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Florida Sport Fishing November/December 2018

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The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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South Florida Sport Fishing
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IT IS WITH THE DEEPEST SORROW, PAIN AND REGRET that I have to inform our readers of the unexpected loss of Florida Sport Fishing publisher, Leah Genoun. Since day one nearly 17 years ago, Leah has been instrumental in making Florida Sport Fishing what it is today. She would never take no for an answer, and her dedication and commitment could never be duplicated. As an amazing businesswoman Leah touched every aspect of this company and consistently overcame nearly insurmountable odds. She sacrificed everything to see my dream come true, something I’ll never be able to repay. Leah was my wife of 25 years. She will always be the true love of my life in every sense. The very first day we met, on a Fourth of July fireworks cruise to…

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LIKE SO MANY OTHER KIDS GROWING UP in Broward County, I spent a lot of time around the water. Fishing was my favorite hobby and I learned how to throw a six-foot cast net at a young age. While I couldn’t open a 10-footer at the time, I’ve since moved back home and I’m looking to start fishing again. Before I purchase a new net, are there any regulations I need to be aware of? - Robert Clare While the practice of throwing a cast net to catch bait seems relatively innocent, there are in fact regulations in effect that place severe restrictions on cast net usage. Chapter 68B-4 of the Florida Administrative Code specifies that a legal cast net can have a stretched length—the distance from the horn to the…

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smoker’s delight

WHEN IT COMES TO FISHING WITH LIVE BAIT, scad are the state’s premier offerings. Front-runners within this extended family of super swimmers include bigeye and redtail scad, which can be notoriously difficult to catch. While there’s not much better than hanging a frisky goggle eye from a kite or feeding a flashy speedo to a smoker king, the diminutive round scad is not to be ignored. Popular baitfish like threadfin herring, Spanish sardines and scaled sardines certainly attract explosive strikes from the ocean’s most prized predators, but they are covered in very delicate scales and must be cared for with extreme caution. Though any baitfish destined to be kept alive must be handled gently, cigar minnows are relatively hardy, lack large scales and have been known to turn on the bite…

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capture the flag

PRIZED FOR THEIR UNSURPASSED TABLE FARE, yellowtail snapper can be caught along both coasts of Florida. Undoubtedly, some of the biggest fish hold deep in the Gulf of Mexico at famed destinations like Pulley Ridge and the Middle Grounds. Still, it’s the Atlantic side of the famed Florida Keys island chain where the sloping reef system provides ideal habitat for incredible yellowtail fishing. Though winter is a relative term in this tropical archipelago, the changing of seasons plays a significant role in the action anglers experience. As cold fronts push south during the coming months, water temperatures on the reef will drop to the mid 70s, while Florida Bay will produce much colder readings below the 60 degree mark. Though still mild, this represents somewhat frustrating conditions to catch yellowtail in…

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branch manager

TRUDGING THROUGH THE DENSE FOREST near one of the state’s most famed river systems, we methodically hunt our target. Our prey is not an animal, fish or anything worthy as table fare, but a simple tree with spreading branches. Within this ancient forest are isolated groups of naturally growing guava. We are not here for the rich fruit it bears either, but for the wood itself. We scan the forest looking for the telltale signs of the guava tree. Thin from the ground up and copper-colored with flaky bark revealing a greenish layer underneath, the characteristics of the guava tree are why we are searching for this particular specimen. Hard, fine-grained, moderately strong and durable, guava wood makes a suitable candidate for our intended use. We finally find the hidden grove, and…

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gear guide

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