Family Handyman October/November 2020

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3 things i learned this month

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Gray is going away—kind of At paint stores, while my paint is in the shaker, I’ve been asking the staff about color trends. One thing is certain: Gray tones, which have been the most popular for years, still lead—by far. But interior designers seem to be steering away from cool grays. So what’s the next trend? No strong consensus on that, but the most common guess points to warm neutral colors like beiges, tans and warmer grays. Dusk-to-dawn lighting There are a few devices for automatically turning lights on at dusk and off at dawn: fixtures with built-in light sensors, plug-in units, high-tech lighting and apps … My favorite is a simple photocell switch. I recently installed one in a soffit to control all four of my front porch lights. Unobtrusive and inexpensive.…

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what’s new at family handyman

WINTERIZE EVERYTHING Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a one-stop shop that showed you how to winterize everything you own? Well, we’ve got it. Hover your camera below to find videos and timesaving ideas that will help you winterize your home, your vehicles, your outdoor power equipment and everything in between. DIY HALLOWEEN For a collection of the spookiest DIY décor, costume ideas and fun projects to do with kids (like carving pumpkins with power tools!), visit HOME HEATING Looking for ways to make your furnace run more efficiently? Curious which insulation type is best for your home? Visit for all your home heating solutions. BRAND NEW BOOK! Claim your FREE preview now at Inside, you’ll find tons of brilliant tips that save time, trouble and money, plus complete, detailed plans and step-by-step photos…

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stuff we love

Low-cost laser level Years ago, my first self-leveling laser set me back almost $400. Today, you can get the same accuracy and convenience for a whole lot less. The Skil Red Cross Line Laser Level kit (only $60!) projects a cross pattern, up to 50 ft. away, that’s level and plumb, so you can hang pictures, install shelves or set backsplash tile without holding a level in your hand. The locking switch protects the laser during transport and lets you tip the laser to achieve a straight-line reference at any angle. You can find the kit, which comes with an adjustable clamp arm, at home centers and online. MIKE BERNER, ASSOCIATE EDITOR SUPER-FAST SPRAY PAINTING Tired of juggling multiple cans of spray paint for larger projects? Go out and get these new Zinsser Turbo…

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handy hints®

Lighted shop vacuum I often use my shop vacuum in dimly lit places, such as under my car seats. To make it easy to see what I’m doing, I zip-tied a small flashlight to the hose. Works like a charm. BRIAN MISCHKE EASY-FIND SCREWDRIVERS Finding the screwdriver I needed was never easy—all the handles looked alike. So, to help me identify my screwdrivers at a glance, I used a permanent marker to label the handles with their size and type. I use an “X” for a Phillips head and a dash for a flat-head. CHRIS SCYPHERS RECYCLED-DENIM APRON Don’t toss those worn-out jeans just yet. Turn them into a gardening apron. Cut off the legs and the front, leaving the back and the waistband intact. Then slip it on, turn it around and load up the pockets…

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mesh networks

Fast Wi-Fi is about as essential as electricity these days. We need it more than ever, whether to work from home, pay bills, figure out how to fix a toilet or just stream our favorite movies. But depending where you are in your home or backyard, you might experience dead spots and slow speeds. Sometimes called a “meshnet,” a mesh network, which consists of a router plus “nodes” that relay signals, is a great solution. But prices vary; Google Nest Wifi is $269 with one node, while TP-Link, a comparable product with two nodes, is only $110. Is one faster than the other? To find out, I installed both in the homeLAB and compared them. How do mesh networks work? The nodes in a mesh network are basically radio transmitters. They communicate with…

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weekend shower upgrade

Bathrooms are often high on the renovation wish list. But if you’re like me, the thought of demolishing your bathroom and putting it out of commission keeps you from taking the plunge. To avoid that, I dreamed up ways to get big upgrades in less time and with less mess! 4 FANCY FEATURES I was able to add these features to the bathroom inside the drop ceiling. This would also be a great space for a heater or even speakers. LIGHTED BATH FAN A slim-fit fan allowed me to maintain enough ceiling height and use 2x6s for the ceiling frame. This Aero Pure fan includes an LED light ($145). RAINFALL SHOWER The epitome of luxury in a bathroom is an overhead shower (see p. 10). The plumbing is easy to run down the wall; all you…