Family Handyman May 2021

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fly your diy flag

Building projects in my first house was difficult at best. It just wasn’t possible to get a sheet of plywood down to my basement “workshop.” In that small space downstairs, cutting any board required skillful maneuvering—between the laundry area and the boiler. But I managed to knock together a lot of Adirondack chairs and window boxes working under the low-slung piping of the old boiler. We’ve matured, my workshops and me. Three houses later, I have a dedicated space for projects. By “dedicated,” I mean sometimes I can access the workbench without even moving two bicycles and the lawn mower. I’m your new Deputy Editor, and I’m thrilled and humbled to call Family Handyman my home. I may be the new guy in the office, but I feel like I already know…

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what’s new

OUTDOOR DECOR Need some fresh ways to liven up your outdoor spaces? New furniture, classic table lanterns or a colorful outdoor rug can transform your patio or deck into a comfortable backyard retreat. For more outdoor décor inspiration, hover your camera here: WANT EVEN MORE PRO TIPS? Get more of our trusted techniques to help elevate your projects to the next level. Find tips from carpenters, electricians, plumbers, landscape pros and more. It’s all here: ’21 PAINT COLORS OF THE YEAR Add some color to your life with paint manufacturers’ colors of the year. We looked at five national brands and compared our favorites here: colors-of-the-yearcomparison/ BRAND NEW BOOK! Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Enjoy a free 30-day preview of the Whole House Repair Guide 2021. You’ll start saving money instantly when you follow the…

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stuff we love

Double-Duty Paint Pail When I paint trim, I often use both a mini roller and a brush. The roller gets the paint on quickly, but I don’t like its “orange peel” finish, so after I roll it on, I brush it out. This two-fisted approach is much easier with the Purdy Painter’s Pail because it accommodates a 4-1/2-in. roller and a brush. A magnet holds the brush on one side by its metal ferrule—in or out of the paint—and the roller hooks over the side of the pail. The easy-to-hold hand strap and bail safeguard against spills. The liner inserts let you work with more than one paint color at a time, and they make cleanup easy. The pail is available online for $15; a set of three liners costs $8. JOSH…

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handy hints

Easy-read rain gauge Drip food coloring into the bottom of your rain gauge the next time you empty it. The coloring tints the rainwater, making the gauge easier to read. This may stain plastic rain gauges. KATHEE GRIFFITH SOCKET WRENCH HELPER When you’re using a socket wrench to ratchet on a bolt in a spot where your fingers can’t reach, how do you keep the bolt from falling out of the socket? Simple. Stick a little piece of plastic bag between the bolt head and the socket. The plastic holds the bolt tight while you get it into place, then falls right off when you take the socket off the bolt. ROGER WADE Easy ID system for fasteners I keep a lot of different-size screws and doodads in a plastic storage bin. I got sick of pulling…

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what a smart lock can do

My home’s main entry lock needs to deliver on two equally important fronts: security and convenience. And since smart locks claim to be all about both, I decided to give one a try. I wanted a retrofit model that didn’t look like a smart lock from outside. I also knew I needed one that wasn’t overly complicated to install and that my kids could regularly use with ease. That’s why the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 was the perfect smart lock choice for my family. KEY BENEFITS 1. RETROFIT DESIGN. It fastens on the interior of our door, so we could keep our existing dead bolt. Also, you can’t tell from outside that it’s a smart lock, which I like because I find many smart lock styles to be too industrial looking. 2.…

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the art of hiding a tv

Sliding doors can make the TV room a family room again I’m willing to bet that a TV is the focal point in at least one room in your home. That’s great for movie nights and sporting events, but when you’re focusing on friends or family, you’d like the TV to disappear. Unlike a phone or a tablet, a TV can’t just be put away, so I developed this system that lets you hide it with artwork instead! AUTOMATE IT! This double sliding door belt system is slick: When you slide one door, the other slides too. To make it happen, all you need are a belt and pulleys (about $20). Even better, I added a motor and remote control ($50). It took a lot of experimenting, but now that I’ve figured out…