Family Handyman April 2021

When it comes to home improvement, you need information you can trust. Inside each issue of The Family Handyman, you’ll find see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

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past, present, future

When we celebrated our 70th anniversary a few months ago, we heard from many readers about the role of Family Handyman in their lives. One of my favorites came from the heirs of the late Paul de Fur, the first editor of Family Handyman. His children shared the story of the black walnut tree their father had cut down a few years after the magazine was launched. It’s a story not only of the tree itself but also of the gifts they continue to create from it to this day—the tangible gifts as well as the woodworking skills that honor their father’s legacy. Last month we also marked a bittersweet moment. After nearly three decades at Family Handyman, Gary Wentz decided to hang up his shop apron. With his hands-on knowledge…

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what’s new at family handyman

WHAT’S YOUR ORGANIZING STYLE? Are you a minimalist or an avid collector? Take our quiz and discover how to make your decluttering efforts more productive and organize your home so it’s just right for you. Search for “organizing quiz” at HAPPY HOME The editors of Family Handyman, Taste of Home, Reader’s Digest, Birds & Blooms and The Healthy offer advice and inspiration for turning indoor and outdoor spaces into your personal happy places. Sign up here: BRAND NEW BOOK! Don’t miss out on this limited time offer! Our 288-page Whole House Repair Guide 2021 is just $10 and ships free! You’ll start saving money instantly when you follow the expert instructions in this photo-packed book. ALL ABOARD, HANDYMAN PRO! Check out our Handyman Pro newsletter to get timely news on construction industry trends, products…

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stuff we love

Roll-Up Dish Rack This is the perfect all-around kitchen rack. Made of steel rods wrapped in food-safe silicone, the Surpahs dish rack conveniently rolls up for compact storage. Heat resistant up to 400 degrees F, it also functions as a trivet for hot dishes or even as a cooling rack for baked goods. You can set it over the sink to drain washed produce or thaw frozen food, or you can set a cutting board on it and push scraps into the sink. And, it’s dishwasher safe. The 20-½ in. x 13 in. rack fits sinks up to 19-½ in. wide and costs $30. The smaller version (17-½ in. by 13 in.) is $25. You can find both online. MIKE BERNER, ASSOCIATE EDITOR CUSTOM LAWN CARE BY MAIL Don’t waste time in the yard…

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handy hints

No-sweat fence post pulling To remove a stubborn 4x4 fence post, fasten a 2x4 to the post with five or six screws as shown. Then just set a car jack on a board or a block underneath the 2x4 and jack the post right out of the hole. DAVID YANCIW WINE CORK GARDEN MARKERS I save wine corks (and collect them from friends) to use as garden markers. I label the cork with a permanent marker. Then I stick a skewer into the cork and poke the skewer into the ground at the end of the row. CHRIS CONNOLLY FRESH, CLEAN DISHWASHER Once a month or so, add a cup of vinegar to your empty dishwasher and let it run a full cycle. Your kitchen may smell a bit like a pickle jar for a few hours,…

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robotic mowers: what to know

Boundary Setup Robotic mowers require a boundary wire around the perimeter of your yard and any obstacles like trees or garden beds. Some also need a wire to guide them back to their charging dock. The setup for a typical city lot can be done in an afternoon. Phone App Control Newer robotic mowers operate via a phone app. The Husqvarna uses GPS to map out your yard, and its Smart Connect app creates no-go zones where the mower might get stuck. The app also sets the cutting height and mowing schedules, accesses performance monitors and connects with Alexa or Google Assistant. Noise Level and Safety Robotic mowers are much quieter than gas mowers. The 450X runs at about 59 dB, compared to a gas mower’s 95 dB. For safety, an auto-stop feature cuts power…

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a basic bench you can build on!

Ater countless hours standing at a workbench, I’ve found some features I really like. But there are three properties I can’t do without: rigidity, flatness and mass. I hate working at a bench that wiggles or that slides around because it’s not heavy enough. A workbench built with construction lumber like 2x4s will be solid, heavy and durable, but it won’t be flat. If you ever plan to build cabinets or furniture, which require accuracy, a flat bench gives you a leg up. WHAT IT TAKES TIME 1–3 days COST $100 for basic bench; $250 as shown SKILL LEVEL Beginner TOOLS Table saw, miter saw, drill/driver, finish nailer Figure A Basic Bench OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 33" H x 60" W x 24" D 1 BUILD THE PLATFORMS Assemble the braces (A – C), then build the platform frames (D – G) and attach the…