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FHM January 2016

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look on the bright side

ED’S LETTER... The FHM office is normally a lively place. But as I write this, it’s anything but. The reason, as you’ll probably be aware, is that it’s been announced that FHM is to suspend publication. We know from the messages you’ve sent in you’re as gutted about this as us. Despite the bad news, this is not the final issue, which means we have the serious business of presenting the January 2016 FHM to you. And it’s a belter. Our cover girl is the most beautiful woman on TV: Made In Chelsea’s Binky. If you need cheering up – and we do – our exclusive shoot will certainly do that. See it on p56. Away from Binky, we turn our attention to all things Christmas, with our incredible gift guide ensuring your friends…

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the team

WE PUT CROCODILES ON OUR HEAD Ever since he came back from Australia, Upgrade editor Tom has been trying out more and more exuberant hairstyles and fighting anything that comes into the office made from tough leather. We think it’s to do with this. WE CRIED AND CRIED Legendary art geezer Jamie left us the other day, and we’re pretty bummed out about it. This is Jamie wearing loads of hats. He LOVED hats. This is so Jamie. Wherever he is now (he won’t reply to our WhatsApp messages) we hope he’s surrounded by hats. Like in a JD Sports, or a lost-and-found bin. God speed, you beautiful bastard. WE BORROWED SOME CHEERLEADERS We were doing some warm-up stretches ahead of the Jaguars v Bills NFL game when some cheerleaders came along and asked for…

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letters 01/16

Drinking and driving I came back from a recent trip to Belgium with all of this – and there’s more that wouldn’t even fit in the photo. The car was filled with bottles that you could hear clinking all the way back to the UK. Liam, via email Great effort, Liam – but where are the paprika-flavour crisps? You’ll need to go back and get us some. Cheers. Water guy I’ve done a fair few watersports in my time, so was pleased to read ‘How I Did It’ about Parks Bonifay, a very successful wakeboarder. The man is awesome. I just wish the weather was better in this country to facilitate the sport. Lee, via email Have you never been to Rhyl in November, Lee? It’s absolutely scorching. A marriage of man and mag I’ve been an FHM fan…

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would wife the heat is on

WHO SHE? Age: 20 From: Chicago Likes: Music, pizza, Kanye West Dislikes: Dick pics, internet trolls Instagram: @niykeeheaton NICK POPE MAROUS HYDE If you’re the kind of person who spends way too much time on social media – which you are, obviously – then you’ll know that there are a few sure-fire ways to guarantee loads of likes and retweets from your online pals. Sepia-toned shots of bland salads, quirky engagements, selfies with Boris Johnson or cute snaps of overweight, roly-poly babies all do the trick (although, to be fair, the last two are pretty much the same thing). Unfathomably hot musicians with sexy selfie addictions go down well too. And who better to prove our point than US Instagram sensation Niykee Heaton? With 1.7 million followers, the 20-year-old, Chicago-born singer-songwriter is a Pretty Big Deal. With so many adoring…

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how i did it...

RICK EDWARDS, 36, TV PRESENTER I never thought of entertainment as a legitimate career choice. In all the time I spent watching stand-up gigs with my dad in dingy pubs, it just never made sense. I’d imagined myself as a vet, a stunt man, an architect – but never performing. That changed when I found myself auditioning for the Cambridge Footlights. It was in front of Richard Ayoade and John Oliver, too. I was always in trouble at school for trying to make people laugh – but in the end, I’d just been training for that moment. Post-graduation, I dicked around while my friends scooped up lucrative jobs. I’d just about manage to pay the rent with some stand-up gigs, and I’d often think, “Why don’t you stop this and get a decent…

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entertain your brain

01 Goth boys Go under the knife with Rad and Mac “I’m not slagging off Mary Shelley,” says James McAvoy, in a way that makes us think that he’s definitely about to slag off Mary Shelley. “But I think stories are always more dynamic if they’re explored through a relationship, and what people mean to each other.” We’re sat with McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, co-stars in long-awaited goth-romp Victor Frankenstein , out 3 December. A twist on Shelley’s classic tale, it focuses on the bro-mantic bond between scientist Frankenstein and his hunchbacked assistant, Igor. It ventures deep into the pair’s complicated origins, and the journey they take towards creating one of history’s most enduring monsters. “But it’s also a big adventure movie,” says Radcliffe. “None of the action matters unless you care about who…