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April 2019

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Texas is the only country in the United States. The name Texas derives from the Native American word tayshas, which means “friends,” and the Texas state slogan is “Sure, we’re friends—but only because I’m packing.” Texas is commonly associated with the cowboy, the character who embodies the iconic western American ideals of freedom and nobility and wears leather chaps, but in a totally straight way. Texans are patriotic to a fault, even assassinating American president John F. Kennedy in 1963 because, since he wasn’t riding in a Ford pickup, he was assumed to be a foreigner. Texas’s main export is greenhouse gases, but it’s also known for barbecue, a slow-cooking technique that turns the garbage cuts of meat into something that Brooklyn restaurants can charge $40 for.THINGS TEXANS WOULD NEVER…

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difficult lies

If you play golf, as I do, then you know how tempting it is to cheat. It’s a pretty ridiculous game, even when you’re good at it. The world-number-one Tiger Woods was no less prone to f-bombs and teeth-grinding self-disgust than the world-number-thirteen Tiger Woods. That’s because, unlike a team sport, golf pits you against yourself, so when things go wrong, you must find something else to blame—the ball, a noise, some tree, the world. On a particularly bad day, the game brings your self-esteem to its knees, and mocks you with your own inner thoughts—You actually paid to do this?—as you pretend that the last five hours were fun.I have never cheated in a real competition, and I never would. But out with friends for a casual, unposted round,…

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high dining

Please forgive me. My notes from the dinner in Denver are a little sloppy.I had met up with a group of Coloradans in the main room at Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen. Dinner was a private affair, and the purpose of the meal was to pay close attention to pairings—to all the mysterious ways that food and wine interact. We had guides for this task: Carlin Karr and Matthew Mather, whose connection to Colorado restaurants such as Frasca and Tavernetta means that as sommeliers go, they’re sort of like Navy SEALs. Even with their sure hands steering a course through the bottles, however, I found it hard to focus.That’s because this January pairing dinner had a third component: cannabis. Five years after the first sales of recreational marijuana got rolling in…

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legislate against the machine

Recall, if you will, the promise of the Internet.Democracy would be upgraded, distant peoples would be brought together in perfect harmony, and all of human knowledge would be a click away. Let’s just say the bugs haven’t been worked out quite yet. Today, the Internet is a wasteland of partisan rants and sensational clickbait of dubious origin, dominated by monopolies you can count on one hand. It has become a playground for Russian saboteurs, neo-Nazis, and grotesque conspiracy-mongers. It lured paying customers to the Fyre Festival and helped put a Twitter troll in the Oval Office. Oh, and everything you read, watch, swipe, type, or tap is being tracked and shared with shady middlemen, government agents, and other Internet giants. Somehow we ended up way off course from utopia.Should Mark…

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into the breach

April 2018It’s revealed that Facebook exposed 87 million users’ info to Trump-affiliated Cambridge Analytica.September 2018Uber pays a $148 million settlement for a data breach that nabbed private info from 57 million users.December 2018Google acknowledges that a bug in Google+ inadvertently exposed 52 million users’ private data.The New York Times reports that hundreds of popular apps sell your location data for ad targeting.…

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same great taste

BACKUP DRIVE How do you easily spot the new 992 in the wild? The long red LED taillight and the vertical brake lightsTo the beloved, we say, don’t change. But then what?If it were up to some Porsche aficionados, development of the 911 would have stopped in 1998, the final year of the code-named 993 series, the last of the air-cooled 911’s. The last real 911, they say. The car would be like one of those permanent Vegas acts, enbalmed for the entertainment of boomers. Nostalgia seven nights a week plus matinees on Wednesdays.Why are some of us resistant to newness in cars, particularly when it comes to Porsche 911’s? Is it because we feel certain models nailed it and could get no better? Is it because plastic bumpers just…