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Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> Designer collections from great creators on the catwalks of Paris and Rome. A complete overview of the finest, most exclusive fabrics, deluxe bridal wear and the most recherché accessories. 2 issues per year <br> Dalle passerelle di Parigi e Roma, le collezioni firmate dai grandi creatori di moda. Una panoramica completa sui tessuti più preziosi ed esclusivi, le spose di lusso e gli accessori più ricercati. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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3 min.
a talk about... forever

There is an air of the Orient in this new season. One that features the greatest collections in high fashion. Certain ideas borrowed from stunning gardens, where blooming cherry trees flaunt all their charm in a thousand and one shades of pastels. Petals are invented through sequins and crystals, pearls and bugle beads, gently creating new and unexpected flower beds on dresses as light as clouds. Delicate, praiseworthy embroideries are all handmade. With Japan, there is a limitless source of inspiration, especially in its kimonos and their incomparable patterns, regal in their revisited simplicity. Then, the legendary dragon and porcelain china prints as patterns or appliqués. Capes are exquisite and minute, replicating the ancient armor of the Samurai. An extravagance of inherent capabilities from the atelier. Traveling in ancient China,…

1 min.
robert doisneau

From December 17th, 2016 to May 1st, 2017 Forte di Bard hosts another great master of photography: Robert Doisneau. Through his portraits, Doisneau is defined the greatest artist of so-called “humanist photography” and, along with Cartier-Bresson, he is one of the founders of photojournalism, thanks to his extraordinary ability to depict reality in its everyday perspective. A large part of 20th Century Parisian iconography is the result of the images he created and that have become part of the imaginary collective, captivating all those that have admired them. Doisneau gives us a monumental fresco of both Paris and its people, immortalizing them in their most curious and contradictory aspects. Dal 17 dicembre 2016 al primo maggio 2017 il Forte di Bard ospita un altro grande maestro della fotografia: Robert Doisneau. Grazie…

5 min.
enchanting nature

Since its beginnings in 1780, the refined Maison Chaumet, then still known as Nitot, has privileged Mother Nature as its inspirational muse for its sublime jewels. The grand, courtly parures and the magnificent tiaras supplied by the Maison to all the main European courts and nobility were often characterized, as main beloved aesthetics, by sinuous interwoven branches, willowy lanceolate leaves and by delicate flowers. The Malmaison’s gardens, so dear to the Empress Josephine because of their relaxed atmospheres, just like a perfect Arcadia, and then those more rustic and blooming favoured by Empress Marie-Louise, were often at the base of Chaumet’s most beautiful naturalistic creations. Now, with its new collection La Nature de Chaumet, recently presented in Paris in the wonderful historic salons of the Maison specifically decorated to resemble a mysterious and…

9 min.
paul vasileff. 26 years old with a passion for haute couture and a secret wish

You’re a very young couturier. Do you feel pressure because of your young age? Although I am young I have been doing this for my whole life. I never feel pressure because of my age. No after how old you are, couture is something that’s in your blood. I’ve been making evening gowns by hand since I was eleven years old so I know what it means to be the pattern maker, cutter and tailor because I have done those jobs my whole life. Even now, when we have a lot of work to do, I sit and help sew or pattern make in the atelier. This is especially true when we are preparing for a collection! We still use quite a lot of traditional tailoring techniques, which I feel are very…

3 min.
once upon a time

An emblematic title: Coco Avant Chanel, for the new High Jewelry Collection by the Maison, taken from the film on Gabrielle’s life. Milliner, seamstress, designer? Impossible to define. Any attribute would be too confining. Before becoming a business woman and a success, she was simply Coco, that petite girl who, in the café chantant in Moulins, was seeking a viable future. From the legendary life of this indomitable creature, the Maison every so often recovers suggestive ideas: the result of rigorous research, and just as many points of reference. On this occasion, the jewels take on the names of women who were very important to Mademoiselle. Friends who helped her grow, define her own style, and enter a complicated world that did not pertain to her. Women like her, ready…

1 min.
modern cinderella

The protagonist of a modern day fairy tale. Citizen of the world and metropolitan warrior. She does not wear a romantic glass slipper, but this magnificent creation designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Yves Saint Laurent. A black patent leather pump, highly feminine, daring as only a woman with an Yves Saint Laurent attitude can be. Its distinguishing mark? The 11cm Opym heel in the shape of the YSL logo created by the celebrated Adolphe Jean Marie Mouron: known under the pseudonym, Cassandre, in 1961. The unique symbol of the maison, which joins the three initials of its founder with exceptional harmony - keenly expressed - becomes the star of the shoe. La protagonista di una favola moderna, cittadina del mondo e guerriera metropolitana, non indossa la romantica scarpetta di cristallo, ma…