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Cottages and Bungalows

December 2020 - January 2021

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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a great romance

Sometimes homes have a way of reigniting an old flame. Sara McDaniel returned to her hometown in Minden, Louisiana, and she rediscovered her lifelong passion in a crumbling-down house. Her love for antique homes started when she was 10 years old while on a class field trip to Jefferson, Texas, a delightful city filled with historic homes. The winsome mid-nineteenth-century homes left a young Sara feeling perfectly enchanted. “I’ve been in love with old houses for as long as I can remember,” she says. “Yet, I’ve never been blessed to own one. Because life has handed me unexpected opportunities and circumstances, I felt in my bones it was time to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning an old home. So, I set out to find the perfect house.” MAKING A WISHLIST Sara had…

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stress-free holiday styling

• PLAN AHEAD. Start thinking about your décor a few months ahead. You don’t need to decorate until you are ready, but thinking about it well in advance and planning it out can help a lot. • GET YOUR CHRISTMAS DÉCOR OUT A COUPLE OF WEEKS BEFORE YOU PLAN TO DECORATE. This way, you can go through your items, see what you feel like using this year, and assess what you may need to purchase so that you have it all on hand when you begin decorating. • GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO DECORATE. When you’re not pressed for time, Christmas decorating will be enjoyable rather than a stressful chore. Don’t try to get it all done in a day. Molly likes to start early so that she can take her…

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diy window wonderland

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Vintage window • Cardboard • Scissors or an X-Acto Knife • Hot glue gun and glue sticks • Elmer’s glue • Figurines • Batting • White chalkboard paint pen • Twine • Bottlebrush trees • Ribbon • Thumbtacks • Glitter (optional) WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Cut your cardboard into approx. 3” x 6” pieces (depending on your window size) for the foundation of the floating shelves. You’ll need nine cut pieces total. 2. Hot glue them together in groups of three so you have three separate thick platforms. Then, hot glue your ribbon around the border to create a clean edge. 3. Use your scissors or X-Acto Knife to poke two holes in the two back corners of the platform (this will help you hang the platforms later). 4. Hot glue your figurines (in Desirée’s case, her reindeer and bottlebrush trees) onto each platform…

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star of the show

Attract Attention “Finding great lighting is like a great outfit,” says Diana Roshell-Brooks, Golden Lighting marketing manager. “The most important thing is layering.” According to Diana, you don’t want to rely on one light fixture to light up a space—you can add in recessed lighting for general lighting and other wall sconces to fill in shadows. Also, you can accent your space by setting a statement light fixture right above key furniture pieces in the room you want to highlight. Winning Combination Be sure to blend not only the style of your light fixture with the rest of your decor, but also keep the light temperature the same (warm or cool) for all of your lighting so that everything will coordinate. In the Spotlight Let your statement light fixture shine by using dimmer controls. By…

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irresistibly festive good and

“Christmas baking is all about sharing love and —it’s filled with tradition and comfort.”-Laura Klynstra Fond memories can easily be sparked by the aromas wafting from a warm kitchen at Christmastime. Who doesn’t have a favorite treat or bread from Grandma or Mom that brings comfort and joy every year? Peanut Butter Caramel Bars A decadent combination of favorite flavors, these bars will be a top choice for those who love rich treats. Warm a bar and top with ice cream for a decadent dessert. Makes 24 Prep time: 20 minutes Bake time: 35-40 minutes Difficulty: Medium BARS 1 cup creamy peanut butter1 cup unsalted butter, softened1 cup sugar1 ½ cups light brown sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract3 eggs, room temperature22/3 cups flour1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon salt1 cup old fashioned oats2 cups dark chocolate chips1 cup…