Collezioni Bambini & 03 Baby

Collezioni Bambini & 03 Baby Bambini Collezioni 59

Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The most complete specialized magazine dedicated to fashion for children from age 4 to 14. The latest fashion shows from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. 2 issues per year. <br> <br> La rivista specializzata più completa dedicata alla moda per i bambini dai 4 ai 14 anni. Tutte le sfilate da Italia, Francia, Spagna e Germania. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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pop art

A little of pop, a little of art, and a lot of fun. Shake everything up with a modern flavor, and the result is an outfit that is absolutely suited for every occasion. For an afternoon with friends, without necessarily having to lapse into banality, for a day at school where you want to get noticed, or for an important occasion. That fun twist, often comical, can soothe everyone’s soul. A giant eye, a mustache, or simply an ensemble of colors in sharp contrast lend a sparkling almost psychedelic artistic touch, worthy of the greatest artists. Andy Warhol would be Un pò di Pop, un pò di Art e tantissimo divertimento, shakeriamo il tutto con un gusto moderno ed il risultato è un outfit adatto assolutamente ad ogni occasione. Per un…

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1. KARL LAGERFELD KID > The sassy Mademoiselle Choupette monopolizes the Karl Lagerfeld Kids Fall/Winter 2016-17 Collection. This kitty cat is present throughout the entire wardrobe, from 1 month to 16 years, with her endearing nose and small pointy ears, which design a silhouette that is elegantly feline and audacious in her desire to entertain. For the upcoming cold season, Choupette maneuvers among ski slopes or dance floors, always maintaining a sober style, perfectly poised between Rock and Chic. L’impertinente Mademoiselle Choupette monopolizza la collezione a/w 2016-17 di Karl Lagerfeld Kids. La micetta è presente in tutto il guardaroba che veste da 1 mese fino a 16 anni, con il suo musetto accattivante e con le piccole orecchie appuntite che disegnano una silouette elegantemente felina e impertinente nella sua voglia di…

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Although the difficulties of this period are full-blown both in Italy and internationally, GIMEL implements new strategies and innovates itself, in order to tackle the difficult times the sector is facing. A sector, however, in which the company is constantly confirming its leadership. Continuous investments sustained in terms of time, cost-efficiency, and human resources are the foundation for the ongoing growth of this thriving company, which succeeds in creating collections that are always top of the line, every season. Quality is another pivotal point for the company and one on which it develops each of its brands. This quality characteristic is structured over a full spectrum and involves choice of materials, stylistic decisions, and the implementation of its historical expertise. Through it all, the brands GIMEL produces are among the…

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MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento, will open its doors this summer, as well, and offer a panorama and a naturalistic, vegetable, animal, and technological excursus, so much so that you will feel as if you have entered a new dimension, where eras and cultures coexist and indissolubly fuse together. Housed within an architecture curated by Renzo Piano and which faithfully recalls the surrounding mountains, the MUSE proposes a new way of confronting the public, particularly children, with tools such as interactive games, firsthand experiments, and direct links between manual and intellectual know-how. The originality of this new Museum lies within the fact that it does not exactly correspond to a typical Natural Science Museum, but is presented as a meeting point between the culture of the local territory and…

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fun & fun she.ver

Gio.Fran.Baby was established in 2001 from an idea by Giovanni Catapano, who chose to develop a new business trend within a family tradition, which included the creation and distribution of new labels for children ranging from 0 to 16 years. The first is Fun&Fun, comprised of three lines: New Life, Girl, and Boy. Fun&Fun is characterized by a strong dynamic identity that made an immediate impression on both domestic and foreign markets. Soon to follow was SHE.VER, a total-look collection entirely dedicated to newborn, baby, and little girls. SHE.VER's trendy identity allows to adapt looks for any time of day and, its total look, which includes footwear and accessories, makes the choice of outfits simpler and even more enjoyable. For this upcoming winter, the two brands share a style according…

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aristocrat kids

in the charming capital of Latvia, Riga, a most beautiful fairy tale comes to life, that of a company: Aristocrat Kids. Thanks to its mastery, attention to detail, and great sense of style, it was able to cross national borders and become known worldwide. The brand's most distinctive feature is its ability to combine quality and comfort in a dreamy, aristocratic image, like a real fairy tale, where adventurer princesses play the leading role. Quality in the search for unique materials, often precious and rare, can be found in the finishings, such as special dyes or weaving with an antique feel Comfort is reflected in the choice of its styles, where elegance is soft and comfortable in long dresses that do not constrain movement. For this upcoming 2016-17 Fall/Winter, Aristocrat…