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 / Auto et Moto

duPont REGISTRY November 2019

A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles is created for owners, buyers and traders of exotic and high-performance automobiles. duPont REGISTRY provides affluent subscribers a panoramic display of lavish and luxury automobiles for sale, along with a broad selection of additional products of interest such as high-end and exotic automotive accessories, watches, collectibles and much more.

United States
duPont Registry
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7,55 €(TVA Incluse)
33,02 €(TVA Incluse)
12 Numéros


2 min.
from the publisher

Dear Reader, As if the views weren’t enough from this month’s Publisher’s Showcase, this spectacular California coastal residence is also a car lover’s dream garage. The main house boasts 24,000 square feet of unequaled luxury. A formal living room has full Golden Gate Bridge views (and a wet bar). The formal dining room has a fireplace for those chilly Pacific Coast nights. Huge master bedroom. His and her bathrooms, closets and offices. There’s more: Gym, yoga studio, golf simulator/movie room and wine cellar. AND there is a 26 car garage. Six cars are always available and there is room for an additional 20 automobiles in a space that doubles as a basketball court. If you want the preeminent automobile collector’s home for you and your family (nine bedrooms and ten full baths),…

1 min.
living vehicle

There is nothing else like the 2020 Living Vehicle. Limited to only one model offering, every inch of this architecturally designed masterpiece is crafted without compromise. A complete evolution of luxury travel awaits the select few lucky enough to own a Living Vehicle. Lithium NMC energy storage and up to 3,000 watts of solar power the most capable four-season and off-grid mobile dwelling on the market. LV features luxury amenities designed to please the most discerning of travelers, including a fold down enclosed patio, chef-inspired kitchen, spa bathroom, and private home theater. Designed in California and made in America, the 2020 Living Vehicle is available now for a limited time. Visit LivingVehicle.com for more information.…

1 min.
dupont registry

General Manager Bucky Worboys National Sales Manager John D. Chapman III Jack Clemons II Senior Vice President, Automotive Sales & Strategy Vice President, Sales Tim Breaux Shane Burden Hal Reddick Sales Associates Jackson Andrew Phil Elfstrom Ron Barreto Dylan Orluck Rodney Campo Lele Paul Matt Dixon Jon Schulz Advertising Associates Kathy DeCesare Marty Binder Sheri Norris Kristin Kuntz Advertising Assistants Martha Henry Cheryl Rosenlund PRODUCTION Managing Editor Elizabeth B. Kobal Advertising Coordinator Carol Bressler Press Management Charlie Walsh Graphic Artists Jeff CampBell Khoi Nguyen Jessica Plymale WEB DEVELOPMENT Director Doug Martin Will Chapman, Alain Vincent D. Omila, Jamey Owens, Sri Popuri, Todd Reinbolt DIGITAL MARKETING Steven Chapman Jr., Emet Evjen, Ed Jones, Alyssa Mammano, Andrew Nabors, Brad Neuendank Visit Autofluence at blog.dupontregistry.com Follow us on Instagram @dupontregistry Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/dupontregistry Visit Autofluence at blog.dupontregistry.com Are you a Fan? facebook.com/duPontREGISTRYautos Chief Executive Officer Steven B.Chapman Publisher Emeritus Thomas L.duPont Comptroller Lauren Osekowski Purse, C.P.A. Chief Technology Officer Manuel O.Obordo Director of Sales Cindy Carr Director of Marketing Inglis Leslie Production Manager Tony W.Alvis Assistant to the CEO Anne…

9 min.
what exactly is a sports watch?

If you Google it, the term “sports watch” has a lot of different definitions. Not all of them are correct. In fact, one definition says that a sports watch must combine water resistance with a stopwatch and an alarm. Another definition says it must be a tactical watch with LED lighting. The list goes on and on – with most definitions being only partially accurate. The truth is that what defines a sports watch is a host of factors. Among them: its function-ability for the specified use. Sports watches should be water resistant (to varying degrees based on the end use). They should be made of durable material such as titanium, carbon or steel that can take a bit of a beating without being damaged. Similarly, their crystals should be made…

3 min.

You may not know it, but Ferrari masterfully engineered a powerful racing boat back in the 1950s that was built for one thing: breaking the World Speed Record on the water. Achille Castoldi, a racing champion, proposed such a boat to the one and only Enzo Ferrari who agreed to help him in the endeavor. Enzo Ferrari put his best engineers on the project and was even personally involved. The result was a one-of-a-kind Ferrari engine that sat atop a boat built by Timossi Azzano's Cantieri boatyard on Lake Como, Italy; a hydroplane made of steel, marine-grade wood and mahogany that weighed only 1,764 lbs. Next up, they needed an engine, and a powerful one at that. This is where Ferrari's top engineers put their brilliant minds to work. Being 1952, Ferrari…

1 min.
super juiced bull

The Lamborghini Sián hybrid supercar made its debut ahead of The Frankfurt Motor Show, and it shocked us all. Appropriately named, “Sián,” which translates to “Lightning Bolt” in the Northern Italian dialect, it uses Lamborghini’s traditional V12 paired with supercapacitors. Smaller and lighter than any battery, “supercaps” can discharge all their power in an instant, adding 34 metric horsepower when needed. Another advantage of the capacitors is that they are instantly charged every time the brakes are used. The power boost is available up to 80 mph if you need to merge onto the highway in style. Incorporated into the transmission is a 48-volt motor/generator for instant acceleration or braking. A panic stop will place a 600-amp load on the axles before the brake pads have time to react. Converting their metric…