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FHM November 2015

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ed's letter...

It’s easy to remember the iconic moments in life. Things like your dad teaching you how to ride a bike, or the first film that made you utter the words, “It’s OK, I’ve just got something in my eye.” (Cheers for that, Marley & Me.) But an iconic person: that’s a different matter. An icon is someone so famous that they’re instantly recognisable by their first name alone. A name like… Pammy. During the 1990s, Pamela Anderson was the most famous woman on the planet – an angel in a red swimsuit on Baywatch. Now she’s back – and even sexier than before. Don’t believe us? Check out our exclusive interview on p60. We also pay a visit to the NBA Draft, a less teary X Factor for basketball that sees the best…

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the team

WE HAD A SHINDIG Bottle poppin’ is our favourite hobby here at FHM, so a huge, booze-addled thanks to Patron and Peroni for providing us with the drinky-poos (and to Ben Pearce, who gave us the tunes) at our star-studded FHM Collections party at the Hoxton Hotel, London. WE PLAYED WITH FIRE Deputy art director Jamie organised a massive fireworks blow-out for our Tested feature (p128). Let this be a warning: writing a magazine with missing fingers is very tricky. WE MET A MAYOR Tourism Ireland took Web Editor Elizabeth to Kilkenny where she ended up meeting the mayor and waving about his metal sticks. This one now has pride of place by the FHM vending machine. WE FOUND A DRAGON This month we knocked on the door of former Dragon Duncan Bannatyne’s London pad for an…

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Dedicated to the cause In a desperate bid to win your Letter of the Month prize, I’ve gone all out and covered all of my furniture in FHM scraps. I hope that this is enough to be picked as the winner, otherwise I might just have to show you how much of a proper devoted fan I am by covering my whole home in FHM. Don’t make me do that. Please don’t make me do that. STEVEN, VIA EMAIL We’re waiting, Steven. Come on now… A tribute to a hero I read your Rule Breakers story in the October issue about Giles Duley in awe. A documentary photographer who lost both his legs and an arm when he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, 18 months later he continues to work in war zones. What…

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nat safe for work

WHO SHE? Age: 33 From: Bradford, West Yorkshire Likes: Rugby league, tennis, fashion Twitter: @AndersonNatalie Instagram: @natjanderson Chips ’n’ gravy. The songwriting of Noel Gallagher. Alan Shearer’s ‘mesmerising’ displays on Match Of The Day . Face it, the list of great things that the north of England is responsible for producing just goes on and on. What’s more, if you’ve seen Emmerdale at all in the past few years – and who hasn’t? – you’ll know that Natalie Anderson, who played Alicia Metcalfe on the show for five years, is a firm presence on this list, too. But now Bradford-born Nat has left the soap, she’s readying the next stage of a career that’s taken in everything from recording an album in Denmark to singing Kate Bush songs on ITV’s crazy celeb music gameshow Your Face Sounds Familiar…

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how i did it...

I’ll never forget that first punch to the nose. I was 11, sparring against an older, bigger kid who wasn’t holding anything back. He jabbed me straight on the nostrils, and you know what? I loved it. Boxing was my destiny. My dad, a fighter himself, had been dragging me along to his gym from the age of seven. Turns out I was a natural. When I won my first junior trophy, I sat and stared at it for hours. Regardless of how much I’ve achieved, it still looks like the title belt to me. They call me Million Dollar Crolla. Mostly because it rhymes, but also because of the Clint Eastwood film. Nothing to do with money, unfortunately. Never give yourself an inch. I train ridiculously hard so I can walk into the…

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entertain your brain

01 New show Go on a quest for revenge with Ron Perlman He burnt up your screen as a bike gang kingpin on Sons Of Anarchy and as the demonic avenger Hellboy, in, er, Hellboy . Now, Ron Perlman is playing the lead in Amazon Prime’s brutal new revenge show Hand Of God – and we caught up with him to get the lowdown… Hand Of God is about a judge looking for vengeance – have you ever wanted to get some revenge yourself? Life is a series of negotiations with myself about not taking matters into my own hands. There are so many motherfuckers here in Hollywood. You just want to kick ass and level the playing field – you want to stop these people putting other people what they’ve put you through.…