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FHM August 2015

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ed’s letter

Despite FHM’s mantra being It’s Great To Be A Man, we’ll readily admit we often bring you some pretty challenging stories. This month is no different. FHM chief writer, Matt Blake, met the parents of a Royal Marine killed fighting Isis in Syria. Kosta Scurfield, on seeing the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, set off to join the Kurdish militia. It’s a desperately sad story, but one that also leaves you feeling hopeful. It’s about bravery, self-sacrifice and standing up against oppression. I hope that Matt’s feature – and the considerably lighter ones in this issue, like Summer’s Greatest Jobs (p84) – inspire you, not to take up arms, but to pursue what you believe in. That’s FHM’s mission: to celebrate that it is great to be a man, while…

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the team

WE LOST IN STYLE Everybody knows that having an ace pair of football boots is far more important than scoring goals or actually winning a match, right? So cheers to JD Sports, who ensured that we looked proper swish on our trip to play at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (well, as swish as you can look after two 5-0 defeats). WE BULLIED THE NEW KID Have a look at our new art assistant Tom, regretting every life decision he has ever made leading up to this point. How did he come to find himself buried deep in the syringe-laden sands of London’s fabulous Southbank? Is this almost definitely against UK labour laws? Turn to page 58 to find out. WE LOST A GOOD’UN What will we miss most about former Deputy Editor Joe? It’s hard to…

3 min.

Collect cool stuff While the wife was out recently I spent three hours emptying the loft and found I have more or less every edition of FHM from No 78 onwards. Obviously FHM continues to be worth the trip to the shops once a month. Keep up the good work, and if this photo makes it to the letters page, I can prove a few colleagues in the office wrong! Duncan, via email Well shucks, Duncan. We’d like to say flattery gets you nowhere, but that’s untrue. We hope you enjoy your prize. Puzzled pooch Imagine my surprise when I went into the cabin on site at work and caught my dog reading the FHM 100 Sexiest. He clearly wasn’t impressed with the news Kelly Brook only just scraped into the top 10! Scott, via email Girlie…

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double take

WHO SHE? Age: 18 Born: Newcastle Likes: Fish and chips, Cornish pasties, dragons Instagram: @rosiemacc Rosie Mac’s name may not ring any bells, but you’ve almost definitely spent a number of cosy evenings in with her already. Why? Because if you’re one of the millions of telly-box watchers who religiously tunes into Game Of Thrones (along with gazillions of wily downloading types), you’ll have seen her petting dragons, crushing cities and looking unbearably pretty as Daenerys Targaryen. And she’s got a selfie to thank for landing her the role of a lifetime. The 18-year-old Newcastle-born beauty is the super-fit body double for the Mother of Dragons on, you know, only the biggest TV show in the world. And when Rosie isn’t busy helping Emilia Clarke look badass, she’s modelling, dancing in music videos for the…

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how i did it...

I’ve wanted to be Evel Knievel since I was old enough to ride. All I ever wanted was to be a world-renowned motorcycle rider. I got into some pretty shady shit as a teenager. Growing up in Australia, I was hanging out with guys who were going nowhere. All we did was party and all the stuff that comes with that. I hit the bottom of the barrel before I realised life could be better. My dad saved me. He was hard in a loving way. When I was 16, he kicked me out and said, “I’m not gonna wipe your arse for the rest of your life. Go and make it happen, son.” At first I thought it was bullshit. Then, one day, I was out of my mind at a motorbike…

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have i got ‘friends with benefits’ all wrong?

It doesn’t take the bonce of Professor Brian Cox to work out why, according to a recent government-funded poll, a whopping one third of all under-forties enjoy casual sex with a friend. Experimental, exciting and damn good naked fumbles with a girl you like, without the ‘in a relationship’ spats about leaving your damp towel on the bed again? It sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. Sexy, sexy dreams. But before you run headfirst into your phonebook and dial up your hottest girl mate for a touch of the good stuff, know this – there’s a whole load of unwritten laws you must abide by to make it work, all of which are there to stop the both of you ending up loved-up emotional wrecks. We’ll let three of FHM’s…