…