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Collezioni Bambini & 03 Baby Bambini Collezioni 58

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Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The most complete specialized magazine dedicated to fashion for children from age 4 to 14. The latest fashion shows from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. 2 issues per year. <br> <br> La rivista specializzata più completa dedicata alla moda per i bambini dai 4 ai 14 anni. Tutte le sfilate da Italia, Francia, Spagna e Germania. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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follie’s group

Since 2009 Follie’s Group has emerged as one of the most renowned chidrenswear companies in the licensing sector with a steady growth and escalating and exciting new developments. A young company with a high-level work team and a business strategy aimed at a constant and well structured evolution. The plans for the near future are oriented to a marketing and communication development strategy with the opening in December 2015 of a new showroom in Milan, near to the fashion district Quadrilatero della Moda, the launch of a new website and the acquisition of a new license for 2016. “The showroom will be the emblem of our core values, which led the group to be recognised and appreciated for its versatility, determination, competence”, says the general manager Michele Iovino. The Group…

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Widely renowned in the world of children’s fashion, GIMEL is a well-established and well structured company that has now been offering high quality collections for several seasons. It controls and manages directly the production and distribution of the FeFé brand and is worldwide production and distribution exclusive licensee of Alviero Martini 1 Classe Junior, Tagliatore Junior, Mimisol, Gaëlle Paris as well as partner of Young Versace. As such, the company is involved in every new development and establishes with all its customers a relationship of extreme trust and collaboration. This is its real secret. Brands such as Tagliatore Junior, Gaëlle Paris and Alviero Martini 1 Classe Junior find in GIMEL creativity and experience, the cornerstones necessary to make it to the top in children’s fashion. Tagliatore confides: “We have been working…

2 min.

Motoreta is a young, but already famous label that has been capable to spread worldwide its style originated in southern Spain but with an absolutely international flavour and momentum. The two designers Cristina López-Lago and Maria Llerena are able to combine professionalism, taste, production quality into a strong international push that has brought bring Motoreta to the biggest stores in the world. As a matter of fact, the label is now distributed in over 20 countries worldwide. Even if the Motoreta style is instantly recognisable, each collection is always new and full of surprises. The proposals for next Spring/Summer are as warm and sunny as ever. The inspiration comes from the sunny beaches in Cadiz and by the sounds and colours of a land full of life and warmth. As…

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Distributed all over the world, Fun & Fun has grown consistently and considerably over the years and is now a brand with a strong identity and a wide range of quality products for boys and girls of all ages, from newborn to junior. This Spring/Summer, the Fun & Fun girl can choose from games of geometric patterns, flared skirts, voluminous and comfortable modern three-quarter trousers, 3D mesh fabrics and high-tech materials. “Life is a huge canvas: pour on it all the colours that you can”, said Danny Kaye, the inspiration for the boys collection comprising of original casual garments with multicolour patterns like all-over polka dots, animals, flowers and stripes in a veritable colour explosion. This season Fun & Fun underlines even more its comfortable street soul with the recently…

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il gufo

The cool evening breeze caresses our face, the smell of freshly cut grass and of flowers that just bloomed springs back to mind, the sound of the sea guide us in carefree afternoons spent wandering. Summer is here. The feeling of lightness pervades our thoughts like the wind in our hair or a swim in a mountain lake. When thinking of fabrics, we immediately envisage fresh and light linen, when thinking colours matched to nature, neutral tones are the ones best suitable. All this and much more is in the Il Gufo Spring/Summer 2016 collection. A breath of fresh air on a summer afternoon, made of fine materials and elegant combinations. Shantung for special occasion and splashes of gold and silver amidst the embroideries. Typical summer colours like white and…

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colourful vibrations

Sparkling, colourful, bubbly and fun. A Spring/Summer season like that needs colour in such vibrant tones that they bring attention on the young adventurers discovering the world. All pastel shades are accentuated by a kind of sour vibrations. T-shirts, shirts and even jeans are available in much more vitamin shades. Everything looks brighter. A new alternative to the timeless candy colours that do not disappear completely but pop up here and there. White is the basic tone around which revolve a whole range of bright shades, stripes and patterns, almost like the reflection of the sun that makes everything look brighter. Let’s light up Spring/Summer 2016 with new summery colours and fill every day with colourful vibrations. Sfavillante, colorata, frizzante e divertente. In un’estate così non può mancare il colore, che…