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FHM June 2015

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ed’s letter...

Nothing defines a man’s life like fatherhood. Firstly, it shapes us as sons. That’s true whether your relationship with dad was good, bad or – most likely – a bit of both; whether he was absent or devoted in your formative years and how much he royally bollocked you for hanging a friend upside-down out of a third floor window (sorry, Dad). Then, at some point, most of us become one ourselves. I put it off for a long time, thinking I still had a bit of living to do first, but the day I held my son in my hands, took him down to intensive care for treatment, decided on a name that would surely one day be etched onto his World Cup winner’s medal… that was the day…

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the team

WE LOST A GOODMAN We’re proper gutted to announce the departure of our Upgrade editor Jordan, who’s heading off for pastures new after two years at FHM . Pictured here eating a family-sized KFC off of the carpet like a dog, Jordan was responsible for the health and fitness sections of the mag and will be sorely missed by us all. Godspeed, friend. WE GAINED A BEARD Sick of feeling left out in an office full of hairy lumberjack types, production editor Emma decided to order some tablets off of the internet and sprout one of her own. It took an hour to outgrow everyone else’s in the office, and it hasn’t stopped since. Please, somebody, send help. WE MET BECKS Deputy fashion editor Carlotta practiced her breathing exercises in preparation for meeting David Beckham,…

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Mountain due Your article on how to be a man couldn’t have come at a better time! Here’s a picture of me at Everest base camp with another great issue of FHM. The sherpas loved the pictures of Nadia, but the Nepalese mountain food just isn’t up to DJ BBQ standards! Matt Boraman, via email Looks like you should be giving us some advice, Matt. It’s good to know that, wherever you are in the world, the power of Nadia Forde can bring people together. Have a telly on us as a coming home present. Baby on bored Hi guys! Your mag helped get me through a 35-hour labour – I read it cover-to-cover five times. Big shout out to the midwives of Bolton General, absolute angels all of them. Keep up the good work! David…

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win a 1080p polaroid cube action video camera

Got something really insightful to say about the mag? Then why not tell us about it already! To celebrate the release of the Polaroid Cube, we’re giving one away to the lucky winner of next month’s letters page. The Polaroid Cube is perfect for those of us who just want a compact, high-performance video camera to capture those moments you never want to forget. For your chance to win, all you’ve got to do is send in your brilliant, funny, insightful and one-of-a-kind letter (with a picture if you have HOW TO ENTER letters@fhm.com facebook.com/fhm Text 07801 106410 @fhm…

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“what do you mean i’m funny?”

WHO SHE? Age: 27 From: Brooklyn Likes: Comedy, poker, swearing Twitter: @melanieiglesias Instagram: @MelanieIglesias We here at FHM don’t take the phrase ‘dream woman’ lightly, but Melanie Iglesias might just tick every box. The 27-year-old Brooklynite loves dogs, pizza and stand-up comedy; is a self-proclaimed potty mouth; could pull your pants down in a poker game, and is a fan of basically every sport. Oh, and did we mention she is lungjudderingly beautiful? So much so, that we couldn’t resist getting her back in the mag, two years since our first shoot together. After stealing our hearts the first time around on the World Poker Tour series and MTV’s Guy Code, along with no shortage of underpant selfies on Twitter and Instagram, our Mel’s now swapped New York for California and is primed to take over our…

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how i did it...

I’ve loved statistics since I was a boy. I had the Encyclopedia of British Football and used to read the appendix, including every league table from all four divisions since the game started, like a book. All I wanted as a kid was to be a professional footballer. I grew up in York and our house backed onto a playing field. I spent every waking hour on that pitch playing football. Only trouble was, I wasn’t very good. When I was 21 I took a job in London as a banker. I thought it would be a glamorous lifestyle but I hated every second of it. It was both the best and worst move I ever made; without it, I’d never have become a commentator. I thank my dad for what I do…