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Conde Nast Traveller India December 2018 - January 2019

Travel faces its biggest-ever challenge in these times and this issue of Conde Nast Traveller highlights all the things that unite us ‘Under one Sky’. Also, in store is a series of love letters to the travel industry penned by the biggest names in the business, striking photo essays by top photographers and a tribute to all those who form an integral part of the travel ecosystem.

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“HOW HAS TRAVEL CHANGED YOU?” CROOKES & JACKSON Who: Photographers, An Odissi Odyssey, p232 A: “Travel has taught us to love change. A shift in routine, a visual shock, a cultural journey, a new friendship—when you travel, you never quite know what is going to happen and there is something addictive about it. We let serendipity lead us into new images and so often, it is those unchoreographed encounters that make for astounding pictures.” @CrookesAndJackson KANISHK THAROOR Who: Writer; Adrift in Iceland, p148 A: “I grew up almost entirely outside my native country, so I often think of travel as its opposite, a kind of homecoming. This sense has only expanded with time. I don’t feel estranged in a new place. I feel at home on the road.” @kanishktharoor SAUMYA ANCHERI Who: CNT features editor, writer; A river…

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the people behind the cover

“HOW HAS TRAVEL CHANGED YOU?” ANDERS OVERGAARD Who: Photographer A: “It’s made me more open-minded about the world. The world is definitely smaller when you travel a lot. I have always been happily surprised to get to connect with the local culture.” @andersovergaardphotography ROMINA MANENTI Who: Hairstylist A: “I was born in a small village in Italy, so I chose a career that would take me all over the world. It’s been over 20 years and every time I travel, I see things a little differently. That is how my creativity constantly evolves.” @rominahair CHAN CLAGGETT Who: Producer A: “I can research a destination in advance, but a book or article can only begin to give insight; even a well-written article can only conjure your own interpretations. What’s even more fascinating is there’s always the unexpected, something I…

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50 things i’ve learnt about travel in eight years as the editor of condé nast traveller

01 The world has an uncanny way of throwing you into the right destination at the perfect time, even when you think you’re in the wrong frame of mind for it. Trust it. 02 It matters who you travel with. 03 That urge you have to keep something amazing you’ve discovered a secret from everyone else? Resist it. Share all you know. Always. Great things deserve to be celebrated. (And if you don’t spread the word, it might not survive.) 04 10 Take it all in. Sample the native cuisine wherever you are. Try and appreciate it. If you still hate it, go ahead and add Tabasco. 05 Always carry Tabasco, insect repellent, Panadol, Allegra, an adaptor and music you can play without wi-fi. 06 Don’t do it just for the ’gram. 07 Use travel apps…

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a lifestyle of luxury

One of the world’s finest lifestyle hotels, Andaz Delhi offers a haven amidst the bustle of the city. Not restricted by space, the property features spacious rooms and cutting-edge dining opportunities, interspersed with local elements that will give you the chance to live like a local, in the lap of luxury. LIVE LIKE A LOCAL Andaz Delhi is renowned for showcasing the key features of the city beautifully through the hotel’s design. The corridors, restaurants and rooms here simply come alive with modern art. All the 401 rooms and suites greet guests with a book titled ‘401 Reasons to Fall in Love With Delhi’, that celebrates the local culture. In keeping with the promise of leaving you feeling like a local, Andaz Delhi gives you the chance to be escorted to various cultural…

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at home in the world

Tell us about your time here in Washington, DC I’ve been here during my World Tour performances but never stayed on. This is the first time that I have stayed for a couple of days. I have family here, and they say the best time to visit is in April, for the cherry blossoms. I can imagine how beautiful it would look—but now that I’ve seen the gorgeous waterfront and the monuments—I can only imagine how stunning it would be in full bloom. Washington, DC is this unique mix of a buzzing urban city with an overwhelming sense of history and power. It reminds me of our own capital, New Delhi. So how have you spent your time in DC? Aside from catching up with my cousins, I didn’t want to…

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readers’ travel awards 2018

READERS’ TRAVEL AWARDS 2018 DESTINATIONS FAVOURITE EMERGING INDIAN DESTINATIONS We’d like to believe that it was our special issue in June this year that put Jammu & Kashmir back on your radar. You’re also keen to visit Gujarat (lions, salt flats—who can blame you?) and Kodagu for its stunning vistas of green. Finally, new hotels in the Andamans and a new airport in Sikkim ensure their presence on your bucket list. #travelinspo Jammu & Kashmir 93.98 Gujarat 92.29 Andamans 90.50 Sikkim 88.98 Kodagu 87.27 FAVOURITE INDIAN LEISURE DESTINATIONS Goa is still your go-to vacay spot in the country, but you do also love the backwaters and ayurvedic massages of Kerala. And while Udaipur and Jaipur offer charms aplenty, the powder-kissed slopes of Gulmarg are also on your mind. Goa 94.13 Kerala 92.93 Udaipur 91.37 Jaipur 89.44 Gulmarg 88.38 FAVOURITE INDIAN CITIES Food and history make New…