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Closer Issue 839

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kerry’s transformation

Kerry Katona was once notorious for her chaotic lifestyle blighted by a string of disastrous marriages and drug, weight and mental health problems. Then around 18 months ago, it seemed as though a switch flicked and she took control of her life, throwing herself into exercise with impressive results. Chatting to her this week, it’s obvious the change has been far more than skin-deep. She reveals that while she once used to blame her exes for many of her past troubles, she’s learned forgiveness, explaining, “You have to get to a point in your life where you accept responsibility for your own actions, or else you can become a very bitter and twisted person.” Kerry has been looking amazing for some time, but it’s her inner transformation that is truly…

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cheryl: ‘i need to protect bear’

❛SHE WAS CALLED A COUGAR – BUT NO ONE’S INSULTING NAOMI. IT’S HUMILIATING❜ Reports of Liam Payne’s romance with Naomi Campbell have reached fever pitch, with claims the couple have been secretly dating for two months, that the singer was “head over heels” and that their “intimate time together has been mind-blowing”. Just days after the reports, fresh claims surfaced that Liam, 25, had “bedded” former Love Island star Amber Davies late last year before spending new year with supermodel Naomi, 48, in Ghana. Pals suggested Amber, 22, and Liam are still in touch. BIG AGE GAP The sex revelations – along with Liam and Naomi’s 23-year age gap – have raised eyebrows and pals say no one is more shocked than Liam’s ex, Cheryl, 35 – mum to his 23-month-old son Bear, who…

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can roxanne ever move on from ‘punchgate’?

❛WHAT SHE DID TO RYAN WAS WRONG – BUT EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE❜ It’s been five months since Roxanne Pallett was caught up in one of the biggest scandals in Big Brother history, dramatically exiting the house after falsely accusing housemate Ryan Thomas of “assaulting” her – something she later admitted was false. After going to ground, the disgraced Emmerdale actress, 35, last week broke her silence in a tell-all interview – insisting she had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, lost her hair through stress and wanted to kill herself after the controversy engulfed her. She explained, “I’ve lost my career, my radio jobs, my life as I knew it, everything. I’ve only got my mum, my auntie and two friends now who I trust implicitly. I’m grateful for those people but…

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former cbb co-star ben: ‘she was a lost soul – but i’m here for her’

He formed such a close bond with Roxanne during their time in the house that the mother of his child ended their romance – believing their friendship was a sign of something more. And despite admitting his upset when he discovered that Roxanne had exaggerated her claims against Ryan to him, Married At First Sight star Ben Jardine thinks she deserves a second chance. The 37-year-old says, “Me and Roxie had a special bond. We got on well and she would always come to me for support. She opened up to me about horrible things that had happened to her in her past, like domestic violence. That’s something my grandma had been through so I related and was sympathetic. “When I left the house and watched the footage of her and Ryan, I…

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nicola: ‘rox needs to stay away from the spotlight’

GLAMOUR MODEL NICOLA MCLEAN, 37 – who worked with Roxanne on Total Wipeout in 2011 – says, “I liked Roxanne when I worked with her and we got on well. But I was really angered by her treatment of Ryan and I don’t think she deserves a comeback in the spotlight. I also don’t think she should endure abuse for the rest of her life – and of course she’s entitled to move on – but she should do so away from the spotlight. I personally think Roxanne accused Ryan of assault for ratings and I would respect her more if she admitted that, rather than playing what I believe to be a ‘victim’ role. But that’s just my opinion.”…

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vanessa: ‘it’s not that easy to forgive and forget’

RADIO PRESENTER VANESSA FELTZ, 56, tells Closer, “My biggest issue with the ‘punchgate’ scandal is that it wasn’t just detrimental to Roxanne. It caused huge suffering for Ryan, too. It could have been career-ending for him. I met his mum while he was in the house, and she was in pieces. I met his brothers and they were grief-stricken. Does Roxanne deserve to move on with her life eventually and find happiness at some point? Of course she does. But do I think it’s easy for not only the public – but those affected directly by the scandal with Ryan – to forgive and forget? Not at all.”…