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Conde Nast Traveller India April - May 2019

Travel faces its biggest-ever challenge in these times and this issue of Conde Nast Traveller highlights all the things that unite us ‘Under one Sky’. Also, in store is a series of love letters to the travel industry penned by the biggest names in the business, striking photo essays by top photographers and a tribute to all those who form an integral part of the travel ecosystem.

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WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS? SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE Who: Stylist, Cover A: “I will be travelling to Seville for a special project and I will be taking a working holiday in New York.” @sabyasachiofficial ARATI MENON Who: Writer; What’s new in New York, p124 A: “Summers in New York always assume a giddy pace. But when the clammy crush of it gets too much, I find myself an escape route. This summer I head north to old favourite, Elk Lake Lodge, set in 12,000 acres of privately owned land in the Adirondacks. It offers a wilderness experience that’s getting rarer and rarer in modern life.” @aratimenon CHANDRAHAS CHOUDHURY Who: Writer; The taste of happiness, p156 A: “To divide my time between the foothills of the Himalayas and the Eastern Ghats, read, write and walk.” @hashestweets ERRIKOS ANDREOU Who: Photographer;…

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editor’s letter

have bad tiger mojo. There’s no other way to explain it. On my very first safari, years ago in Africa, I saw the Big Five in less than an hour. On my most recent visit, our plane had to abandon touchdown a couple of times because we had first elephants, then zebras, on the runway. In South Africa, a giraffe drank water out of my villa’s private plunge pool as I lounged on a deck chair. In Tanzania, I watched two kills happen simultaneously, four feet from each other, as a flurry of white butterflies descended over our jeep. Even when I visited Guwahati for less than 24 hours, and woke up at 4am to go in search of the white rhino, I found half a dozen of them and…

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ruchir sharma

Your new book covers 20 years of travelling across India during elections. Why and how did you start doing these trips? As a kid, I spent holidays in my mother’s ancestral home of Bijnor in UP, and that’s where my love for politics began. These trips are my excuse to go back to the hinterland. I’ve done at least one election trip a year since 1998, sometimes more. The first time, I got together five friends, hired a Volvo bus and was like, “Let’s go out and do a research trip.” By the second trip, we were 10 people. Since 2003, it’s been 25 people, and on any given trip, 20 come, including journalists and psephologists like Radhika and Prannoy Roy, Dorab Sopariwala, Henny Sender and Swati Mitra. What’s a typical…

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q&a in conversation with manushi chhillar

You just shot for the cover with Sabyasachi—what was that like? This was my first time in Seychelles. I am always up for the beach and I am happiest under the sun—beaches over mountains any day. We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, and what I loved about the place was that wherever we looked, we could see nothing but the sea. It’s the best feeling—to be cut off from the world, especially when you live such a busy life. And Sabyasachi has always been very special for me. Like so many Indian girls, I have fantasised about getting married wearing one of his creations, and this shoot was like a trial for my dream wedding. Also, he is such a perfectionist; every time I work…

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made 51

Working with refugees from 11 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Made 51 brings their skilled craftsmanship to a global audience. Think gorgeous lightshades designed by Malian Tuareg refugees living in camps in Burkina Faso; ornate jewellery made by displaced peoples from Syria, Myanmar; and throws and pillows by Afghans. Run in association with the UNICEF, Made 51 combines beautiful design with the valuable cause of helping refugees gain financial independence. ( DON'T BE A BOZO After seeing a man throwing up on a sleeping fellow passenger on the subway, NYC resident and film producer Nicolas Heller and illustrator Naomi Utsu, created a fun subway etiquette comic. Heller hands these out whenever he sees people acting poorly. It is one of those things you want and don’t want at the…

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huawei not going diving?

These are the hottest new museum you have to visit. Start at the KGB Espionage Museum ( in Chelsea, NYC. It is like stepping inside a John LeCarré novel. Shoe phones, cameras built into cigarette boxes (pictured), guns fitted to the stem of an umbrella, voice recorders and cipher devices for encrypting messages - the 3,500 exhibits showcase gadgets issued to agents of the former USSR to gather secrets on overseas missions as well as to keep an eye on citizens at home. Next, stop by the Middle East’s latest museum, the National Museum of Qatar ( in Doha. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, the building looks futuristic, but one of the highlights it houses is the restored Historic Palace where the ruling family used to live. Bring it home…