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Closer Issue 841

Combining the best celebrity news and gossip with compelling real-life stories, Closer gets close to the heart of the story and brings you the truth behind the headlines. Also includes: TV listings, puzzles, beauty and body advice, destiny and more! Perfect for a coffee-break read, or to download and enjoy on the move...

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extraordinary lives

There’s no doubt that the glamorous world of celebrity is fascinating, but stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things can be even more compelling. That’s why, this week, we’ve got a special treat in the form of a 14-page real-life special. We spoke to a woman who said “I du-vet” and married her bedding. And we talked to a courageous acid attack survivor, Adele Bellis, whose inspiring story of learning to trust and find love again is sure to move you, and we report on the women getting themselves into debt to pay for cosmetic surgery. Their stories – and more – start on page 26. Meanwhile, if you want to make a change to YOUR real life, why not try Dr Michael Mosley’s fantastic new 5:2 diet on page…

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jordan’s warned: ‘you’re putting harvey in danger’

Over the past few months, Jordan’s life has descended into chaos – with her drug-taking, wild partying and run-ins with the law making daily headlines, as she struggles to cope with her third divorce, her mum Amy’s terminal illness, and having two of her children move in with their dad. As Closer went to press, she was due to face her sixth court appearance in as many months – this time, on drink-driving charges. ‘ HER MISSION TO MAKE ONLINE ABUSE A CRIME HAS BLINKERED HER AT TIMES’ Amid the controversy and shocking headlines, however, Jordan – real name Katie Price – has had one major triumph. Her campaign to make online bullying – something her disabled son Harvey has been a victim of – a crime won the backing of MPs,…

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why does l aurenwant to settle fo r a bad boy?

‘SHE DOESN’T HAVE THE STRENGTH OR SELF-WORTH TO BELIEVE SHE CAN DO ANY BETTER’ She slammed jailbird ex Joey Morrison when she split from him last July, amid claims he’d been sexting other girls from prison – calling him a “wasteman” and a “piece of s t who makes me sick”. But Lauren Goodger shocked fans last week when she reunited with him on a night out, describing him as “family” in a string of Instagram snaps. Now, insiders say pals are shocked that 32-year-old Lauren – who deleted the photos hours later but continued to follow him on social media – could let Joey back into her life after such a fraught romance. A source tells us, “No one can believe Lauren would even be in the same room as Joey after how…

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‘she needs to work on her issues’

Psychological therapist Emma Kenny interviewed Lauren for Closer in 2013. She says, “When I met Lauren, I thought she had attachment issues stemming from her childhood [Lauren has claimed her mum rejected her when she was four years old and she went to live with her dad]. “She didn’t have much protection in her childhood, and that is what she craves. This means that she looks for blokes she thinks are ‘safe’ by going for loud, gregarious types. These men suggest they have the confidence to be her protector, but often cannot follow through. “Lauren was with Mark Wright for many years, a lad about town with a solid family unit that she was close to. She still goes for men who mirror his ‘wide boy’ persona – but who fail to…

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michelle: ‘having mark back puts me under pressure’

He insisted in December that he had no plans to quit his presenting gig with US show Extra but, last week, Mark Wright appeared to make a dramatic U-turn when he confirmed he had left the LA-based show and was returning home to Essex to be with his wife Michelle Keegan. The couple have had a long-distance romance since 2017 – when Mark, 32, jetted out to the States for his presenting role, while Michelle, 31, filmed around the world for eight months for Our Girl. But as Mark returns home, Michelle is due to fly to South Africa for four months in April to shoot a new series of the BBC drama. GUILTY And sources say the actress can’t help but feel guilty he’s given up his dream role and has told…

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cheryl’s u-turn: ‘i miss being with liam’

She seemed determined to move on from Liam Payne following their separation last June, publicly declaring in November that she “couldn’t give a f k” when the former One Direction star was linked to a string of other women. But insiders say Cheryl is now realising how much she misses having Liam – with whom she has 23-month-old son Bear – in her life. Meanwhile, Liam’s new romance with supermodel Naomi Campbell, 48, appears to be heating up, with the singer spotted leaving her New York apartment last week. The source says, “Cheryl really loved Liam as the father of her child, and although she feels the split was the right thing, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss him. She really enjoys it when they are together with Bear, as they feel…