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Closer Issue 840

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coleen’s tough decision

Many years ago when Wayne Rooney was the new wonderkid of football, Coleen was Closer’s columnist. She’d been thrust into the limelight while barely out of school, but her head wasn’t turned. What shone through in our weekly chats was how much she loved Wayne, her family and her cherished group of girlfriends. They were everything. Roll on more than a decade and Wayne has repeatedly let her down – most recently going on a 10-hour bender and getting “cosy” with a barmaid. Their “fresh start” in the US means Coleen now lives thousands of miles away from her support network, and she’s said to be torn over their marriage. We’re sure she’ll always prioritise her sons’ happiness, but at what expense? On page 7, we ask two footballers’ wives…

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coleen’s scared about life without wayne

She was left furious in December when husband Wayne Rooney was arrested at a US airport for swearing and public intoxication. And insiders say Coleen Rooney has been pushed to breaking point after the footballer made headlines again last week following a 10-hour boozy bender with his teammates in Florida. He was allegedly seen engaging in a “cosy” chat with barmaid Vicki Rosiek, 32, during his night out, before they drove off in her car to another bar. Wayne was reported to have knocked back shots until 2.30am, after being spotted using a cash machine outside a bar while Coleen was at their new home in Washington DC with their four sons, Kai, nine, Klay, five, Kit, three, and one-year-old Cass. Days later, Coleen was spotted with four Valentine’s Day balloons –…

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what should coleen do next?

LIZZIE: ‘It’s braver to stay’ Lizzie Cundy, 50, mum to two grown-up sons, split from her footballer husband Jason in 2010 after 16 years amid cheating claims. She says, “I know Coleen, and I get on well with her, but I feel Wayne is a bit of a child. A big problem with footballers is they are encouraged by clubs to settle down young as they believe that will keep them out of trouble – but often the footballers rebel after feeling they’ve missed out on their youth. “Sadly, Wayne is acting up far too often now – and something has to change. I’m sure Coleen is doing everything she can to shield their boys [Kai, nine, Klay, five, Kit, three, and Cass, one] from the recent headlines, but if this behaviour carries…

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‘a child with kris will help fix things’

She flew to Spain last week alongside her terminally ill mum, Amy, to film emotional scenes for her reality show My Crazy Life, in what could be their last holiday together. And as they were joined by 40-year-old Jordan’s on/off boyfriend Kris Boyson – who recently said marriage and kids with the former glamour model, also known as Katie Price, were “100% on the cards” – pals say she’s dropped the bombshell she’s started trying for another baby. A source says, “It was an emotionally charged trip, but Katie always tries to make a joke in tense situations. She said she and Kris could use it as an opportunity for “baby making”, joking to pals that if they conceived, they’d call it Malaga! “She wants a summer wedding and is keen to…

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cheryl: ‘i won’t let liam’s romance overshadow mine’

‘SHE WANTS TO MAKE IT CLEAR SHE’S NOT A SAD SINGLETON PINING FOR HER EX’ He appeared keen to silence reports his shock romance with Naomi Campbell was already on the rocks when he went public with the supermodel at a star-studded BAFTA party last week. But while all eyes were firmly on 25-year-old Liam Payne and Naomi, 48, at the Vogue & Tiffany Fashion And Film bash, his ex Cheryl – mum of his 23-month-old son Bear – was making headlines of her own. CHEMISTRY Cheryl, 35, teased about rumours of chemistry between her and Hollywood actor Michael B Jordan, 32 – which were initially sparked when they appeared alongside each other on The Graham Norton Show in December. It was reported last week that when asked in an interview which star she’d…

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the naomi campbell files

She’s one of the world’s most successful supermodels, but Naomi Campbell has made headlines over the years for her eventful personal life and liaisons. Here, we look at why she’s so notorious… FIERY TEMPER Naomi’s been involved in a number of celeb spats. She’s had a long-term feud with Tyra Banks, who admitted she was “very scared of” Naomi in 2016, and Victoria Beckham hinted the pair didn’t get on, writing in her autobiography, “[Naomi]’s a lot better now, probably because she’s had anger management.” The pair reportedly made up last year. LEGAL DRAMAS She has also raised eyebrows for her court appearances, having been charged with assault on four occasions after employees, associates and the paparazzi accused her of attacking them. In 2006, she admitted an assault charge after throwing a mobile phone…