Getaway July 2018

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‘be sure to wear some vygies in your hair’

This month, it’s Independence Day in the USA (4 July), a time of fireworks, parades, barbecues and baseball games. Despite the reactionary domestic politics and wayward foreign policy of the sentient tangerine in the White House, there is much to celebrate about this great land. Especially it’s national parks, cultured cities and ‘can do’ attitudes. In addition, we’ve recently seen happy images beamed from Windsor of a Hollywood princess becoming a real princess. Whatever one’s feelings about royalty, it’s great for PR, great for tourism and for mending rifts between nations. And the transatlantic ‘special relationship’ needs all the help it can get, given Trump’s two left feet. America is a wonderful place to travel. For South Africans, it feels comfortable and familiar being in an English-speaking country with wide-open spaces, sublime…

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Marion Whitehead Spring flowers If you see someone in baggy hiking trousers on their hands and knees, at the side of a back road in Namaqualand in spring, it’s probably travel-guide author and photojournalist Marion, intoxicated yet again by the beauty of the greatest wildflower show on Earth. When taking pictures, she likes to get a pollinator’s-eye-view of the pretty petals. In this issue, she shares some tips on where and when to see the best blooms – provided, of course, those rains do come. Pippa de Bruyn Madagascar When she was invited to hop aboard a catamaran and spend a week exploring the northwestern coast of Madagascar, Pippa thought about it for exactly one second. Growing up in the 70s and 80s on a diet of old Mainstay adverts, the allure of island-hopping by…

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red flags at breakfast I’m no fan of bullfighting. I’ve never been to a bullfight but I don’t like the idea of them. I saw one once on a fuzzy television in a hotel room in Yemen, and I’d been long enough without television that I would have watched toenails growing if that’s all that was on, but I turned it off after 10 minutes. It seemed cruel and cowardly and I didn’t see the point. I was recently in Ronda in Spain and I met an old bullfighter at a sidewalk cafe. He had a cane and a heavy limp, and he kept holding his hip and sighing. He spoke no English but his niece did. She told me about going to watch him when she was small, how afraid she was when he…

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snap of the month

This is one of those shots that you work really hard to get as a photographer, but is absolutely worth it in the end. Unfortunately, a couple of days after I took this photo, there was a big hole torn in the side of the nest and no more chicks to be seen. Especially sad given all the parents’ hard work feeding them. – Wilhelm Jonker, Cape Town WIN! Tag us in your images on Instagram @GetawayMagazine and stand a chance of winning a R400 Outdoor Warehouse gift voucher.…

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from facebook

WE ASKED: What are you most looking forward to this winter? A road trip. From the east of SA to the north, west and south, then back home again to ‘Big Five land’. – Nolan Armstrong Great food, stews and soups. Sitting by the fire drinking coffee. – Zamandayi Kunene For starters, some good old malva pudding. – Sumaya Paruk Cosy log cabins, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, hot pools… – Bianca Gautier White-chocolate bark with a steaming cup of cocoa. – Melissa Jooste Long-distance runs or mountain-bike rides with friends, followed by a delicious cup of coffee (and maybe a rusk). – Hamish Hardres-Williams No more mosquitoes! – Jess K. Oosthuyse…

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Bush time is the best time My husband and I have recently returned from an amazing two-week trip to Uganda. Part of the adventure included a few nights in the Ishasha section of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. We had heard of the tree-climbing lions found in this area and were fortunate to spot them at the end of our first day. The two snoozing in the lower section of a fig tree were easy to spot. Fortunately, we decided to drive around the tree in both directions for half an hour, and our patience paid off. A quick twitch of a tail identified the male sleeping near the top of the tree. Soon after this sighting, one black padded foot could be seen swinging below a branch halfway up the tree.…