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FHM July 2015

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ed’s letter...

Mankind has come a hell of a long way. Our ancestors loved to grill their food over fire and hot coal just like us, but the skills and utensils used were, at best, basic and unrefined. A feast back then consisted of little more than crappy white baps sporting blackened sausages – usually still a bit frozen on the inside. But that was the mid-2000s, when we were too busy finding lurid animated backgrounds for our MySpace pages to know any better. Thankfully, though, the men of Great Britain have come to realise that life is too short for economy burgers (and potentially even shorter if you don’t cook them through). The BBQ revolution is upon us. FHM, and of course DJ DBQ, are here to help you, our grill-loving comrades,…

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the team

WE STOOD ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS It’s tiring being such a high-powered wordy man, so FHM chief writer Matt decided to enlist the help of some muscle on a trip to Malaysia. He was there to watch the World’s Strongest Man tournament… but we won’t find out how Matt and his burly boys got on until later this year. WE CRIED A LOT Apologies if you find a few tear-soaked pages in this month’s mag – we’ve just waved goodbye to our acting production editor Emma, who’s heading off to a fancy pants ooh la la job in the City. She truly was the glue that held FHM together, so expect more staples and sticky tape in the next issue. Rock on, old friend. WE ATE OUR OWN BODY WEIGHT IN STEAK Little known…

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Baby takes issue I walked into my front room the other day to find my two-year-old son staring at the FHM 100 Sexiest. You can see by his expression that he doesn’t agree with the top 10, but it makes a great change from him stealing my iPad to watch Peppa Pig. Thanks FHM! Chris, via email We’re not too keen on the idea of feeling your son’s fiery wrath, Chris. How about this: we give your little one a fancy camera and he agrees to leave us in one piece. Deal? Deal. The truth is in here Thanks for your life guides, How To Tell She’s Into You and A Man’s Guide To Fatherhood. They’ve helped me a lot, so I’m willing to let you off the fact my lifelong crush Gillian Anderson didn’t…

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100 sexiest: the uproar!

THE HATERS Emma Watson at #59. Are you taking me for a full-on dickhead FHM? @andrewflynn_ There must be a bunch of blind men who did this poll. I’ve seen better. Edward Moyers, via Facebook Bullshit! Don’t you mean the 100 sexiest ‘celebrities’. I see sexier women on the bus. @1976Bigdave THE LOVERS Delighted that Michelle Keegan has won the 100 Sexiest, and not just because it’s won me £5. Congrats Keegs! @JamesPywell, via Twitter Well done Mary Berry! Can’t believe she’s not top 10 though – surely didn’t ask lads from Bolton #bakewellsmatter @AndrewHolland, via Twitter I’d have had Margot Robbie in top spot, but I can’t complain with the rest of the list. Bernard, via Facebook THE BAFFLERS So I see FHM still hasn’t put me in the 100 Sexiest. That’s OK I suppose. @Loonasgirl I would grind with every member of the 100 Sexiest.…

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break into the playboy mansion

WHO SHE? Age: 24 Born: Philadelphia Likes: Tequila, bum bags Twitter: @MissValKeil Instagram: @missvalkeil We all really love a good ‘when the impossible becomes possible’ underdog story. Like Rocky, Cool Runnings, or the time Harry Redknapp let a West Ham fan play the second half in a 1994 friendly… and he scored. Turns out Stallone, ’Arry and the Jamaican bobsled team are in good company, as Valerie ‘the best thing to come out of Philly since cheese steak’ Keil has a rags-to-riches tale all of her own. After hearing one too many boozehounds telling her she could be a model when she was working as a barmaid, Val emailed some snaps to Playboy, had a nap, and woke up to a phonecall asking if she fancied a shoot. Two years on, and when she’s not holidaying in…

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how i did it...

I first learned I could withstand the cold when I was 17, in a frozen lake in Holland. That brought about real power within me, that self-control I had awakened by going into the cold. From there on I was able to swim in freezing water and enjoy it. When I was a kid, sometimes my identical twin brother and I would fight almost to the death. There would be blood, tension and fury between us, and then five minutes later we’d be best of friends. Still, I once pretended to be him and began a relationship with his girlfriend. I was 17 and he had to go away to be a sailor. At first she thought I was him and we dated for two years. Later my brother talked to me…