Family Handyman September 2020

When it comes to home improvement, you need information you can trust. Inside each issue of The Family Handyman, you’ll find see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

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building lifelong diy skills

One of the best parts of my job is connecting with readers and, in a way, feeling welcomed into your homes and lives each month. Often, readers build on that goodwill by sending us stories and photos. Here’s my favorite recent example: Back in the spring, when schools closed because of the pandemic, Jason Magalen worked with his daughters, ages 6 and 10, to build a playhouse. The project kept the girls entertained and challenged, amused and enthused, for days. The girls got the playhouse they had wanted. And much more: They built basic skills like planning and measuring. Even better, they built DIY confidence. (For all of us, an I-can-do-this attitude is half the battle!) Practical skills and confidence will benefit those girls forever. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jason (aka “Dad”) has a few tips for…

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what’s new at family handyman

GARAGE PROJECTS Looking for more ways to improve your garage? Hover your camera below to get more organizing tips, clever storage ideas and cleaning projects to help you create a garage space so enjoyable, you could live in it. You’ll also find videos showing you exactly how the top projects featured in this issue were made. SMALL-SPACE SOLUTIONS What are the best ways to maximize a small apartment or dorm room? How do you fix problems like that hole in the wall from the doorknob? These are just two of the topics we’ll cover in our Small Spaces digital collection. EXPERT PET ADVICE How do I build a dog kennel or cat tree? What are the best products for cleaning up pet messes? What carpet and furniture materials resist pet hair? Get the answers to these…

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stuff we love

Instant blade changes With the Bosch X-Lock angle grinder, you don’t need to fuss with a spanner tool. To attach a disc or blade, just snap it on. To remove it, simply lift the lever and it pops right off. Bosch and other manufacturers offer a ton of accessories compatible with the X-Lock system, from diamond blades to wire cups. But there are a couple downsides: X-Lock accessories cost slightly more and aren’t as widely available in stores. The X-Lock comes on an entire line of grinders, including corded to cordless, starting at about $100. BILL BERGMANN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR Garage door control—from anywhere Chamberlain’s myQ Hub lets you control your garage door with your phone. So, for example, you can let your neighbor in while you’re on vacation. Or you can deputize the Hub…

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handy hints

NEW LIFE FOR OLD GLOVES Typically, not all the fingers on a pair of gloves wear out at the same time. So after a couple fingers get holes, snip off the remaining good ones. Now, when a finger starts to wear out on a newer pair of gloves, just slip a spare inside. D. TYNJALA Long-reach nozzle When you need to caulk a hard-to-reach area, like the base of a vessel sink, for example, try this: Cut the end of a drinking straw at an angle and duct tape the other end to the nozzle of the caulk tube. TERRY THORKELSON EASY ANGLE CUTS Here’s a quick and reliable way to cut 45-degree angles on a band saw. Just use the lip on a Speed square as a guide against your saw table’s edge. No setting up…

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garage parking guides: do these innovations beat the tennis ball?

Like many homeowners, I hang a tennis ball in my garage to help me stop before I bump into the wall. But I wondered if there was a better way. So I did some research and discovered everything from lasers to sensors to bumpers, proving that many companies have been thinking about this problem. But does any of it beat the tennis ball? To find out, I bought one of each type and put them to the test. GoodChief Universal Laser Parking Assist ($28) With this system, you position lasers that tell you when to stop and also help you center the vehicle. The lasers are powered by your garage door opener, so they’re not constantly on. Setting it up took longer than with the other options (about 30 minutes), but in…

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simple cyber security that really works

Smart home devices make our lives better, but they also leave gaping security holes for hackers to exploit. Devices like robotic vacuums, smart outlets and baby monitor cameras have all been used to hack into home networks. Security solutions are confusing, so I went on a quest for simplicity, which led me to Firewalla. There are similar devices, but Firewalla looked to be the most affordable and easiest to use. So, I tested it out. Here’s what I found. How it works Firewalla acts as a gatekeeper between your router and your devices. All activity running from your router to your devices is first processed through Firewalla, its cloud and its smartphone app. It also monitors all the devices connected to your network. What it does I was amazed at all the things Firewalla…