Family Handyman September 2021

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we put the “o” in diy

My best project time, however, is not spent alone. It’s with my son in his new house—his starter home is full of project potential. My second-best project time? The project we’re unveiling now—“we” as in the entire team of editors and photographers at Family Handyman. This is DIO, not DIY. Building a house—our Getaway—is a Do-It-Ourselves project. Every job we tackled for this project required at least two people. To get it done on time (well, almost), we also hired professional tradespeople for some of the work. We did not do it ALL ourselves. We know our limitations in time, tools and skills. With all this do-it-ourselves activity, plus a photographer and a videographer on-site, there were no lonely work moments. And it was perfect. We shared skills, tools, stories, dad jokes…

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what’s new? WHY DIY? What are the top 3 reasons homeowners choose to DIY instead of hiring a pro? REASON #3 To be in complete control of a project. REASON #2 DIY is my hobby. REASON #1 To save money for future projects or other items. Data from research conducted for Family Handyman in April ’21. If you have a different reason, let us know: TOOLS FIRST The first DIY project ever was the creation of a tool. They’re essential, the tools we use, whether you prefer a handheld bench plane or a 5-hp model with 20-in. capacity and a helical cutting head. We believe you can do anything yourself with the proper tools. And the key word is “proper.” Who decides what’s proper? You do, in the end, based on price and availability, plus your skills, needs and…

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stuff we love

TRUCK - BED STORAGE SYSTEM I’ve seen my fair share of DIY truck-bed storage systems on job sites. Some are ingenious; most are not. It takes a lot of forethought, design and build time to come up with a versatile, secure and lasting system. I’d just as soon spend the $1,400 for a DECKED Drawer System rather than build my own. This system’s two long pullouts store up to 200 lbs. of tools and gear. The waterproof deck above them carries a 2,000-lb. payload and keeps your stuff dry and secure. The base-price system includes two toolboxes, one drawer organizer and two drawer dividers; tiedown tracks are available. At, the company offers its DECKED Drawer System to fit most recent truck makes and models. MIKE BERNER ASSOCIATE EDITOR TOUGH ENOUGH FOR DEMO Demo work…

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handy hints

KEEP GLUE FRESH Tired of having your glue harden before you get a chance to use it all? Store it upside down. Glue, especially polyurethane glue, hardens when exposed to air. But when the bottle is upside down, no air can get in, so the glue stays fresh. To build a glue bottle rack, drill a hole the size of the spout into a piece of wood, make sure the cap is on tight, then set the glue bottle in. Leave some wood on the bottom of the hole, so any drips will be confined to the rack and not run all over your workbench. But here’s the best part: The glue will be ready to squeeze out when you need it—no more shaking glue down from the bottom! DON AYERS SMALL-ENGINE OIL DISPENSER Want…

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a testing zone for innovations

ADMIRABLE OUTDOOR FAUCET If we held outdoor water faucets to the same standard as indoor faucets, we’d need to change a whole lot of outdoor spigots. Mostly unattractive, often drippy and seldom appreciated, outdoor faucets are tolerated for their base functionality. Then we shut them off and go indoors. The Aquor outdoor faucet system changes that. I got an Aquor House Hydrant V1+ to replace a leaky eyesore on the back side of my house. Then I realized it would work better on our Getaway project. As a replacement or for new construction, the Aquor Hydrant is designed to eliminate leaks and simplify hose connections. The stainless steel unit has a freezeproof design, adding security for those of us in cold climates. Installation is simple, whether your home has copper or PEX…

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as big as a house

Looks like a great spot to get away and relax, doesn’t it? And it will be, when we finish the interior. We were so close to revealing our completed Getaway cabin here. We’ll reveal it all soon. Meanwhile, read what we learned. Our most important lesson: The project is often in charge, not us. Yes, we knew there would be uncontrollable elements. Our calendar, our planning and our deadlines could not control the weather or material deliveries. We will finish it (in fact, we’ll be done by the time this is printed). And, rest assured, you too can build your dream getaway. We know you want to. Our research shows that more than 60 percent of you DIYers are interested in a getaway home. Our Getaway project fills the pages of this issue.…