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FHM September 2015

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ed’s letter...

In every issue of FHM I’ve worked on over the past three years, at least one story, piece of advice or quote has without fail jumped out of these hallowed pages and followed me home. For me, that’s what turns a good magazine into a goddamn excellent one. In this issue, it found me on page 36. Wes Borland (right), the 40-year-old Limp Bizkit guitar legend, tells us, “I’m now the age my dad was when I really started to look up to him for guidance. I think about that a lot.” Maybe it grabbed me because I didn’t expect to hear such poignant words from a guy I once saw playing to a sold-out venue dressed in only a straw hat and Y-fronts. Or maybe it’s because those 24 words…

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the team

WE LOST A BIG’UN He’s gone. After four years at the helm of FHM, editor Joe has decided to jump ship and doggy paddle his way towards pastures new. He poured his heart and soul into every single issue of this glorious mag, truly making it what it is today. We’re sure you’ll miss him as much as we all will. Good luck, cap’n! WE MET LIL’ BECKS Imagine the pressure of being David Beckham’s son. Brooklyn’s probably tried going off the rails, only to find his dad has already tried out every rebellious hairstyle in existence. Dreadlocks, maybe? Get in there before it’s too late, little guy. Anyway, we met him and he was very polite. WE LOOKED REALLY COOL There’s only one pre-requisite to becoming a cover star at FHM – a willingness…

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Learning from the best I love the new FHM size, especially because it came in handy for decorating my son Saul’s homework diary. Now, if you can help him with his eight times tables, too, that would be great. Neil, via email DJ BBQ says: “I am truly honoured by this little duderino. One problem though: this kid’s clearly a freakin’ genius with no need for homework. How about an Earthtremblin’ speaker system instead? Congrats – stay rad.” Playing with fire Summer’s Greatest Jobs reminded me I’m fortunate to be in a job I love. When I first started as a firefighter, I did it ’cos I thought it would get me some hot chicks, but I soon grew to love it. It’s not a job – it’s an adventure that’s run in my family…

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how to make it in los angeles

“WE HAD OREO ICE CREAM MILKSHAKES AT 2AM WHILE WEARING OUR OSCARS DRESSES” WHO SHE? From: Liverpool Likes: Oreo milkshakes, martial arts Twitter: @iamnatalieloren Instagram: @iamnloren If the American Dream exists, LA is the city in which it gets crushed. Armies of young, fresh-faced aspiring actors flock to La La Land by the gazillions, absolutely convinced they’ve got what it takes to make the big time, impress big-shot directors and wow their way on to the silver screen. Does it happen? Does it footballs. Get talking to anyone in LA and they’ll most likely tell you they’re an actress… as they clear your plates and hand you a receipt, or ‘check’.LA, like a Jurassic World dinosaur, will eat you alive. So it takes a special type of person to break out in America’s most cut-throat culture. You need…

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“we’re gonna need a bigger boat”

01 PULL YOUR NET Boat net, £24.99, 02 CUT IT OUT In the original novel, Quint finally gets close to the ‘killer fish’ when he cuts open a baby porpoise. Maybe just stick to cutting up your elevensies apple. Cuda flex fillet knife, £15.95, 03 SEND OUT YOUR STINK This sack may be your most important tool. Load it with guts and throw it in the water – a Great White can sniff out a drop of blood 3 miles away. Boone chum bag, £13.99, 04 MOCK UP A MEAL Mako, thresher and porbeagle sharks will be queuing up like hipsters at a new burger joint for a bite on this. Shark-O-Matic lure, £34.99, 05 BE PREPARED Leatherman sidekick multi-tool, £59.96, 06 JACKET UP This is the actual ‘fighting jacket’ Captain Quint strapped into when our shark pal finally…

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entertain your brain

01 Make some noise Smash the airwaves with your best mate “I’ve kind of gone for an early 2000s David Beckham cut,” says tattooed drumming machine Laurie Vincent as he explains his new do to band mate Isaac Holman. Together, they make up Slaves, the British punk twosome that muscled their way into the top 10 with their debut album Are You Satisfied?. Just days before their three stage-crushing performances at Glasto, we grabbed a beer with them to see how we can turn our bromance into big bucks… Laurie, what’s wrong with that beer you’re drinking? Laurie: It’s not a modern pale ale, it’s an old one. It’s not fizzy or hoppy enough for me. I think the one I like, the fizzy one, was a product of prohibition when they tried to…