Getaway May 2018

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7 min
gariep’s watery heart

‘We’re leaving the Free State and heading towards the Eastern Cape. We could even get as far as the Northern Cape if the dam was overflowing,’ Wikus Wiese chuckles as he steers the boat across the water. The surface is so still it appears viscous. Wiese, who runs boat tours, tells me that the seemingly infinite stretch of water around us is only a fraction of the dam. With a surface area of 374 square kilometres when full, Gariep is the largest dam in South Africa and supplies water to most of the southern Free State and Eastern Cape. As we approach the 88-metre-high dam wall, I feel like a speck at the foot of a looming, almost futuristic structure. When the dam was finished in 1972, costs amounted to about R300…

2 min
wine-country style and substance

La Clé Country Lodge WESTERN CAPE Hiring Jacques Erasmus of Cape Town’s Hemelhuijs, who is admired for his talent in both interiors and cuisine, to design Le Clé des Montagnes’ new lodge was a clever move by the owner. Here, Jacques has mixed style and the importance of food in bringing people together. The effect is immediate as you enter the lodge: the kitchen is to your left (you are welcome to help prepare meals or just chat to the staff while sipping your wine at the kitchen table) and straight ahead, a little further in, sits the mahogany 10-seater antique dining table framed by a double-volume space that makes you feel grand as you sweep into this stately space. The atmosphere is best described by two pithy adjectives, ‘casual luxury’, which…

1 min
know your stuff

Freezing motion The simpler option: fast shutter speeds and exact timing are paramount. But there are degrees of freezing action – from pin-sharp, absolute stillness to images in which the subject is frozen and in focus with some blurred movement in the background (such as the water in Peter’s image and this shot above). Panning This technique is higher grade and takes practise. Tracking (moving your camera) with your subject while using a slower shutter speed creates a motion blur in the background, conveying the real-life movement of your subject in a still image, while keeping the subject relatively sharp. Panning can create a stunning image from a relatively ordinary scene. It’s not possible to pan a subject moving directly towards or away from you, so use freeze motion here. First look…

2 min
getaway gallery

FINALIST African Sacred Ibis Lift-off I went to the Strandfontein sewage works in Cape Town to practise panning and slow shutter speeds. There was a group of ibis sitting away from the pans. I had the camera set up, and as I got out of my car they all took flight simultaneously. – By Jenny Rood, Cape Town Nikon D600, Tamron 150-600mm, ISO 100, f/15, 1/40 sec FINALIST Leaf Frog While on a hike at Virginia MTB Trails in Eston, KwaZulu-Natal, I came across this painted reed frog – no larger than a R2 coin – resting on a canna leaf. I reached for my phone. It was a challenge to capture this almost-macro shot with the available natural light, and with the leaf darting around in the wind. I eventually used one hand to still the…

3 min

1 Karoobos Padstal. You’ll find coffee and koeksisters, freshly made pies plus proper Karoo sheepskin slippers for about R600 a pair (and it’s R2,50 to use the clean loo). There’s also a family museum and vintage photos to browse. 048-885-0395 2 Mountain Zebra National Park. As the name suggests, expect beautiful hilly landscapes, scenic drives and herds of plains game. Conservation fee R48 pp. 048-801-5700 3 Rock Chalets. These two-bedroom chalets are amazing. Luxurious and spacious with windows as walls facing the park and rocks cleverly built into the stoep, you feel miles away from the main rest camp even though you’re still in it. From R3 170 (sleeps four). 048-801-5700 4 Cheetah Tracking. The park’s resident cheetahs are closely monitored and you can see these lithe creatures in their natural, wild environment…

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where next

2m... That is the average wingspan of the secretary bird. Pictured below is Rooney, attacking Trump, the rubber snake, at the Dullstroom Bird of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre. Magdali Theron captivates audiences with her quick wit and knowledge during flight demonstrations at this educational facility specialising in nature conservation, captive-animal management, wildlife rehabilitation and falconry. Make sure to catch next month’s Getaway to learn more about what the tiny village has to offer, which is a great deal more than just a cool climate and fly fishing.…