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FHM October 2015

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ed’s letter...

If you can say you’ve never broken a rule, you’re a better man than us. Whether you’ve bombed into the swimming pool to impress a crush or surged on to the pitch after a last-minute equaliser, we’ve all bent the rules occasionally. It’s what makes us worth talking to in the pub. But for some people, breaking the rules has consequences that can change their, and other people’s, lives for good. Our feature on p50 demonstrates this perfectly – and it’ll make you marvel at the sheer inventiveness of the human spirit. Just don’t get too freaked out by the bloke who’s going to turn us all into robots one day. Speaking of people who don’t play by the rules, Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter is this month’s cover star. She’s given us an…

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the team

WE WERE HYPNOTISED (BY CHARM) If, like chief writer Matt, you harbour daily thoughts of world domination, the prospect of meeting famous thought-scanner Derren Brown would no doubt fill you with fear and dread. Luckily, he was a delight. Check out our interview in a future issue. WE GOT COMFORTABLE We told fashion editor Daisy she could only go to Secret Garden Party on one condition – that she stayed roasty-toasty at all times. As you can see, she was true to her word. Cheers to Malibu for making it all possible. WE SOBBED AND SOBBED Pray silence, for this month we waved ta-ra to a pair of bona fide FHM legends. On the left, acting editor and all round rad duderino Chris. On the right, art director Will, AKA The Strongest Man In Men’s…

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This guy’s got issues I saw one of your readers has all of your magazines since number 78 – where has he been? I’ve got almost every copy since issue four, although I’m missing one in which you mention my barbershop. I’m a bit gutted about that. Mark, via email We had a look around the office for you but all we found was a wrinkled Peperami and a long-forgotten work-experience lad. Will you accept a big ol’ TV as an apology? Work release I’m a physiotherapist and my dream job would be to work for a football club. I enjoyed ‘New Season, New Job’ in the last issue. It was great learning how people earn a living in the beautiful game. My second dream job would be at FHM – though it must be…

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a star is born

“I’VE BEEN SENT T-SHIRTS WITH MY FACE ON” WHO SHE? Age: 23 From: Liverpool Likes: House music, Goa, Dairy Milk Twitter: @iamamyjackson Instagram: @iamamyjackson Overnight successes don’t come much more overnight than Amy Jackson. She’d been nailing the modelling game when out of the blue she was picked to play a British governor’s daughter in the Bollywood movie Madrasapattinam, which, apart from challenging spell-checks, was a huge hit in India in 2010. Since then, Amy’s appeared in hit after hit there – all while barely being known in her native Liverpool. So how’s she been handling her double life? Let’s ask her… Hi Amy! So how does a girl from Liverpool end up acting in India? I’d been modelling for a few years, and was in a pageant called Miss Teen World. An Indian film director, AL Vijay, got in…

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how i did it...

When I was a kid I wanted to be something generic like a vet or an astronaut. Or an impressive combination of the two. That didn’t really work out. The life-changing moment came when I was 12. I found a really rubbish animation on the internet of a guy on a skateboard making stupid noises. And I thought, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” I downloaded every piece of dodgy video software I could find. My computer was filled with viruses – although that was probably something to do with all the porn I watched as well. I was a teenager, after all. Growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness household complicated things. My parents worried about what I was seeing online – rightly so. My early…

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entertain your brain

01 Problem solving Fix the world with Shaggy He’s had one of the biggest hits of the summer with I Need Your Love – but how else can Shaggy make the world a better place? We sat down with him to hear his thoughts on the planet’s most pressing issues “There’s only one way they’re going to get out of this mess: by becoming the cannabis capital of Europe. It’s always warm, so you could probably grow some nice weed over there and it’d also help chill everybody out – it’s been a stressful few months, after all.” THE HUNT FOR EL CHAPO “He’s in the wrong business. They’re after him because he sells cocaine, but imagine if he only dealt cannabis? Who’s trying to lock up a weed man these days? Nobody! If cops…