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Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The most complete specialized magazine dedicated to fashion for children from age 4 to 14. The latest fashion shows from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. 2 issues per year. <br> <br> La rivista specializzata più completa dedicata alla moda per i bambini dai 4 ai 14 anni. Tutte le sfilate da Italia, Francia, Spagna e Germania. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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elisabetta franchi la mia bambina

There are times in the world of children’s fashion during which it is understood that one of its many wonders is the fact that even the biggest, the most elegant, the most famous names in grown-up fashion are recently realising more and more that it can be very rewarding to dive into the lighter world of children’s fashion. This is why such brands as Elisabetta Franchi have decided to dive into a new adventure by launching the elegant young girls collection called Elisabetta Franchi La Mia Bambina. The cuts, the elegance and the soft colour tones that are characteristic features of the brand DNA are all present in the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection for young girls together with some key elements of the brand like gold and contrast hems, but also…

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Welcome to Collezioni Bambini 60th issue. From the height of 30 years of experience in the world of kids’ fashion, we at Collezioni Bambini can state with absolute certainty that this is a moment in time with the greatest changes that we have ever witnessed within the children’s fashion system. It is precisely because of these changes that our sister publication Collezioni 0/3 Baby will no longer be published as an independent magazine but will be from now on part of Collezioni Bambini. We did spent many wonderful years with Collezioni 0/3 Baby, we told many stories and lived through beautiful emotions. Its niche contents were always attentive to all the news and all the new products and to everything that orbits around the world of the youngest children. As…

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black & white

It is true. Summer means colours, joy, fun and much more when the sun shines bright and nothing else matters. Black&white for all those children who have a summery disposition. White&black for all of those who know how to look colourful without having to show off in a neon T-shirt with almost optical looks that are fun and stylish at the same time. Green light for bicolour accessories and also to contrast games between the two non-colour colours. Combinations that are actually a timeless evergreen because you have to admit that one cannot go wrong with black&white as the results are always very stylish. Either super classic and elegant or easier and more street, the two colours are never boring and always perfect for any time of day. Albeit black&white,…

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Botany. Literally the discipline of biology that studies the life forms in the plant world. And the subject that typically, from the times of Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder, binds us irrevocably to flora, to gardens, to plants and to everything that we define as the “green world”. Just as gastronomy, black&white and turmeric, botany too is currently experiencing its moment of glory in fashion, in lifestyle in general and also in children’s design. The first tentative examples of foliage and flowers appear as wallpaper patterns proceeding then to bigger dimensions and specificities including extra large cactus and the typical spots of colour in the undergrowth of a forest or of a classic jungle. No shortage of enchanted gardens and floral themes, with tips from the orchard, that leave everyone…

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There are places where the willingness to get involved is constant, where people find themselves constantly in creative ferment and brainstorming. One of one such places is the GIMEL headquarters, a company that never tires of proposing new developments that are always the lifeblood for growth and improvement. This is why renowned collaborations and brand new developments can be found at GIMEL and this is perhaps the secret for a long and successful life and definitely a good reason to never give up and stay always on top. Staying close to the old, established and renowned travel companions and constantly looking for new ideas and challenges seems to be the starting point of the philosophy of GIMEL that, as it is well known to most, is often chosen as a…

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1 ▶ MINOIS PARIS - From France comes a natural range of products designed and dedicated to babies and children, made of carefully researched ingredients and with no substances considered dangerous or potentially harmful. Therefore, no parabens, silicones, sulphates and other such substances and instead everything that can nourish and heal children’s skins. Five daily care products, including a shower gel and a cream formulated for every day use, made of the best natural ingredients. Dalla Francia arriva una linea naturale dedicata a neonati e bambini. Una gamma di prodotti pensata per i più piccoli in cui le materie prime sono attentamente ricercate e le sostanze ritenute pericolose o potenzialmente nocive sono bandite. No quindi a parabeni, siliconi, solfati e altre sostanze per lasciare spazio a tutto ciò che può nutrire…