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Collezioni Haute Couture 166

Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> Designer collections from great creators on the catwalks of Paris and Rome. A complete overview of the finest, most exclusive fabrics, deluxe bridal wear and the most recherché accessories. 2 issues per year <br> Dalle passerelle di Parigi e Roma, le collezioni firmate dai grandi creatori di moda. Una panoramica completa sui tessuti più preziosi ed esclusivi, le spose di lusso e gli accessori più ricercati. 2 edizioni l’anno.

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3 min.
mysterious women, seductresses

Seduction, allure, enchantment, fascination, attraction. Mystery, enigma, arcane, fleeting, secret. Words that evoke magic and rhyme with the female universe. True seductresses are not just attractive women for their Marilyn-like physicality, but they are those surrounded by a mysterious aura, a powerful weapon of seduction. Unbeatable. The American Wallis Simpson, with her two failed marriages, seduced Englishman Edward Windsor, Prince of Wales, who preferred her to the throne. Elegant, slim, no longer young, an important client of great couturiers of the time, from Dior and on. A fan of high jewelry, generously given to her by the Duke, and her dresses were haute couture, of course. Philip Roth, who knows about seduction, states, “When you’ve been seduced by something, it’s nice not to think too much of it and sink…

5 min.
the legend continues

Did the shy, placid young man, who arrived in Paris from the provinces, think that one day he would be one of the most important fashion creators? Maybe yes. Maybe not. But, as it is, sometimes destiny can be surprising. Christian Dior started late in fashion: his first real job as dress designer was at Piguet when he already was over thirty years old, when he sketched clothes with his signature light, gentle stroke. During the war he worked at Lelong and then at Balmain. Finally Paris offered him the magic opportunity, the one all creatives, but not only, dream of and wait for years, often in vain: meeting a major financier. Marcel Boussac, a textile entrepreneur, believed in Dior and invested in him heavily. One of the most incredible…

5 min.
nel blu dipinto di blu

“Il est admis que la vérité d’un homme c’est d’abord ce qu’il cache” - A man’s first truth is what he hides - wrote André Malraux in his “Antimemoires”. There has never been a more suitable phrase chosen to open a work on Gabrielle Chanel. Edmonde Charles-Roux, author of “L’irregulière”, knew her well. Having become a legend, Coco continues to be a source of extraordinary inspiration for the Maison. Thus, a great love re-emerges or, at least, how much of this we are allowed to discover. Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster, a.k.a. Benny or Bendor, the richest man in England, became Chanel’s lover in 1924. Coco, who would be a mademoiselle forever, was just over forty at the time. The encounter took place on the Cote d’Azur,…

3 min.
iris van herpen for swarovski

Swarovski has always been an extremely important partner for all the fashion designers who are looking for elegant and refined accessories for their creations. Swarovski’s commitment in haute couture is proved by the numerous partnerships with some of the most influential designers at international level, such as Chris Bangle, Jean Paul Gaultier and Céline Cousteau. Swarovski chose Iris Van Herpen, who celebrates the 10th anniversary of her atelier, for their new designer edition, which was unveiled at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. After her runway show ‘Aeriform’ at Cirque d’Hiver, the Dutch designer showcased the entire collection at the after party at Hôtel d’Évreux the very same night. In ‘Aeriform’ Van Herpen explored the relationship between body and elements, in particular air and water. She stated: “Air and water are…

4 min.
le secret by van cleef & arpels

A long awaited collection, extraordinary, already part of the history of Haute Joaillerie. Showcased in the rooms of the goldsmith school of the Maison, “Le Secret” by Van Cleef & Arpels was first imagined five years ago and then translated into seventy creations that soon will become more than a hundred. An important commitment as all jewels were made in the Maison atelier in the heart of Paris, where extremely skilful hands created the impossible. Every jewel hides a secret that is waiting to be discovered. And every time is an amazing surprise. Aesthetics, technical skills and the choice of precious stones blend into something that is indeed magical as a know-how of the utmost excellence is palpable in the air. Transformable jewels have always been part of Van Cleef…

2 min.
to paris with love

The Salon César at the Ritz, one of the most prestigious hotels in Paris, houses the high jewellery collection created and signed by Nirav Modi, who holds a deep knowledge of precious gemstones, collected over time, and is also a collector of art. The showcases of jewels in succession create a highly evocative course to follow: from bracelets with complex mechanisms resembling elastics, to the most spectacular piece of all - a necklace with extraordinary pigeon blood rubies - passing through other creations: a euphoria of emeralds and diamonds. Born and raised in Antwerp from a family of Indian origin dedicated to the diamond trade, Modi brings a new vision to jewels as compared to the tradition of his country. Firstly, the lightness of the designs, so necklaces resemble supple…