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For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

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greenish pigeon, lekker plumage, red bits We were in Grade Six. Both of us were intrepid explorers. James Blomerus and I built model aeroplanes after school, frequented the secret corners of Newlands Forest and had a common interest in World War II. It was December hols and James invited me to join his family at Great Brak River on the Garden Route. Our days were filled with brave adventures, such as canoeing, bodysurfing, tormenting James’s younger sister and shooting Nazi soldiers. However, that glorious summer holiday was significant for a quite different reason. Birds. James had an old, battered Roberts Birds book and one afternoon we borrowed his father’s binoculars and retired to the dune forest. James knew everything about ornithology and could easily tell the difference between a dove and a pigeon, even without the book.…

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Melanie van Zyl Namibia Although she’s leaving the Getaway offices after five-and-a-half years on the team, Melanie will still explore the best of Southern Africa (and hopefully further) as a freelance travel writer, destination photographer and professional camper, bringing her best trips and tips to these pages. For this issue, she rediscovered her hometown, Joburg, and mapped out the ultimate road trip in the Namib Desert. Follow her adventures at Matthew Sterne KZN South Coast Matthew is a perpetual daydreamer and spends much of his time staring out of windows, thinking of strange travel plans and working on an ode to roadside pies (‘Oh, tasty pastry, screw biosafety, give me your gravy’). At school, his mental wanderlust irritated teachers, but now he just claims he’s thinking about his next story, the latest of which…

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the best part of travel Everyone has a different idea about the best part of travel. Some will talk about seeing new cultures and meeting new people and having new stories to tell. Some will talk about the memories that will enrich their inner lives as they spend their twilight years reminiscing in their easy chairs. I am not calling any of these people liars, but I’m telling you that I do not believe that any of these things are the best part of travel. The best part of travel doesn’t happen every time but when it does, it feels like being 10 years old again when you’re feeling a bit sick and your mother says you can stay home, and she tucks you in and brings you strawberry Nesquik and Archie comics. You feel safe…

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Definitely my bath, if there is only a shower. – Gillian Hirschfield Lawrenz 1. My parrot. 2. My own bathroom. – Siobhan Jade O’Connor My fridge! – Rentia Ellis My pets. – Riana Dippenaar My pillow. No person or organisation can replace that, so advertise all you like! – Rod Lowe The jersey I should have packed but left behind because I didn’t realise Portugal would be freezing. – Penelope Paddick Decent coffee. – Clive Foord My electric blanky. – Lerato Monyatsi Nothing, because travelling can be used to train one’s flexibility. – Constance Kaufmann…

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WINNING LETTER Here’s to spending more time in the great outdoors On a recent camping trip to Cape Vidal in northern KwaZulu-Natal, it dawned on me that I wasn’t actually as ‘outdoorsy’ as I’d imagined myself to be. And this realisation hurt. Defying the typical Joburg-girl stereotype, I almost always spend some part of my weekends trekking up a mountain or meandering down a farm road, throwing caution (and my unread inbox) to the wind. It took getting completely out of my comfort zone (that is, camping in a place that actually required me to put up my own tent) to realise that what I considered my ‘outdoorsy-ness’ wasn’t going to get me very far, especially in the company of seasoned Cape Vidal campers. Being removed from my accustomed brick and mortar got me…

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From glorious getaways to cool gear, here are some of our latest winners Spot Gen 3 tracking device worth R3 000 I can’t wait to give this a try. It will be a great way of tracking my hikes and trail runs, and letting my family know exactly where I am. – Rochelle Stewart A two-night stay at any Premier Hotel & Resort worth R6 000 Thank you for spoiling me with a much-needed escape. And thank you to Getaway magazine for always delivering high-quality and informative content that inspires and feeds my thirsty travel bug. – Gitte Wehr HP Sprocket Mobile Printer worth R2 000 This is terrific news! I will be retiring shortly and would have had to purchase a printer, so this will come in very handy. – Peter Purdon HP Sprocket Mobile Printer…