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For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

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1 holidays are an important investment

A few years ago I travelled to Thailand in search of the ultimate beach. I needed turquoise water, lots of it, to float and swim and snorkel in. I had considered other options but Thailand’s prices are hard to beat. I loved it: the lush foliage, a culture foreign to me, thunderstorms, bucket cocktails. But the sea and snorkelling was a disappointment – the ultimate beach ultimately eluded me. The following year I went to Mauritius and realised I’d been looking in the wrong place. Here, beautiful beaches were around every corner, plus they had more natural life. Why hadn’t I thought of it before? The reason was threefold. Mauritius is known for package trips and for being pricey. Plus, I didn’t think it was exotic enough – something I need to…

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4 things to look out for this january issue

SPEAKING OF INVESTMENTS Eight adventurers reveal the gear they‘d never leave home without, plus we test the latest version of it (page 64). THE BEST BEDS IN SA There’s no chance of guest’s regret when you stay at one of these places – the best of the top spots chosen by our expert reviewer over the last three years (page 46). A VERY SPECIAL PLACE On a private farm in the Cederberg is a 2,5-kilometre stretch of river. It takes a day and a half to explore. Read why on page 84. THE GOOD-VALUE STAR Each issue of Getaway has several inexpensive accommodation options for under R550 pp (some for less) that we think offer good value. This issue we included some experiences too. Look out for the star.…

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Morgan Trimble Kauai, page 90 Twelve years ago, Morgan was down with flu in Honolulu, the midway stopover on a rough sea passage between Osaka and San Diego. Disgruntled, she concluded that Hawaii was a sentimental tourist trap. But visiting Kauai (one of its eight main islands) proved how wrong she’d been. It’s a worthwhile trip, packed with natural beauty, adventure and solitude, all washed down with a beachside Longboard Island Lager. Don Pinnock Namibia, page 15 Bucket List 2018, page 68 At the end of a jaunt through Botswana and Namibia, Don arrived at Spitzkoppe and – though not high on anything, even beer – realised that these mountains were undoubtedly Namibia’s magical heart. While there, he came across a new lodge, bolted to the rust-red mountainside, and shared it with us. As someone…

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vocal arrangements

I was on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, having dinner at a table of strangers in the blue dusk of the Riviera, and I was telling an extremely uninteresting story when I noticed that one of my fellow diners, a young woman from New York, was listening with surprising attentiveness. Her eyes sparkled rapturously, her lips parted in purest ecstasy. This was flattering but also distracting. What was she finding so compelling in my account of the time my friend Daryl and I pretended to be library prefects to get out of cadets? Did she think this was building to a dramatic finale? It wasn’t! I had no big finish! I started stumbling over my words, losing my train of thought. ‘Anyway, so I can’t even look at the Dewey Decimal…

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from facebook

I’d love to take part in a Madswimmer open-water swim. – Robyn Richter Hiking the Fish River Canyon. – Relebogile Malatswane An ice hotel in Scandinavia. – Roy Brueton I would love to visit Kasanka National Park in Zambia during bat season. – Ann Amos Gorillas in Uganda! – Andrea Christin See a budget-friendlier alternative on page 80 Reaching the top of Table Mountain, by foot. – Amanda Ramaesela Thulisile I have so many fighting for top position: the Otter Trail Run, the 9 Peaks Challenge, the Seven Summits and visiting Patagonia and the Galápagos Islands. – Rhyan Rudman I would love to do the African Big Five Horse Safari (in Mpumalanga, near the Kruger Park). – Jana van Breda Travelling around the coast of Europe on a Vespa scooter. – Mark Yeadon Climbing Table Mountain and hiking in the…

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Matchless adventure After work one Friday afternoon, my girlfriend and I packed our boat with camping gear, filled up jerry cans with petrol and headed out to launch the boat. From Okavango River Lodge, we boated up the Boro River past the buffalo fence and into the delta, where we planned to find an island to camp for the night. We came upon a large herd of elephant crossing the river and spent a few hours watching them as they fed on the water lilies. At sunset, we found a great island to erect the tent and make a fire, and I began to collect wood. All of a sudden, I had that terrible feeling when you know you have forgotten something important. Matches! I began to search every crate and bag…