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FHM December 2015

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editor’s letter...

Becoming an expert takes a combination of talent, luck and practice. Whether you’re a world-renowned surgeon or a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, the only way to get to the top of your field is by hard work. Few have worked harder than Cristiano Ronaldo. His dedication to becoming the best footballer in the world is one of the reasons he graces our cover this month. Read our exclusive interview with him on p54. The Real Madrid No 7 isn’t the only extraordinary person we’ve talked to this issue. On p42 we visit Derren Brown at his (bizarre) home to talk all things magical and mysterious. Be careful when you read the story. This man can probably make you do anything – before you know it you’ll be on all fours barking for food. Finally,…

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the team

WE CHILLED WITH A FOOTBALL GOD As you can already tell by the cover, we got to hang out with a proper bona fide legend this month – Ronaldo. There’s art director Barney stood just behind the man himself, doing a thumbs up. See? We’re practically BFFs. Find out what Cristiano had to say for himself on page 54. WE CHEERED ON SOME DOLPHINS (NOT REAL ONES) Now the rugby’s over, we’re up for watching as many close imitations as we can. Thankfully, Majestic Athletic invited fashion editor Daisy to watch the NFL and wave some pompoms. So that’s what she did. WE MET A HUGE STAR Access editor Nick’s bid for world domination wasn’t going too well – primarily because he’s the single least intimidating man on planet Earth. Can Mini-Me finally earn him…

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letters 12/15

Prime-time Pam Being an older reader I can remember the gorgeous Pamela Anderson in her prime, so it was an enjoyable blast from the past seeing her on your cover. Maybe you’ll continue the trend and put Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson or the beautiful Cindy Crawford in a future issue? Seán, via email What about Rachel ‘The Hair’ off Friends? Or Vicky ‘The Tracky’ Pollard off Little Britain? The possibilities are endless, Seán. A serious letter about immigration Why do we consider immigrants a threat? Is it because British race relations, public services and economic prospects are under stress from foreign arrivals? Is it simply population density? Most Brits don’t think anyone here illegally should have access to state schools or healthcare. I think I’m in the minority. I want to help them – they’re…

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what katy did would wife

WHO SHE? Age: 27 From: Iowa, US Likes: Rugby, clubbing, hiking Twitter: @katyjohnson1 Instagram: @katyevans11 American model Katy Johnson Evans may be making waves in LA right now, but she’s more than familiar with this side of the pond. She’s married to Scottish rugby player Max Evans, so you’re as likely to see her at Murrayfield as on the beaches of Malibu. Now, having slayed the modelling game, she’s preparing for her ground assault on the acting world… Hi Katy! Is it true you used to present on Celtic TV? Oh, yeah. Glasgow’s a cool city, but it took me a while to tune into the accent. My first day, I’d been out until 5am. I’d had two hours’ sleep and I was so worried I’d reek of booze. My friend told me, “Don’t worry, you’ll fit in perfectly.”…

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how i did it...

I started water skiing when I was six months old. It’s crazy now I think about it. I performed in shows at a Florida resort called Cypress Gardens, and it earned me a Guinness World Record for the youngest water skier. Looking back, I peaked pretty damn early. By the time I was four, I was doing three shows a day. I was exhausted when I got to kindergarten. My parents were show skiers, and I knew from day one that I wanted to dedicate my life to the water. Sacrifice is important, but you’ve got to rebel sometimes. When I was 14, I’d sneak into clubs with a fake ID. Once, I burned the end of a cork and drew a goatee on myself. The bouncer ushered me in. Success changes everything.…

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entertain your brain

01 Soccerball Witness a football miracle This month’s release of I Believe In Miracles on DVD celebrates Nottingham Forest’s unexpected triumph in the European Cup in 1979. But do we still live in a world of against-all-odds football phenomena? Here are some modern-day miracles we’d love to happen (but probably won’t… Experiments with old legends and intellectual tiki-taka-ists behind them, the top brass at Barcelona make the only managerial decision left to make: they bring in Ian Holloway. It’s an immediate success – Ollie turns out to be ‘the Neymar whisperer’, leading the Brazilian superstar to a record 100-goal haul on the way to the quintuple. “I dunno where I am,” Holloway says, after his Champions League win. 02 CARL JENKINSON SWEARS OFF BANTER It started as a joke: Carl Jenkinson swears off his beloved…