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Collezioni Bambini & 03 Baby Bambini Collezioni 64

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Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The most complete specialized magazine dedicated to fashion for children from age 4 to 14. The latest fashion shows from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. 2 issues per year. <br> <br> La rivista specializzata più completa dedicata alla moda per i bambini dai 4 ai 14 anni. Tutte le sfilate da Italia, Francia, Spagna e Germania. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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editor’s letter

What characterises the world of Luxury Childrenswear for Spring/ Summer 2019? Surely a more extensive attention to all that is respect of the environment and a greater control over matters related to ethics and sustainability when it comes to manufacturing. Luxury is no longer characterised only by the exclusivity or preciousness of materials and production techniques but it is now also and mainly about a careful supply chain that provides step by step the right awareness for professional ethics, respect for the environment, the use of non-toxic, recyclable and zero impact on the environment materials. The respect of the zero mile policy is also very much appreciated in order to guarantee the least possible use and waste of energy. It really seems that the era of indifference, made of unrestrained…

2 min.
a new brand from serbia

Macci Macci is a brand of Serbian origin founded in 2018 by Milica Buzoncic, a model from Novi Sad who, after the birth of her first daughter Bianka, decided to embark on a magnificent journey into the world of children’s fashion by creating her own line of garments. The name of the brand refers to her first born: as a matter of fact, Macci is the nickname of her daughter Bianka. Macci Macci presents itself as a luxury children’s fashion brand with a deep sensitivity towards ecology and respect for manufacturing. The collections are entirely made in Serbia, supporting local craftspeople and using valuable eco-sustainable materials. The Spring/Summer 2019 collection presented for the first time at the 88th edition of Pitti Bimbo is inspired by the world of music festivals,…

2 min.
great expectations for the kids range by philosophy

Great excitement and expectations for the imminent launch of the Spring/ Summer 2019 collection by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini Kids. Alberto Dalena from Gimel, the Italian company manufacturing and distributing the brand, confirms that the collection has been very well received by the top players in international children’s fashion as they find the young, fresh and beautiful style as something different and new within the contemporary kids’ fashion panorama. According to the designer Lorenzo Serafini, the world of kidswear is in full swing: the Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini Kids garments have therefore been created for a girl who likes to dress like her mother and who chooses clothes that she knows will be appreciated by her mom too. The designer, however, certainly does not forget that children are children and…

2 min.
the playful world of elisabetta franchi la mia bambina

Young girls share their vision of the world through the looks of the Spring/ Summer 2019 collection by Elisabetta Franchi La mia Bambina. Colours, prints, voluminous skirts as in the most beautiful of amusement parks where fantasy reigns supreme. The basic T-shirts and sweatshirts, for example, are enriched with sparkling prints of macaroons, stars, flowers, and sit alongside more elegant and elaborate garments with inserts, bows and voile details. Once again this season there is no shortage of references to the now iconic Mini Me trend with cocoon dresses and statement skirts shaped as those of a small doll. Obviously unmissable with the arrival of summer, the beachwear comprising of two-piece costumes, swimsuits, single shoulder pieces embellished with fun-filled and cheerful graphics and patterns. To keep in line with the…

2 min.
four’emki girly summer

The Polish brand Four’eMki creates collections dominated by a strong passion for beauty and for original design. The garments have simple lines and are well balanced with each other, but one can always find a touch of surprise and novelty that makes them unique in their own special way. And, as a matter of fact, the Spring-Summer 2019 collection once again fully reflects the brand’s identity and conveys a fresh and feminine idea of summer. An invitation to explore the world from the point of view of young girls and to find a lot of fun in fashion. Soft dresses with details like bows or prints, trousers, light jackets in soft colours and pastel tones can be mixed according to one’s personal taste and always give life to new looks.…

2 min.
infantium victoria reunites us with the earth

A return to the origins of humanity, to our bond with the earth, with nature and with plants: this was the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection by Infantium Victoria. Aptly called ‘Origins’, the new range celebrates our connection with the soil and the harvests obtained only through the simple interaction between land, sun, water and dedication and care whilst working the land. The garments become functional: dungarees with and without sleeves, comfortable t-shirts and for the youngest girls soft wide dresses with a trapezium shape. This season we find a new fabric with a plaid print in different shades of sky blue while elsewhere the palette ranges from bright green to typical black through shades of cream and of other tones of sky blue. The materials are soft and…